FBI raids United Auto Workers president’s home: Report

FBI raids United Auto Workers president’s home: Report

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  1. Its interesting how the government sees Unions as a threat and not multinational private corporations with all the real money, power and influence in our economy and politics, their priorities say a lot of who they really work for

  2. Clinton crime family otherwise known as the Clinton justice system ! Had to reprint the get out of jail card that they hand out .
    Maybe Union workers can get some..
    As loyal Democrat .. to the club, but we’re not in it.

  3. I'm a retired auto worker. I joined the UAW in 1977 (not by choice) This is the most corrupt organization imaginable.

  4. Fbi raiding democratic controlled union's, guess those campaign donations aren't producing the results they expected.

  5. you sure do know how to not give any relevant information. there is 3 parts that make a journalistic story, how, when and why. go back to school and learn this all over again please, as you have all forgotten this simple rule.

  6. I am pro trump and pro union, 2cd generation and I have 28 years in the union. Anywhere their is corruption it needs to be dealt with, but not all unions are bad or are the people working for them. A lot of union workers are becoming republican now more than ever as we are for the America worker. But their is no place for corruption. If there guilty throw em in jail!

  7. No surprise here about the corruption !! they'll just take all the money they can get from him and he'll get let go !

  8. I love all the idiots here saying Un!oN$ @rE C0rRuPT with only the simple basis of an FBI raid. So much for innocent until proven guilty… oh thats right, its the other way around, when its against someone who represents you as a person, but has a different ideology than you. But god forbid corporations pay you a reasonable wage, not fire you for any reason, or treat you like a human being. Oh the humanity! I love all the clowns here lol they make me laugh

  9. >FBI investigates corruption of American president and finds evidence of it
    Conservatives: THE FBI IS CORRUPT! Witch Hunt!

    >FBI investigates corruption of union presidents and finds evidence of it
    Conservatives: Unions should be abolished!

  10. Obama knew exactly who he was "Bailing Out" at GM in '08….Crooked Rich Commie Labor Union Goons who don't have enough Mechanical Know How to Fix a Flat tire on a Bicycle.

  11. Great, now go after the crooked, franchised dealers the manfucators have. Dealership employees get screwed way more than union auto workers!

  12. There all corrupt they all got there hands in each other's pocket this has been going on for years only now do we find out the all money grubbing worms who like lining the pockets with poor people's hard working money

  13. United auto workers are raided by FBI and caught in the union act.

    Union is ?. Bolt in the hallow nut. After union it's called coupling.

  14. Where there is large money and power you will find corruption. But America needs unions. Without them the companies that dont have unions would have no incentive to pay higher wages and better benefits to try to keep unions out. You think your underpaid and crappy benefits now wait till they get rid of unions. They will have you working all day for a loaf of bread. And you can give up on retirement if your no longer productive as far as they care, you can just die.

  15. What?!?!?!? say it ain't so. Collecting involuntary membership money from the workers to their benefit! You know, I think that might be possible. Although, I suspect their lawyers are the best in the business. . .

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