Fashion Tips : How to Wear Women’s Business Casual Attire

Fashion Tips : How to Wear Women’s Business Casual Attire

Hello, my name is Gabriela Garzon, and I’m
an image consultant with GG Image And Etiquette Consulting in Coral Gables Florida. In this
clip I’m going to talk about how to wear business casual for women. Basically what you have
to concentrate in is, as long as you wear a collar you will be dressing for business
casual attire, you don’t have to be too conservative or too serious, but you definitely should
not be too casual. So what you got to do is wear things that have a collar. As long as
you have a collar you can wear just a shirt with skirts or pants, as long as you wear
something like this, this is definitely a business casual type of attire. you should
not wear type of T-shirts or anything that does not have a collar. If you do actually
wear something like this, that does not have a definite collar, you should try and wear
it with something on top, sort of like a vest or a jacket. If you wear little jackets like
this one, that do not have a collar, it’s fine, because they have a closure, and you
can have something behind it, so this works as a type of collar. So basically, as long
as you don’t wear open toe shoes, flip flops, or anything like that, or jeans, you’re definitely
good to go for business casual attire. Thank you, this is Gabriela Garzon at GG Image and
Etiquette Consulting.

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    good tip!
    i have an interview with Shell Canada tomorrow o__O
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