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  1. Fox…when you have an interview subject who is trying to explain their expertise, wouldn't it be fair to allow that person to complete their train of thought? I've seen more than 10 times in this video, the Dr. is being interrupted with a completely different question which then leaves your audience hanging as to his answer to a current question. Gosh, give the man a few moments to answer.

  2. IF it was a prisoner. What IF it was not a prisoner but a corrupt officer, FBI or CIA? Don't assume it was a known criminal, people who have dirt on the Clintons habitually commit suicide or are murdered.

  3. Why do I keep getting ads every few seconds during this video? Almost seems like Google/YT wants me to lose interest and not watch it by bombarding me with ads? ?

  4. Doctor: Its all consistent with a brutal homocide
    Fox News: and well be back later with more on jeffrey epsteins suicide hanging

  5. There's a video of epstein getting murdered. Its real because i watched it. The video will be released soon

  6. The investigation will lead to more suicides, homicides and murders. I say we stop at him on the official investigation. But we can let Hollywood and independent media do this job using their imaginations to the maximum extent.

  7. There's a funeral director that made a comment on here that made some valid points..its the smartest comment I've seen so far..finally someone that knows his stuff

  8. This was a govt inside silencing of Epstein to snuff out any testimony he might provide that would implicate or embarass Bill Clinton or Prince Andrew in his sordid illicit sexual activities, IMO. Epstein had alot of dirt on people he could leverage to cut a plea deal. Everybody knows that. Everybody also knows that dead people can't talk. This was a brazen take down of a star witness by paid off corrections officers.

  9. And what is being done??? Nothing, a bunch of cover ups by the deep state. The politicians covering their assests. A whole bunch of good ol boys, business as usual.
    The district attorney is on the blackmail or payroll lists.
    The guards where drugged.

  10. I was so pissed at the way the 3 kept interrupting him a couple at once at times he couldn’t get finished answering one of their questions before he’s interrupted yet again! Listen to how nervous they’re making him..his voice gets shaky. Ticked me off..but then their interview with the guy from Dukes of Hazard was even more infuriating! They wouldn’t let him talk either especially because they didn’t want him to tell his opinion of current politics. I guess that’s saved for them only to dictate their political views! There has really been a consistent extenquishing of the conservative views since Roger was fired from the network for being a perve. Now it’s the Murdock’s show! They are huge liberals who own Fox News & even gave to the dang Clinton foundation…the last standing network us conservatives made the most watched tv news outlet that made gazillions off the rights views. Internet here we come! Oh and Christina & Bills show after this show, BLOWS! Cannot stand Christina and her sour ( I just sucked on lemons) face..she can’t fake her distain for Trump or conservatives

  11. Why did ABC and CNN report nothing when it knew Epstein was molesting little girls? Were they involved or did they receive orders from the Clintons?

  12. Jeffrey Epstein simply knew too much about very rich and powerful people and their sexuality and he had to die before his trial because he was a potential scandal bomb alive.

  13. If you don't think the deep state is real and is trying to bring America down in order to Form a One world government you are ignorant! All they are waiting for is to take our 1 and 2 amendment away and we are sheep like the rest of the socialist and communist countries. Venezuela and Hong Kong are both fighting for the freedom to live or die trying to be free. Sound familiar? One day if the swamp gets it's way the only God will be the Government. A Liberals Prayer: Dear Government, I have faith that you are spending my 90% tax rate with love. When I die, take all I have and instead of giving to my family. They worked so hard to keep our small business running and feeding our family but when you take 90% they will just have to make due. Keep it for yourself oh Great Government so you never lose power, Please take care of me and my family forever. Amen.

  14. Everybody's stuck on Hillary being behind this is off the chain and just goes to show how much yaw underestimate the darkness in the heart and mind of the sax playing, weed chiefing dude she's married to who got head from an intern in the white house and is connected to mob ties in Harlem. Don't sleep on Bill. Dude is connected in the streets and has been to the island multiple times. Connect the dots properly, people. Hillary's nuts but she's not that smart or connected. Her and Bill only put on a "we're happily married" routine when the cameras are rolling. Hillary's a red herring. Bill's the boss. Yaw better go check out the 1997 film starring Keenen Ivory Wayans, Jon Voight, and Jill Hennessey called, "Most Wanted".

  15. The FBI/CIA or similar eliminated Epstein because they had him under observation for years to gather blackmail material on political leaders, celebrities, financial leaders etc. If Epstein was allowed to live it would have exposed the fact that federal intelligence/law enforcement allowed the trafficking of minors so they could gain useful bribery material.

  16. So this is what Fox News is like- three fools trying not to conduct a coherent interview on an important topic. They should have brought the man in to a bare studio and let him speak uninterrupted to camera. He knew what he had to say. Neither he nor anyone else needed this travesty.

  17. I hope this gentleman stays fine and safe..he has the answers to this situation.. he's a good man..he will be in my prayers..

  18. I cannot believe they really think he killed himself. Come on people…When someone is suicide watch, you never take you eyes off the person…..

  19. Dave Stewart and Annie lennox are much worse than Epstein they operate the Infant pedophile ring that in America they call the Under Teens Club they even initiate people who want to be famous in Child sacrifice and Cannibalisim at the Church Recording Studio Crouch End London UK and the sites throughout the world all the legends of the music business are members of their pedophile ring and raping babies to show that you are evil is a pre requisite to being their friends

    Matthew 24:11-12
    [11] Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. [12] And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.

  21. I'm sorry but not everybody wants the same thing. I want justice done but I have a feeling a lot of very wealthy and influential people want this case closed.

  22. It’s just a sad, sad coincidence that the Clintons were closely acquainted with so many people who died prematurely. At least 60.

  23. Its funny no one is Talking about the video and photos of trump parting with him. Trump had that young girl modeling company and miss teen . arent you for getting trumps buddy.and the couple of young girksvwho reported that he would come into the dressing rooms when the girls were getting ready. Come on fellow Americans. Stop it. Please.

  24. The 3 should have asked only one question:
    "Dr. Baden, please explain your findings regarding the Epstein autopsy, and what is the next step you feel should happen."

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