Feature Discovery Series Episode 4: Cockpits

Feature Discovery Series Episode 4: Cockpits

Welcome to this new episode of the
features discovery of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Hi, i’m Martial Bossard Lead software
engineer at Asobo Studios, and today we are going to talk about
piloting and what is happening once you’ve seated in the cockpit Let’s talk about the cockpits themselves
and how realistic that can be in this new microsoft flight simulator and I’d
like to start this presentation with this good old fashioned analog
instruments all instruments have been modernized with extreme details and
script to behave exactly as they should be in the real life. In order to do so we
have introduced new simulated data as an example in this DR 400 we added a
complete management of the electrical systems so the needles of the battery
instruments will change depending on the consumption of the electrical devices we
also added a new management of the oil pressure that now depends on the
temperature. Since the flight during the night is now possible even a VFR we have
recreated the lighting system on each planes giving the possibility to set up
and dim every single light in the cockpit to mimic exactly the actual
plane. Modern aircraft are equipped with very
high-tech glass cockpit. We have created a completely new engine for the
management on the rendering of these glass cockpits. The engines will display
all the data in 2d or in 3d synthetic vision. Touch screens are now embedded in
these modern airplanes. This is now fully simulated and operational. The system is
now able to display real were stirring on a environmental awareness it allows the
management of the flight plans that includes SIDS and STARS for departures
and arrivals. Mastering cockpits can be very
challenging in order to understand the consequences of each actions contextual
cursors and tooltips will indicate how to performs actions and what could be
the consequences depending on the state of the plane. We are also introducing a
completely new management of the checklist. You will be able to choose the
complexity of it from manual to fully automated these seconds can also be
skipped and the simulator will set up for you the plane as it should be at the
end of the sequence the system can highlight on instruments or a switch to
show what is the next action to perform the checklist is directly linked to the
simulation so it provides automatic feedback of each sequence completions as
a consequence even when flying for the first time with a new plane you will be
able to start from cold and dark. About peripherals the simulation is now
bringing a complete calibration and set of tools of all the inputs. External
tools are no longer needed. We also kept in mind that many of the simmers have
done an incredible job for building their own cockpits. To make them keep the
benefit of their hard work Simvars are going to be exposed are they
where by the past and have been even extended with new functionalities. Multi
screens and windows are also supported there is a home cockpit we’ve built at
Asobo. It’s a replica of a DR 400, a plan that we are actually piloting here
in Bordeaux. This is helping us to check the quality of the simulation itself but
also the quality of its inputs. Microsoft Flight Simulator will also bring
some technologies to improve the immersion. The rendering engine is the
very first one of them we have brought the new techniques of the video game
industry to the world of simulation. Screen space ambient occlusion and
radiance, screen space reflections screens space shadows on cascade shadow
maps 4k PBR materials allow us to make cockpits feel real. And this is not only
a cosmetic matter with the right position of the Sun and the accurate
weather system the lighting in the cockpit will reproduce the exact same
flight conditions that you would get in real life in the same time this is
modifying the readability of the instrument that can sometimes very
difficult to read. We have used a lot of references to create our cockpits. We had access to the actual planes to perform some photos and video captures
we are using the very last technics of scanning and some manufacturers has even
given us some CAD files. The Sun is also very important input when flying in
order to have a great simulation we have introduced a completely new scripting
system based on lights this system ties the simulation data to the sound banks and
is using a real-time GSP to modulate the sound to make it match the plane
parameters, as for the rendering we had an access to planes and a dedicated team
here at the Asobo did recordings of every single sounds in hi fidelity. In
addition to this we have created a new dynamic camera that brings physicality
to the sim. This camera read every single reactions of the planes to
simulate the pilots head movements. This give a better understanding on how the
plane behaves so you can feel the consequences of your actions understand
the environments like winds or the variation or the density of the air but
also any kind of mechanicals events like buffeting of fluttering when the plane
is at its limits and when the pilots needs to act quickly
this camera is filling the need for pilots to feel physically natural in a
cockpit. To conclude what are the highlights of these presentations
Microsoft Flight Simulator will provide realistic cockpits, a new glass cockpit
engine with touch screens, and you check systems tied to the simulations with an
assistance. A massive lighting audio and camera engines. Thank you very much for
watching this video please stay tuned on Microsoft Flight Simulator website for
any further information

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  1. Can anyone tell me how to download this simulator or the old version will be updated or I have to purchase the new one from steam

  2. WOW, so fantastic…I'm waiting patiently for FS to come out in 2020, I'm just hoping there won't be a subscription on XBOX because they should just make a XBOX Disc to install and play the flight simulator game. I'm also hoping a lot of Boeing planes such as the 737, 767, 777, 787 and fighter jets are included in this flight simulator.

  3. Where is the free camera mode ? The free camera view to allow us to move freely in the cockpit and around the scenary, come on guys get in on already…

  4. I wish we can have force feedback controls. @logitech @THRUSTMASTERofficial maybe put some of your racing knowledge to the skies???????????

  5. I would just like to say thank you for making the whole world. I can not stand buying airports or terrain, so my X-plane always looks like shit. Would be awesome to have combat planes in MS2020 with actual weapon systems. I can not play this until you get VR setup because my flight controls has no screen in front of it lol.

  6. I am really looking forward for its release!! Looks awesome. However I just have to add a comment. Please work a liitle bit more with the Garming G-1000 screens. It does not look realistic and in par with the rest of the awesome cockpits. Colors, fonts, screen glare… look like old FSX. In minute 5:00 of this video you can see a real G1000 and you can can clearly see the visual difference. I know it is difficult to model this properly but please make the effort since the G1000 will be the main star in many cockpits. Said this, I just have to say that this is the most awaited simulator in years. Thanks!!!

  7. Don't you dare leave out VR. You will crush many dreams by doing that. Even if you have to sacrifice some visual glory for some reason, please give us VR. I just can't 2d anymore. Even looking like that…

  8. Holy Cow these cockpits are so good. The first time I saw the glass ones literally all the air in my lungs was pushed out as I gasped in utter amazement. Outstanding work Asobo.

  9. How will 3rd party developers keep up with this? Especially smaller developers that maybe don't have the resources to develop something that advanced.

  10. I really hope, even if you're not supporting it right out the door, and as you build all these systems, you are keeping an eventual VR implementation in mind! Particularly with hand tracking being a thing with Leap Motion, and with the likelihood of optical hand tracking becoming even more common with the announcement of hand tracking implementation in the Oculus Quest!

  11. Dear Microsoft, I am really, really, really keen to get my hands on this. To that end, may I offer you the souls of my children and that of my wife for an advance copy? Regards, God

  12. Doin good devs! I dont wanna rush you cause I know you are busy but do you know when the requirements will be told?

  13. I can only hope that they will bring over some of the great flight school tutorials and missions from FSX. I learned so much with that and it was such a great and simple way to get into flight simming, with exciting learning missions with voice acting and events. When I moved over to X-plane my interest actually died down despite the more advanced sim, because it was more difficiult to learn and also know what to do.

    So please, work something like the FSX flight school into this, it would be incredible.

  14. Every episode I see I am more and more amazed. I mean even getting the pilots head movements right is a detail sure to be overlooked. MS is pulling out every stop imaginable and if this is what they are doing then this was all worth the wait! I'm grateful to be a part of tech alpha 1 and can't wait to run it through the paces. I still want to see how this will interact with my realsim gear g1000 suite

  15. Great video!

    I noticed that there is a problem with YouTube: YouTube says this video was uploaded 22 hours ago, while it actually was uploaded a week ago.

  16. Was it just me that was thinking that I will finally get to see a 737, 777 or a320neo cockpit in this video. I might actually end up buying a PC to play this game.

  17. Compared to Xplane 11 today. These cockpits look cartoonish, flat, and amateurish. Your scenery looks very nice, but the cockpits, not so much. Disappointed at what I am seeing so far.

  18. I hope there will be mission like in Flight Simulator X with different levels of difficulty. That was so good on this game ! It looks so amazing. I'm actually a student pilot and i'm really really impatient about training of what I did in the plane at home and when the weather will be bad, i'll can fly on my Flight Simulator.

  19. Kinda makes me worried that only light aircraft were shown off here, i hope that A320neo and 747-8 would be as realistic

  20. Wow! Graphics and UI are so modern! It looks like you converted Forza Horizon 4 and modified some systems for it! Very amazing! I can't wait to see some 737,747,777,787 in there one day!

  21. Boring as all crap. Where are the helicopters ? Don’t give me the rubbish they are coming later as the physics and aerodynamics needs to be coded from the beginning or we will end up with a flying hovercraft again like MSFS. By the way you sound like Inspector Closau calling it mickrosift ?

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