Fearless Fellows: Episode One – Zviko Simango

Fearless Fellows: Episode One – Zviko Simango

My name is Ruvimbo Zvikomborero Simango. Zviko
I’m from Zimbabwe and I’m working in Malawi
with the Evangelical Association of Malawi. When I was a kid I wanted to be
a chartered accountant. Because my brother was an accountant and I
just admired his life so that’s what I wanted to be but then things changed as I grew up. I realized accounting,
numbers was not my thing. I was more interested in food. So I ended up
focusing more on nutrition and food science. Which is what I ended up doing and what I’m
still doing right now. In Malawi, I’m doing mostly nutrition to malnourished
children under the age of five and farmers who are staying in the villages– men and women,
and HIV/AIDS patients. So when they come,
at least once a week, we would do a few minutes of
devotion with them. We sing, we pray, we share the Word together and then we talk about nutrition, how to eat healthy what to cook, how to grow the vegetables
in their homes and you will actually see some of the patients like getting better. I would see patients improving. They would move from being malnourished to
become like a well-nourished person. So this old woman came. She was coming from the hospital. She was told to, “Go to the United Methodist
Nutrition Clinic. They will help you there.” She was hungry, she was shivering, she was
dirty, she was just not in a good space. So I helped this woman, I gave her porridge–we
would give them porridge, with soy and maize, nutritious porridge. And I talked to her and the language was difficult. I was still learning the language but I still
managed to communicate with her. A month later, that old woman came back. And she had a plastic bag with pumpkins. And she was looking for me. Usually when you grow pumpkins, you usually
have two or three in your field. And that’s it. When you harvest them,
you cook them, that’s it. So that was really touching for me because,
she gave me all that she had. I feel satisfied. I’ve got satisfaction in me.
And I’m praying more. I’m growing spiritually. Even despite all the problems, the difficulties
I’ve been facing, I’m still growing. I can see this program is really changing
my life and by the time I finish I’ll be a better
person than when I started Yeah

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