Fellows in Training–A Welcome from Committee Chair Ileana Piña

Fellows in Training–A Welcome from Committee Chair Ileana Piña

Hello. I’m Ileana Piña. I’m the associate chief of cardiology for
academic affairs at Albert Einstein in New York and Montefiore Medical Center. And I’m here in my role as the new chair of
the FIT committee. And I want to welcome you to the FITprogram. This is a very important initiative for us
at the American Heart Association because all of us have been fellows at some point,
and our needs have grown through the years. We have a lot of terrific things planned for
you… we have educational sessions; we’re going to have webinars; we’re going to have science; we’re going to have opportunities to
tell you how to get engaged and how to make American Heart one of your homes, which has been one
of my homes for many years. So I hope you tune in, and I hope you send
us some of your suggestions because we do want to incorporate what the fellows need
out there. So fellows stands for Fellows in Training,
better known as FIT. We’re even going to have an area for you at
Sessions, a place for you to congregate and talk and network and get to meet other fellows
and get to meet those of us who really love our fellowship programs. We’re going to have fellowship directors with
us as well, so that we understand what your needs are. And we want you to get to know us as well. So join me soon, I’m welcoming you today. Thank you.

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