Feels Like A King in Business Class Sharia Compliant Royal Brunei Airlines from London to Brunei

Feels Like A King in Business Class Sharia Compliant Royal Brunei Airlines from London to Brunei

This time I manage to fly with Royal Brunei Airlines from London to Kuala Lumpur with Boeing 787 Dreamliner I purposely chose RBA because in Asia, there are a lot of airlines But, how can RBA managed to get Traveller’s Choice Award Regional Airlines by Trip Advisor? This is NOT self-proclaimed and one more is from Sky Track Sky Track has listed RBA as Top 10 Most Loved Airlines in 2016 from 420 airlines in the world! Wow! and this is a sharing lounge for Royal Brunei and a few other airlines and with Gulf Air Over here, we can get a cup or two coffee or to get updates or just winding down here For those who like to read there’s a place for them to do so including magazines from Royal Brunei Airlines too I’ll take one of these About the lounge I think there’s no complaints about it We can take a shower There is only one bathroom But I’m really satisfied with it The complimentary tooth brush is similar to the one at budget hotels But the complimentary soap given shows that it is a very sincere gift There are Asian, Malay food I took chicken curry Peace be upon you! *For those asking regarding the lady she asked for seat adjustment (Disclaimer: I bathed at the lounge before the flight) The travelling prayer was recited before the flight begins A lot of airlines have invested a lot for technologies and facilities But RBA increases the hospitality until when we step into the RBA aircraft we’ll feel that we are already in our own house Ok everyone This is the situation in the Business Class of Royal Brunei Airlines Right now we are from London heading to Bandar Seri Begawan It’s going to be about 14 hours of flight One thing for sure is about the area is very spacious for Business Class, of course The facilities at the Business Class compartment do not look like there’s any extra ordinary as compared to other Business Class It’s actually on average But, when we are finally seated here as compared to other previous airlines that I have flown Business Class before the personalised hospitality is vital For instance, they would address you by the name and try to make you comfortable They really think of what we would feel when we are there They will give you a good set of headphone Don’t take it home, OK! What’s interesting in the Business Class is it’s flatbed Don’t compare it with Middle East airlines’ Business Class because Royal Brunei is a boutique airlines and I want to find out why they won The Most Loved Airlines? This is something that I’ve yet to discover Rest room *Since other flyers are sleeping I have to do the review in the rest room* Outside, everyone is sleeping So, I have to control my voice Therefore, this is the most peaceful place for me to share my feelings about the Business Class on Royal Brunei Airlines All the stewards and stewardess feel like our own old friends *Not only like an old friend but more like our own family members The Business Class on a Royal Brunei Airlines is much more spacious But one of its disadvantages is the separator The gap between our neighbour and us is not that big as compared to other airlines that seems like promoting anti-social with its big separator and partitions both on the left and right sides For privacy, it’s OK But if we travel with our spouses travelling in a Business Class It may hurt the spouse’s feelings It is OK But the bigger the separator the smaller the seat space will be You’ll get a big screen You’ll be satisfied with this screen because we get the space of three windows If we don’t get a big screen and get a small one we are going to have problems viewing Their flight entertainment my goodness its really… Latest movies are listed in the in flight entertainment selections It’s not the ones that are not good They are all good movies There is no chance for us to be hungry They keep on asking Since like they eat what we eat So they know, when to ask We don’t really feel hungry they would have started asking When we wake up in the morning, they would ask whether we want some coffee or tea These are among the criteria that ensure higher points Food choices are definitely Malay taste They do not just provide western foods There still is especially since there are western travellers in the Business Class But there are Malay foods to choose from That’s what makes it great! The blanket provided is thick and comfy and they also provide ‘hotel’ slippers on Royal Brunei Airlines These are what I wear to the toilet Clean and sophisticated rest room facilities These are what they give Mineral water remote (controller) all those are stored in the same compartment on my right Over here there is (a charging cable) to charge my handphone and laptop ’cause there is a three-point power socket here The only thing is that there is no on the air internet This is the IMPRO version by Royal Brunei feels like bringing this back home but is stated there “For in-flight use only” So, don’t bring it home One set of aisle seats in the middle two seats on the left, two more on the right There are only three rows and all rows with three-window space It means that the ratio of one business class seat is over 3 economy class seats Now safely landed in Brunei After this will travel straight to KL Bye! To maintain the islamisation of the one of the top 5 weirdest airlines in the world due to its principle in not commercialising liquor in any of its flights That’s really RARE! RBA doesn’t mind not making a lot of profits as long as they comply Islamic teachings We’ll go straight to the gate and check in for KL (and skipped Skylounge Business Class ) since they’ve waited for us to board Right now I’m in the Business Class Royal Brunei Airlines from Bandar Seri Begawan direct to Kuala Lumpur The menu for dinner tonight For a two-hour journey the selection of foods provided is quite interesting There are only 12 seats on the Business Class deck of Royal Brunei Airlines on A230 Neo aircraft the newest One thing that is very difficult to be challenged is the hospitality given by the crew and the captain himself This is quite RARE when the captain himself come and greet you on the flight with the friendly steward / stewardess They really know what you really want The experience of travelling with Royal Brunei From London to Kuala Lumpur all the way from London to Bandar Seri Begawan on a Business Class and from Bandar Seri Begawan to Kuala Lumpur also on a Business Class was really WORTH it A journey that felt like already being at home even though we are yet to be there They will give you this (form) for the services upon arrival So we can go through the Fast Tack OK! Bye! Thanks ya! I sat at the very front So, I arrived first after the pilot With me now, I’ve got the Fast Track voucher So I will go straight to the Fast Track I will ensure that this time I’ll wait for the bag and not the other way round Today, when I see the yellow Royal Brunei Airlines aircraft in the sky I don’t just only see an aircraft but I can see the SOVEREIGNTY of the pennant of Malay Islamic Monarchy is being flown on our sky and HIGHER than the other skies

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  1. That why kena bangga dgn institusi agama, kesultanan dan istimewanya islam yang di bawa dan berlayar dr tanah arab ke seluruh pelusuk dunia..mendalam massage dlm video nih…buka mata buka telinga..lihat dgn mata hati bukan celik mata yg biasa.. Dengar dengan kata naluri indah bukan dengan telinga biasa yg selalu alpa…tq bro..♥️?♥️?♥️Much appreciation!!

  2. Thank you very much for the review! Your review videos of RBA are the best one I've watched so far ? I'm a Bruneian and I can't thank you enough for the great reviews. And this is a positive video of our country despite the news of the Shariah Law ?? Terbaik, Mr Saiful Nang! ??

  3. The pilot you met was a great friend. It’s great to finally see him in your vlog. I was actually expecting that when you did the vlog from Kl to London. And it was a surprised when I saw your latest vlog. And coincidentally he posted about you on his FB. Anyway its good to watch how good the RB team works, making passengers comfy during the flight.

  4. Royal Brunei ?? ni pesawat bagus lah… Type baru kan Boeing 787 dreamliner terbaik…
    Salam dari Indonesia ??

  5. RB Airlines should install bum guns or Japanese toilets with retractable nozzles. Not only Muslims but many others wash with water each time after they pooped or peed. They are supposed to be a 'zikir' nation.

  6. I m gay and im glad i dont fancy your country anyway looks boring to me. I could not live anywhere where the population havent a right to free speech

  7. Datang lah ziarah k istana sultan bolkiah nanti sewaktu hari raya dapat lah bersemuka denga beliau . Jarang perempuan dpt peluang berharga tuk bziarah dgn sultan ni . Lelaki je dapat kesempatan ni .

  8. Alhamdulillah. Thank you so much bro untuk the honest review. Kalau ke brunei nanti boleh la jumpa. Nanti bawa abang pergi pasar malam kampong ayer

  9. The young gentleman sitting next to you is the son of Brunei's textile tycoon, YMRM. He is a polite and soft spoken young man.

  10. Studying abroad, and seeing all those hate stuff on the social medias for a week now, I feel so homesick and wanted to come back home. But then, I'm glad I saw this vlog on my YouTube homepage. I can already feel the vibe of being in Brunei. Hope you'll come back to Brunei, stay a little longer and enjoy your stay. Thank you for the very great review and thank you for the support. Wishing you the best for more of your vlogs ???

  11. Tahniah BRUNEI kerana menegakkan undang2 SYARIAH…tahniah lagi sekali kerana menegakkan hukuman HUDUD…semoga BRUNEI diredhoi ALLAH S.W.T insya ALLAH

  12. mantap bro… aku rasa kau org melayu pertama buat flight reviews nie… sebab kebanyakan org indon and mat saleh je.. ??❤️

  13. this title is disgusting. using the sharia law situation as clickbait to a video that has nothing to do with it. idk but i smell asshole. if u actually wanted to address the topic feel free to but dont use it as fuckin clickbait. like have some respect. but dude . thanks for using rba. appreciate it

  14. Ban all flights to and from this country. Every country should distant its self from this country. Let it support and take care of itself. This is 2019. Show no support.

  15. It's just wasted 13 min watching your preview on RB. What are you trying to prove . .. their inflight services ? Inflight products .? IFE ? Or it's just a B787 aircraft .? Otherwise it's just your own experience on flying RB!

  16. I am going to Melbourne next week and did my search for a business class ticket through Skyscanner. I noticed that RBA offer the cheapest business class, just few hundreds extra RM compare to budget Malindo and Jetstar. So I come to Youtube and search for RBA review. After viewing this video, I immediately won't take this airline into my consideration. Compare of paying RM 6.5k for a stone age settings business class, I am much more willing to pay another RM 2k extra for Thai or Qantas. I guess this guy doesn't even understand what's the definition of "Luxury" or "Classy" means. Instead of noticing the attribute of tastefully designed, I just saw some sort of 20 to 30 years ago type of business class setting.

  17. Pestime tgok vdeo SN ni..klakor sumpah.. part FA lalu lagu tu.. part disclaimer dah mandi tu.. hahahah.. ak suka!! ??.. anyway bestnya brunei… nk try jugak BNA nnt.. ??????

  18. ulasan yang bagus. rasa macam nak haktuih kat pompuan yg acah-acah bagus tutup hidung bila ko lalu masuk ke cubicle ko.

  19. ko koje ape yeop? ate teman nengok ko terobang sane sini cam orang kaye je, ate share2 le sikit dgn orang bote ni ha, mane tauu kot teman bole jadi hang kebun ko ke.. haha

  20. melayu Brunei maintain tutup sebab Raja sanun ketat shariah lawnya, tapi melayu Malaysia tak raihan sebab law monarchy kita memenukan araks as important in menusnya!

  21. Dalam setahun.. Saya dari Indonesia 2 atau 3 kali mengunjungi Brunei…Dan Selalu Memakai Royal Brunei Airline…Sampai penerbangan terakhir bulan Mei 2019 kemarin ini , tak pernah mengecewakan selalu bahagia aman dan merasa lebih selamat karena sebelum berlepas selalu ada doa doa yang dibacakan lewat monitor TV

    Soal Makanan selalu sesuai dengan lidah saya sebagai orang Indonesia….Makanan Khas Nusantara ada juga pilihan makanan Western dan saya sudah coba semua enak enak belaka..

    Cara pramugari dan pramugara berpakaian sesuai dengan Syariat Islam membuat kita pun tambah hormat dan mereka amat ramah tamah….

    Pernah satu kali saya terbang bersama Istri dan istri sakit maag ( gastrik ) nya kambuh karena terburu buru ke Aiport tidak sempat sarapan…Setelah pesawat mengangkasa dan sabuk pengaman boleh dilepas walau belom jadwal pembagian makan tetapi Pramugarinya dengan cekatan membawa makanan dan minuman hangat setelah mengetahui istri saya mengeluh sakit…dan dia memberi tahukan kalau ada apa saja yang diminta supaya tekan tanda minta bantuan parmugari diatas kepala kita…

    Bravo Royal Brunei…Selalu terbaik !!

  22. There is internet ,it’s just that you have to sign up beforehand (it’s free ).but there is those you which you can pay for as well

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