FED, Google Stadia, Instagram and more | Weekly Business News | 3/24/2019

FED, Google Stadia, Instagram and more | Weekly Business News | 3/24/2019

hey guys keep on learning here if you
want to win $25 stick until the end of the video to find out how so this is a
new weekly series where we will cover some of the most important news about
business and investing from the week and stir it with you guys so let’s get right
into it so the most important news is coming straight from New York where Fed
announced that it won’t be raising rates all throughout 2019 fed usually raises
interest when it thinks economy is growing too fast or overheating but this
time around fed belief that economic growth is slower than expected so
there’s no need to change our current policies that also hinder to us not
raising rates for us of 2019 and 2020 though this prediction can of course
change as the time goes on next news is for all the gamers out there don’t you
hate it that you need to carry around your Xbox or Playstation to play your
favorite games well Google has you covered google announces new cloud
gaming platform stadium but stadia only thing you need to play your favorite
games it’s a Wi-Fi and a screen you can play
your favorite games on a chrome tab then toss it and pick a dive back where you
left off on a phone since it will all be connected Google’s data center will play
a roll of consoles so you don’t need one this is a big move on Google’s part two
since this is its first official step in disrupting the 140 billion dollar gaming
industry let me know in the comments if you’re excited about stadia or not next
news is coming from instagrams parent company Facebook they have added
a new feature where you can now buy products on Instagram without ever
leaving the app this is great news for retailers influencers users and
Instagram itself because Instagram charges a small fee per person that
checkout feature is starting with just 20 bands the Washington general calls it
a cautious step towards taking on Amazon but you can call it a quick way to blow
your bonus so that’s all we have for today this is a short video guys since
this is the first one in the series let me know down below if you guys like this
kind of videos or not and now to the $25 giveaway for those of you who want a
chance to win $25 all you have to do is subscribe like and comment
always remember guys more you learn more you are

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  1. I think google is going to become a monopoly. Gamers are gonna love stadia but I think it’s bad because they’ll game everywhere even school or places where they could be having human interaction.

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