Farmer School of Business Holiday 2016

Farmer School of Business Holiday 2016

Hi, I’m Matt Myers. I’ve been Dean of the Farmer School for two-and-a-half years here at Miami University, and for me family is everything. The Farmer School family is something that we didn’t expect and really is what makes us different from so many other schools. Gina and my twin daughters, Carlisle and Winston, we joined a family of students, alumni, faculty and staff that have made our journey here at the Farmer School rich and rewarding. I also have a new member of the family. This is Tess. Okay, that’s enough hamming it up. 1…2…3. Happy Holidays! We should probably do it one more time (laughter). I’m Geoff Zoeckler, and I’m a new professor here. My name’s Katie Tomasic, I’m a junior Finance major. I’ve been here since 2008, and I’m here because of the great students (cheering). I love Farmer. Best choice of my life. Favorite building on campus by far. My favorite thing about Farmer is joining CABO. The students are just so impressive. They’re smart, they’re happy, they’re fun, they’re creative. Everything you put into it also comes right back out. I’m pledging AKPsi right now and it’s been super rewarding. I’m trying to get involved as much as possible I just did the William Blair case competition, was a great experience. I’m thankful for the creation of our Isaac and Oxley Center for Business Leadership, and the opportunity it gives me to work with our amazing students. I’m thankful for all the great companies that have worked with us here at Miami on the Sales Challenge every year. China America Business Organization wishes you a happy holiday season! The wonderful membership of PSE, the kids who year after year work so hard. I am thankful for getting to work in an environment that really encourages and embraces diversity of thought. A big shout-out to Jan Taylor and Business Honors, those guys are awesome. The professors as well as my students, I just, I missed that camaraderie and the closeness Just a bunch of great people, both my professors, my teammates and my fraternity brothers. So when you’re on campus, around campus, just make sure to appreciate how much time you get to spend with good buddies. I’m really grateful that I have this opportunity to be here at this awesome school called Miami and I love you guys, and thank you so much. I really appreciate the opportunity I’ve had at Miami for all these years, teaching wonderful students, working with great colleagues. I’m thankful to all the generous donors for making Study Abroad accessible to all of our Farmer School of Business students. Happy Holidays, I hope you have a great time, and if you’re coming back on campus, see you soon! I’m thankful for all of the personal and professional development opportunities that the Farmer School of Business has given me. Mom and Dad, and Trudy, my dog. Happy Holidays from Miami Volleyball. Go Redhawks! Happy Holidays from the Farmer School.

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