Howdy folks, today is kind of an announcement
slash unveiling, you could call it patch notes. I have updated the Farmers Market, it’s kind
of now version 1.1 and has some addition feattures toward filtering. It is the first of many updates to the Farmers
Market that I will be making and now allows you to not only do the previous things of
filter by galaxy and platform, but also by difficulty, that’s the simple one that I probably
should have put in on release but in all honesty I wasn’t sure how big the Market would get. We’re nearly at 100 farms added now, but still
always on the look out for more, so if you haven’t yet, get your farm base on there and
feast on the collective wealth. It would be a pithy update if it was just
that, so you can also now filter the bases by the specific crops that are grown there,
I considered doing it by the product produced but where almost everyone accurately inputs
the crops they grow, the trade goods that are produced is a little less consistent. I’ll be working on the Market soon to automate
this a little better as some of my original information processing when it comes to the
trade products produced should already be filling the gaps from the crops that are grown,
but it isn’t quite working as it should there. And the last and probably most wanted for
many people is the ability to now filter the bases by the amount of glyphs you have at
your disposal, it’s easy to forget if you already have them all that most people don’t,
so being able to filter out those bases temporarily out of reach may help those greatly. It should be noted that there are very few
bases that you can reach currently that require less than the first 13 to 14 glyphs known,
but bases are being submitted constantly, so worth checking out if you need to get your
harvest on. A number of other things are planned for the
market in the short term like the ability to update your base information via the submission
forms, while currently you can submit a query and i’ll just manually change whatever information
for you, a better system is coming. That’s just a little hint of things to come,
I don’t really want to give much away, but the market is a big focus. On a similar note, I’d like to announce a
partnership between the Farmers Market and the Galactic Consortium. The Galactic Consortium is an up and coming
conglomorate in the No Man’s Sky universe which focuses on data gathering, while most
civilazations focus largely on their own specific area of space, the GC covers the whole game
in a similar way to the Farmers Market, only a little broader in it’s current goals. The GC is also Wiki based, trying to pool
information to a single point, and as such, this partnership will include sharing the
base information from the Farmers Market with the Wiki. I have divised a method to almost automate
this process for a clean dynamic sharing of the information and it will likely occur at
the start of next week and continue from then on. But, I don’t consider this just mine to share,
so, I would like to afford the opportunity to anyone who wishes to opt out of their specific
base being shared with the Galactic Consortium. I have done my research of the person heading
this operation and everything, including my interactions with him, suggest a well intentioned,
reputable & intelligent man. And let’s face it, the Farmers Market is open
to the public to view as is the wiki, the information is already out there, so it doesn’t
really change anything. But I still prefer to give the choice, so
if you wish to opt out, please express your wish to do so in a comment down below or via
the query submission form on the Market page and include the username you used when submitting
your base to the market, your name will then be added to a list and the information blocked
from being shared in this method. I think this partnership is a good move, this
information being out there helps everyone and will only bring more attention to the
market which will inturn bring in more bases for you to visit and benefit from. And that’s about it, let me know what you
think of the Farmers Market update and the Partnership with the GC, and if you have any
featture requests for the Farmers Market, I’d be happy to do certain things I have planned
in a different order if people want them more and I’m definitely open to new ideas. If you like as usual hit that like button,
subscribe if you haven’t already and think about checking out my Patreon, a dollar a
month is a great way to support the channel and my work like the Farmers Market. But above all, have an awesome day folks!

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. This is great, quite an exciting time for NMS players. By the way, you've got my blessing regarding my base, the N7 Euclid Colony (PS4, SOLIDSNAYK69). By the way, I hate my PSN ID…

  2. Definitely like this idea.

    (I had a thought about a feature down the road not now, the On-foot time, that have the ability to show Exocraft (Nomad) time somehow… If my math was right 4.2u/s onfoot and 15.5u/s nomad, some conversion can implemented. Can't think of the math formula on top my head though, something like (NomadTime = (4.2 × FootTime) ÷ 15.5)

    I'll have a look of what the GC has so far on their page

  3. Maybe think about adding a date added filter so users can filter the search by the newest added farms. I have visited all pc normal farms under 30 mins on foot. Looking at this list I can’t tell if’s there ar any new ones in the list so being able to filter the list in this way would help. Also maybe add a filter for exocraft at the base. Much prefer to visit the ones further away if I know I can come back quicker and not have to worry about life support or hazard protection Issues.
    This has been a blessing , helping me make some quick cash. I’m saving for a decent freighter but plan on setting up a decent base shortly. The nms community seems to be growing rapidly thanks to people putting in effort like this, and portal sharing databases.

  4. We definitely need more bases that are under 9 glyphs, I just look and there only 3(2 PS4 and 1 PC). Hopefully this will expand when the Wiki is on the way.

    I approve my usage of my current base for this Platform PS4 (Operation NOVA Center) PSN: Xelrick… and if anyone needs assistance on PS4 they can message me.

  5. Can you only navigate to these coordinates (or any coordinates for that matter) if you have all the traveller glyphs? I am at my wits end trying to find travellers/glyphs – just 3 so far in 200 hours – but would like to join these different groups

  6. Nice, I have bookmarked the farmers market page. I have yet to find a portal on my planet. When I do, I'm adding mine. I have a little bit of everything plantable, but mainly a circuit board facility. I subscribed several weeks ago.

  7. Is there a video that explains how to actually find the base ones I get the info from the database? I'm just starting out in the game and this is all very confusing.

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