Fearless Fellows: Episode 24 – Lynda

Fearless Fellows: Episode 24 – Lynda

Hi, my name is Linda Sylvain. I’m originally from Haiti and I’m from Florida and right now I’m serving in Detroit, Michigan with Motown Mission. College students could come in the
city of Detroit and then we send them out to different project partners to work with
the city of Detroit. Project that I’m working on is building an apartment and
then one of my main goals in life is to build a hospital for Haiti, so could you imagine that? It’s like it’s perfect for the future. First weekend that we arrived
there we met this one lady and then she just flat-out said ‘Oh you guys are black!’ like right in front of like everybody and then there was one kid
that came to our table and then he said ‘I just came because you’re black,’ so he just wanted to shake my hand, he’s like ‘It’s awesome to see another person my skin color’ so I think people really appreciate it, to see other people that looks like them. I think it’s important because we realized that we’re not alone. We’re not facing this alone, especially that we’re missionaries, so we’re doing
something about it. It just makes me want to do what I wanted to do more and then it made me realize that I can do it.

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