Feature Spotlight: PDF Download

Feature Spotlight: PDF Download

Today I’m going to show you how to make a
PDF download of all the communication during a transaction that you can use for record-keeping
puposes and to comply with local regulations. But first, why is this feature important? For that, I’ll turn to an agent who’s gotten
great value out of this feature. His name is Paul Hickman, and I’ll let him
take it away. The convenience of being able to download
a PDF of emails and transaction records is also immensely convenient. I actually had a really frustrating circumstance
come up where a legal issue with a transaction — unrelated to anything I did or my clients
did, but their counsel wanted copies of all the correspondence related to the transaction
and I was able to download that in one concise place in a real easy fashion. So, although it was an unfortunate circumstance,
it was a real good illustration of Folio is really great for. So Paul’s talking about the feature that allows
you to download a Smart Folder. It allows you to make a file of all the communication
related to the transaction so you’re covered. Here’s how it works: When a transaction closes, all we have to
do is click on the dropdown and click “Download emails as PDF.” Then, we’ll get an email with a link to download
the PDF. I can upload this to my transaction management
platform or just save it wherever. You can also access this feature on our web and mobile interface. Just click the three dots, and click “Download emails as PDF.” The rest is the same. Thanks for watching this Feature Spotlight, and we hope you enjoy Folio.

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