Fellows in the Field: Juliana Rotich

Fellows in the Field: Juliana Rotich

Africa is really the place to be right now. And it has been for a while. Because this is where we have the toughest challenges and therefore the toughest opportunities. This is the place to look at the future in
a grander way. My name is Juliana Rotich. I am one of the co-founders of Ushahidi, iHub, and BRCK. BRCK is a company that makes rugged technology for emerging markets technology for connectivity, for education, and also for the internet of things. One of the big pillars of technology is connectivity. Connectivity highly correlates to creation
of opportunity, access to knowledge. There are 600 million Africans without access
to electricity. That’s a massive market. BRCK plays a very key role in creating partnerships
so that technology can truly be an enabler. One of the projects that I’m currently working on is the work that we’re doing with Africa Cancer Foundation. It is an organization that goes around Kenya
providing free cancer screenings. For the partnership with Africa Cancer Foundation
in Laikipia my role will be to set up BRCK connectivity devices, create hot spots and
make sure that they are connected to the volunteer devices. “So it can work as a router, a 3G modem, and
a wifi hotspot. You can carry it with you, so it’s a mobile,
self-powered device for creating connectivity.” “It all comes together into one patient record
so that by the time the doctor is talking to them all the information is there.” When we work together with different organizations
and do the small bit that we can we can encourage early screening and hopefully save some lives. “That really makes a difference.” “Oh wow.” “Yeah.” “I’m really glad.” “Thank you!” “So this is the iHub.” It’s been incredible to see how the technology
landscape has changed in Kenya and in Africa. We’re hearing about other companies that are
doing everything from mobile payments to agribusiness to financial services. There is more work to do to provide opportunity and to create companies that not only solve problems here but can also solve problems
around the world.

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