Fate/Grand Order – Consort Yu Voiced Valentine’s Scene (English Subbed)

Fate/Grand Order – Consort Yu Voiced Valentine’s Scene (English Subbed)

Oh, there you are. Come on, just take it! Choice: Thanks! What are you looking so happy about? Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t have a choice, do you hear me? You have to do this on Valentine’s Day. It’s just something I ordered online. Call it a social obligation if you like. Choice: But the packaging is clearly handmade… Well, I’m sorry for being no good at wrapping! I’m astonished you’d even notice something so small! I just had a lot of time to kill, is all! It comes with being immortal. All I have is time! Boring doesn’t even begin to describe it. Choice 1: Then have you been giving chocolate to someone every year?
Choice 2: I thought you’d always tried to avoid human contact… Good grief, how tactless can you be? Do I really not scare you even a little bit? Do you act this way with Vlad and Carmilla, too? Choice: I don’t find you as scary as those two Well, maybe you’re right to think so. I’ve often been called a vampire, but I wouldn’t want to be bundled in together with the real thing. Choice: Do you find it hard to get along with Carmilla? Yes. I won’t mince words. I despise her. The tales passed down among the people may have warped her a great deal from the way she should be, but I hate her even so. Just like all vampires. I can’t speak for any others, but I don’t experience any lust or drive for blood. And I refuse to allow anyone to treat me as one of them. Choice: You really think that? Now that I have taken this form of living flesh, I need to replenish my life energy somehow. But just having any plants or animals in my vicinity share their energy with me little by little is enough to sustain my metabolism. Short of being left alone in the middle of the desert, I feel no hunger. And the thought of finding pleasure in the taste of blood makes my skin crawl. Choice: Then…you aren’t some kind of enemy of mankind? What? Do you hear yourself? If anyone is anyone’s nemesis here, it is you who are mine. Can you imagine the treatment I have endured, all for the sake of my immortal body? You humans have no tolerance for anything that escapes your understanding. From the peaks of the mountains to the bottom of the sea, you conquer and desecrate that is mystical. You cannot help yourselves. You are driven by your brutality. And you have the gall to call it a search for knowledge. Well, if the need ever does arise to absorb a large amount of mana incredibly quickly, it isn’t as though I *can’t* take sustenance from drinking blood directly. And I have drained more than a few lives to death that way. But I am alone. And there are seven billion of you. It shouldn’t take much thought to see which of us is the real threat. I have no intention of finding fault with my contract as a Servant at this late hour. But you should never forget that at heart, we are anathema to each other. Choice 1: Well, that aside
Choice 2: Thank you for the chocolate You’re going to bring that up again, after this whole conversation!? The sheer nerve of you!

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  1. 1:26 Girl…we live with Shuten saying that want to eat us…and our evil god heroine BB,soo i think that you have to try harder if want see any kind of fear from us.

  2. Its good that they reinstate the fact that she isnt a vampire, many mistake her for one

    She's probably the less monstrous of monsters

  3. Yu and some others: y u no scare of me
    Guda(k)o: i have oni that wants to drink me, the grim reaper himself, All The World's Evils, a loli with eldritch powers, a devil Boddhisattiva, an AI with godly powers as my Servants. I have fought against world ending gods and beasts, mind breaking monsters and else.

  4. Wait, online…how Hinako-senpai able to contact the online, if the world is emptiness?

    Well, it save to think that online that she talking about is probably from "Amazoness".

    Anyway, is she probably consider herself to be more closer to Oni than Vampire?

  5. @0:22 if I am not mistaken, she was talking about Giri Choco (type of chocolate girls giving to guys at the same class/workplace without any special feelings)

  6. Cant wait to see her interactions with Arcuied. I just bet she will feel danger from her subconscionosly. After all Arcuid was an Ancestor hunter.

    Or will she, on the other hand, feel pity for a childish Princess who cant help but drow in maddness of the Crimson Moon?
    Damn, I wish to see Tsukihime event ASAP.

    So many cool dialogue possibilties.
    Ryougi commenting that Tohno looks like somenoe she knows.
    Arc mistaking Ryougi for Tohno.
    Arc trying to storm of to murder Carmilla and Vlad…

    Yeah, please give it to me Type Moon. If not remake, then at list this…

  7. She claims she ordered it online. There is no online in the current state of your world. I also want to meet the postman who can get to the wandering sea

  8. Remember, guys. Jalter also started out as nothing but an enemy that hated us. And look where that went now.
    So yeah, that ending right there? The mask is falling! It's just a matter of time. ?

  9. Wait a minute at 0:33 she said she ordered something online but Chaldea is in Antartica and it is more or less a UN Military base, so how does that get delivered!?

  10. I'm annoyed that neither Yu Miaoyi nor Xiang Yu mention each other during Valentine's despite being MARRIED TO ONE ANOTHER.

  11. Dang, she really doesn’t feel anything about us or am I just dense?

    And truth to be told why should I be scared? I have the Grim Reaper himself under contract.

  12. Quite frankly, I actually find her hate for human hypocritical. She is one of the few servant I hate because of her attitude. Hates human because we fear her and destroyed her world. Yet she loved a human (from what I know the Pan human history Xiang Yu was human and not whatever this Xiang Yu is) and her friend The Prince of Lanling is human. Sure they are unique for being able to understand her 10000 years ago, but she spent the rest of her days from then till the Lostbelt isolated from anyone else. Koyonsaka (or Tamamo Vich) is right that Hinako/Yu is a hypocrite for showing "remorse" for Opelia death. What makes Hinako/Yu any better than the ones who hunt or hate her when she is on the side of the ones that destroyed Chaldea. Did she even try to get to know us (the protagonist), Da Vinci, Mashu, or Dr Romani? Her fear may be understandable but her action does not justify it.
    She deserve the title of "monster" more than any of the inhuman servants.
    P. S. Sorry for the long rant. But I really want to voice my dislike for Consort Yu/Hinako. If there are any mistakes I made feel free to correct me.

  13. she is such good waifu material
    and like tomoe ir boudica, the fact that they are married isn't even a problem to make them part of the harem

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