Fellowship in Health System Improvement

Fellowship in Health System Improvement

I don’t think I could have possibly imagined the power of the speakers we were always challenged to to take the
best of what we learn about the other countries and adapt those to the
Canadian context it’s a whole new lens on what I do how I do it you’re really
sitting in the form is the speed of giant we’ll see for how they shaped
different what that means is that we all see new perspectives and how to drive
promote lead real system level change we did a fair bit of research before we
launch the program and we concluded that the niche that was not being filled
would be a program that would combine collateral leadership development but
also building in a very significant amount of content and regarding to
health system performance if i look at the participants we’ve got diversity of
students from the east coast to the west coast we have senior healthcare leaders
we are managing health service of your government people we have executives to
physicians that are in hands-on practice on a day-to-day basis so we’ve had a lot
of different perspectives and that really is proved very beneficial I’m the
director population help with the Interior Health Authority so I work with
the Ministry of Health I’m the executive director of the strategic policy land I
work at Cancer Care Ontario it’s the provincial Cancer Agency in Ontario the
relevance of this program on a day-to-day basis has been incredible
it’s challenged us to take a broad systems view of the health system the
biggest learning for me has been that there’s no silver bullet that to really
achieve meaningful change in the system we need to roll up our sleeves and look
for those partners who can help us these are people that I can call months and
years down the road to say this is a industry that we’re we’re struggling
with or here’s an opportunity that they’re wanting to realize we’re not
just look at the health care system we are looking at the whole range of things
impact on the health status of a society it provides that perspective for us to
understand okay these are my priorities but one of
other people’s priorities and how do we work together to make the system work a
little bit better we also build in throughout the program speakers from
across Canada we’ve been learning from world leaders that are essentially
giants and health system performance quality of health systems so for me it
was great to see many of the former deputies that I’ve heard from work to
risk and learn from in this panel form it was fantastic so part of each module
we build in a thing called international ideas marketplace where we expect all
groups with all the countries with that the pull of best ideas small and the
country that my team is looking at is Netherlands and they’re doing some
really interesting things around quality and how they regulate quality it takes
it from being what would be an academic exercise and make it very very real and
very practical I would absolutely recommend this program I benefited from
it enormously and have thoroughly enjoyed it I’d recommend the program for
policy leaders so that they can learn from their peers on frontline anyone
involved in health system change it has a passion for change for improvement and
for leadership so anyone that thinks they can do something different and make
a difference with a group of other people this is probably the program for
him when I return to work is amazing after just the three days here and bam I
have a lot of inspiration a lot of energy and I can apply that to the most
energy you

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