Fellows Engineering | The University of Alabama

Fellows Engineering | The University of Alabama

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] 31 years ago,
The University of Alabama College of Engineering, began to recognize a select number of alumni,
who demonstrated excellence through their career and personal lives. Since 1988, more than 300 individuals have been recognized with this honor. Selection as a Distinguished
Engineering Fellow, is the highest honor the
College of Engineering bestows. Through the hard work and dedication of each of these individuals,
the field of engineering has been impacted greatly. And therefore, they have
brought remarkable prestige to The University of Alabama. – It’s really about twofold,
one what you’ve been able to do in your professional career,
but then also, what you’ve been able to do as far as giving
back to the university. To be classified in that group with them, is a real big honor for me. – [Narrator] These five
outstanding individuals, have proven themselves as
excellent engineers and they have contributed to their
communities in numerous ways. Our Fellows have worked diligently to enhance the rich tradition of The University of Alabama
College of Engineering. And for their accomplishments we salute this distinguished group. Johnny James Howze III Richard Allen Nail II Samir Shah Annette Maddox Sledd Joan Reichwein Smith Each of these individuals have represented the College of Engineering well, by being a member of The University
of Alabama community. Pursuing knowledge, acting with fairness, integrity and respect. Promoting equity and inclusion, fostering individual and
civic responsibility, and striving for
excellence in all they do. In doing so, the College of Engineering is humble to call you our own, and takes pride in your accomplishments. – It’s humbling actually. When you think about the
history of the university and the history of the
College of Engineering. It’s the fifth engineering
college in the country. So, being recognized like
this is just really humbling. – To be named the Fellow at
the College of Engineering is really pretty cool to me. You go to school here, you
do the work, you go out and you just try to be a good person and contribute to society and
when you get a recognition, like this, it’s just kind of overwhelming. (upbeat music)

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