Fall Of Empires: Rome vs USA (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 9)

Fall Of Empires: Rome vs USA (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 9)

Right now the world economy stands at an alarming precipice, but would it surprise you to learn that the events of today are nothing new Give me the next few minutes and I’ll show you that there are Cycles to history that can not only allow you to see the future but to make preparations for the very predictable outcomes You’re about to discover that huge financial gyrations inflation loss of personal freedom and Out-of-control government are all things that we have been warned about for centuries and are the direct Consequences of the monetary system itself. In fact most world history is determined by monetary history So what lessons can we take from the past to help us navigate the perfect economic storm that awaits us Debasing a nation’s currency supply to pay for public works and war is a pattern that just repeats and repeats Throughout history and it’s a pattern that always ends badly in this double episode We are going to create a timeline to show the similarities between ancient Rome and the United States today Just like the USA Rome started out as a republic after Overthrowing a monarchy. So let’s begin with their early economy in around 500 BC In the early days of the Roman Republic for the first 178 years there’s no evidence of big inflation They were using gold and silver coinage mostly as their currency small denominations were made out of copper and bronze Then Hannibal of Carthage Starts to harass Rome in something called the second Punic War and to pay for this war they did deficit spending by taking the coins that they took in in taxes melting them down and Adding cheap and abundant base metals such as copper so that they could mint more coins. This caused a big inflation and The inflation was one of the factors that brought the Roman Republic down to a dictatorship the Roman Empire Most of Rome’s gold and silver was stored in vaults under the floor of their Treasury Which was also known as the temple of Saturn if you visit Rome go to the forum in the center of the city where you can still find the ruins of the temple today and Here’s something I found really interesting The US Treasury in Washington DC has almost exactly the same design So now let’s start filling in our timeline of events to keep track of the major similarities between Rome and the USA We just learned that the early Roman Republic enjoyed a long period of practically no inflation Because they used sound money pure gold and silver Interestingly the United States started on the same path from the late 1700s to the early 1900s prices were very stable Thanks to laws that mandated the use of gold and silver as money and our people were not robbed by inflation But in both instances it was the ongoing debasement of the money for war spending and Public Works that led to economic chaos Tell us the parallels between Rome and What’s happening in the United States today? Well, they obviously two very different societies, but there are some broad parallels Rome was a republic They made sure they had two people each year. Who were the the rulers the consuls? They always changed because the Romans were worried. They’d had a monarchy before very unpopular They overthrew it so they didn’t want anyone getting too much – too many powers What did in Rome no surprise? excessive taxation and debasing the money when you look at the coinage it started out being an exact measure of copper for the Cistercian and silver for the denarii and By the time it was all over worth. Absolutely Nothing with perhaps a wash of silver to make it look like the original thing, which is exactly what we’re doing now So this patterns repeat themselves? They always repeat themselves The Romans were the first culture to understand that a currency maintains its value because of its rarity Julius Paulus once said this device being officially promulgated Circulates and maintains its purchasing power not so much from its substance as from its quantity Even still the Romans never stopped churning out more currency just like the USA Today and the ancient Greeks before them But in their race to debase the Romans came up with some new twists of their own The first of these twists was coin clipping Whenever a Roman would enter a government building, they’d simply clipped the edge off of their gold or silver coin they would save up all of those clippings melt them down and mint more coins expanding the currency supply and when that wasn’t enough they developed the art of revaluation where you just take a coin and you stamp a new value on it you got 1/100 That simple The move away from precious metals to Something less than precious metals and the Roman Empire famously clipped their coins This was a debasement of the currency. There wasn’t a paper currency, but it was a debasement of the currency in the US There’s a very interesting phenomenon going on where they’re not clipping coins But when you go to the supermarket you find that the portions of the items at the supermarket on sale are shrinking, you know The servings on various other consumer products are getting smaller and smaller, but this price is the same So it’s very similar to that old Roman coin clipping trick from 2,000 years ago It’s it’s another form of currency debasement, but it’s hidden through cardboard and marketing and fancy presentation But the people are nevertheless having their currency to baste So why should you care about this the quality of a society is directly proportional to the quality of its money Stable money leads to stable prices which leads to a stable society whereas debasement of the currency leads to the demise of empires The major reason for Rome’s ongoing currency debasement was to pay for their ever-expanding empire and never-ending Wars The precious metals content of their coinage fell further and further until it had next to no Connection with the pure gold and silver that had initially provided them with a stable economy Cut to today and we see the same pattern up until the outbreak of World War one the United States had very high levels of precious metals in its coinage and Treasury notes were backed by gold at a one-to-one ratio From there the USA debased its currency more and more to pay for World War 2 the Korean War and then the Vietnam War until Finally the link between gold and the US dollar was severed completely For those new to the series, let’s revisit The pivotal event that has managed to sneak under the radar of modern historians as nothing more than a side note Even though it will have repercussions for generations to come. It was an unprecedented act of global debasement by a Wanna be Emperor that would make any Roman ruler. Hang his head in shame Most people think that President Nixon’s criminal activities were limited to Wiretapping and spying on the competition, but his greatest crime came on, August 15th 1971 when he severed the last ties between the dollar and gold when he ended the Bretton Woods system. I Have directed secretary Connally to suspend temporarily the convertibility of the dollar into gold or other reserve assets Except in amounts and conditions determined to be in the interest of monetary stability and in the best interest of the United States The Bretton Woods system tied all of the world’s currencies to gold through the US dollar but instead of running out and hanging the guy when he took as the world off of gold the world just yawned and Accepted that we were now on a fiat currency system that we were now on this infinitely Expanding system that we no longer had money we had currency Money should be a fixed measure of value. It’s like 5,280 feet in a mile or 12 inches in a foot I gave the example Imagine trying to build a house a twenty five hundred square feet if the foot changed each day It was 12 inches one day 10 the next 20 the next very hard to do if that’s changing Well the center or the clock The the 60 minutes in an hour imagine if they floated the clock So it’s 60 minutes an hour one day 30 the next 90 The next you shouldn’t have to have had just rivers futures to figure out how many hours you’re working. You’re baking a cake I love this example And it says that bake the batter for 45 minutes then you have to figure out is that inflation adjusted minutes? Is it a California minute a Nevada minute just makes life infinitely complicated So when you have a fixed measure When you go to the market you assume if you’re getting 16 ounces of liquid, it’s 16 not 13, not 18 Just makes a con which is the source of wealth people doing things with each other infinitely easier It is very odd That we’ve established a situation where what people do is scramble to borrow liabilities certainly I guess the most attractive Liability in the world or put a different way the most attractive free-trading lie on the planet is the US dollar We joke an investment conferences It’s the worst currency in the world, except all the others if you’re gonna trade it in a lie, it better be a liquid lie What the United States dollar has going for it is the most liquid lie in the world I mean if you think about the advantage that we have now, yes, it’s It’s a horrible thing to do morally but what we do is amazing. It’s amazing that we can get away with this we print a lie a dream on a piece of paper and we ship it to Brazil and they send us coffee and we ship the same lie to Germany and they send us a Mercedes and we ship the same Y to Japan and they shipped us a stereo It’s actually a pretty cool deal I mean, I feel bad about it in the sense, but it’s it’s grandly amusing and a sort of a cosmic sense You just need to understand that somehow some time some way. There’s going to be a reckoning The dollars involved a worldwide as a major currency, so it’s one half of everything we do and It has no definition. I used to get a charge out of asking Bernanke and Greenspan had define a dollar and you know They can’t define a dollar they you know in the old days It was a weight the weight of silver a weight of gold and and that’s what it was supposed to be according to the Constitution Well, dr. McCracken not being an economist, can you explain to me briefly how in the world do you determine? What a value of a dollar is in relation to a French franc for instance If you can’t convert that dollar into gold what standard do you have? What is it worth at all? You determine that’s going to be determined in the marketplace just as really largely it has already So what is this going to do then to for instance the speculator in gold. How is this going to affect him? Is that price going to drop arise the? The official price of gold of course has not been changed That was not that was not a part of this program at all nor is that contemplated? Well, maybe they should have contemplated what was likely to happen because for anyone who had studied history the outcome was perfectly clear Rather than help the economy Nixon’s actions made things a lot worse and the public started feeling the effects of inflation much more acutely It was hard for savers to keep their heads above water unless they had saved in the ultimate stores of value gold and silver Just as it had always done throughout history Gold once again accounted for the expanding fiat currency supply by rising in price to cover that supply Gold had done this as recently as 1934 when the USA’s debasement really started heating up and gold was revalued from 20 dollars and 67 cents an ounce to $35 an ounce Now the process began again as the public bid the price up from $35 an ounce in 1971 climbing all the way to 850 dollars an ounce in 1980 Easily accounting for the massive quantities of currency the USA had conjured out of thin air now that Nixon had removed all restrictions Gold had once again held an out of control currency to answer Getting back to the Julius Paulus quote about the value of a currency being decided by the quantity rather than the content one of the biggest economic Hurdles that mankind repeatedly trips on is that we have never been able to control the quantity of currency And this is one of the reasons why gold has always been the ultimate money. It can’t be printed and it keeps us in check Today, I think cryptocurrencies are a very exciting development and have tremendous possibilities the bottom line is that governments have a long history of trying to cheat gold either through the basement or manipulation of the markets but here’s the thing in the end gold always wins and That brings us back to the Romans who went through many cycles of currency debasement for war spending Then inflation being felt by the public then revaluation of the currency then more debasement for deficit spending on war resulting in even more inflation being felt by the public the cycle repeated again and again Those who were able to hold gold outside the official system maintained their purchasing power those who did not Suffered greatly in two 70 AD Emperor aurelion took power and had the now worthless official coinage recalled and minted again To contain a small amount of silver just 5% this Act brought a new vitality to Rome But unfortunately, it was short-lived as government after government gave in to the temptation of spending beyond their means Eventually wars were funded by levying huge taxes on businesses and the rich This only had the effect of closing down many essential businesses. The more meddling the government did with the economy the worse things became The government started confiscating private property by force to fill their empty state coffers Rome was sliding into ruin and That brings us to Emperor Diocletian His actions are the first recorded example of the following hidden secret of money wage and price controls do not work He came to power as inflation was surging but his decisive actions only added fuel to the fire So because the economy was getting worse and worse Diocletian created a whole bunch of great government solutions. He created a bunch of works projects he hired he hired a bunch of the homeless and People that were unemployed made them soldiers and government employees and this caused deficit spending to just go out of control an inflation raged into what is known as the first documented hyperinflation So to get inflation under control in 301 ad Diocletian issued his infamous edict of prices this was a massive volume of a List of all of the wages and the prices people could charge for goods and services And it was all enforced under the penalty of death So what happened was instead of risking your life to sell something at a profit so that you could stay in business People just closed up shop Instead of doing a job that was listed in the book. That was below a living wage People quit their chosen career and tried to pursue a job that wasn’t listed in the book The result of this was the Diocletian came out with a law that said every son had to go into his father’s business under the penalty of death When governments start meddling with an economy. The result is always the same Prices become distorted. This is a huge danger because prices act as a signal for an economy They indicate to producers and buyers where true value lies The outcome is always economic turmoil shortages and black markets We’ve seen what happened to gold when Nixon started his economic interference so now let’s go back and see what happened when Diocletian started his Jumbo-sized meddling with the economy We know when Diocletian created the Edict of crisis that the price of gold was fifty thousand Denarii per pound and then we also know From transaction receipts around fifty years later. The price of gold has risen to 1 billion two hundred million denarii pound That’s a forty-two thousand four hundred percent Hyperinflation over a 50-year period that would be similar to if gold was $35 an ounce 50 years ago today One ounce of gold would be about a million and a half dollars. Another analogy that I can make is If an average family car was about two thousand dollars fifty years ago Today it would be selling for eighty five million dollars Just imagine 85 million on the windshield of a car at a car lot That’s the type of inflation these poor people suffered through Well weigh wage and price controls Appends an economy gives more power to the government What are price controls? Prices are supposed to convey information. That’s what markets are about knowledge and information So a price will tell you something is dear Oh get out and produce more The price is low. It may be a producer of producing too many of it. So it’s a way of conveyance of information so you devote your efforts to something that people want not what a bureaucrat dictates so when governments trashed the money and Your prices nominal prices are going up The government responses. Oh, they’re greedy speculators or merchants or whatever and so USA You can’t charge as much or what? That means is you get a black market and you hurt the production of the thing the idea that government can substitute For people interacting among themselves is preposterous This pattern of failed price controls is something we see throughout history and across the globe Skip forward over 1,500 years and governments still hadn’t learned their lesson during the chaos of the French Revolution the government Issued a set of wage and price controls known as the law of maximum also imposed under the penalty of death It’s worth noting that when wage and price controls are implemented Government always tries to deflect attention away from the problems that it has created Itself by shifting the focus to businesses who are labeled as greedy hoarders or priced gougers In reality most are just average people trying to keep their business afloat Doing their best to deal with the unstable supply and demand curve Created by government meddling and France was no exception to this blame game During the law of maximum many innocent people were executed food shortages developed and black markets ruled until finally fifteen months later The Act was repealed because it didn’t work and all the stored up energy of government manipulation was unleashed at once Leading to a further period of chaos and inflation for France I agree with steve forbes the idea of wage and price controls is absolutely preposterous Now we’ll skip forward another 200 years and government was added again Many people don’t realize that Nixon’s speech from 1971 also included the announcement of a 90 day wage and price freeze The United States was suffering from big inflation. Thanks to deficit spending for the Vietnam War silver had been taken out of circulation in 1965 reducing our coinage to worthless flex of base metal and the paper currency supply had been expanded greatly Did that sound familiar? Just like Diocletian Nixon’s team of economic boffins thought they could curb inflation by fixing wages and prices The time has come for decisive action action that will break the vicious circle of spiraling prices and costs. I am today ordering a freeze on all Prices and wages throughout the United States for a period of 90 days Working together we will break the back of inflation You’d think that these people would learn from history, but they don’t To get an idea of how out of touch the men with their hands on the economic levers were Listen to what Nixon’s adviser had to say about the duration of the controls would it be your anticipation that it would take more than 90 days to break the back of inflation as the president put it tonight that There would have to be a further extension of an actual wage price freeze. I Would not know I wouldn’t I don’t think one can say that It will necessarily take longer where we’re sailing to some extent and an uncharted see here, but this This I think is is a reasonable estimate of the time that’s going to be required Dan Rather President Nixon is expected to speak for about 15 minutes on his new economic policies The president’s address tonight comes against a background of the following facts among others record high gold prices and rapidly increasing cost of living figures for most Americans the wholesale price index rose by 2.1 percent during the month of May The index of industrial commodities in the last three months has risen at an annual rate of fifteen point nine percent The worst since the Korean War twenty years ago All of that part of the general background of the president’s remarks tonight Every American family is confronted with a real and pressing problem of higher prices And I have decided that the time has come to take strong and effective action to deal with that problem Effective immediately therefore I am ordering a freeze on prices This freeze will hold prices at levels. No higher than those charged during the first eight days of June It will cover all prices paid by consumers What was our effort how were dad signs saying? What kind of an idiot would do the same thing over and over expecting it expect different results each time? And it’s the same pattern. It’s happened to prepend li cycle after cycle after cycle after cycle for thousands of years country borrows itself into bankruptcy It creates more money to try to pay its debt prices go up people rebel the whole system falls apart And I’m scared about it Country’s collapse over this they go to war about this kind of thing rebellion in the street Overthrows a government the whole nine yards there is nothing to be gained from inflation and everything to lose and we’re going to lose everything Around the world people don’t seem to realize that government intervention always makes things worse It’s the government manipulating things whenever you manipulate something and try and control it over here And and not allow the free markets to balance everything all by themselves Something comes squirting out way over here that you just don’t expect for instance the dot-com bubble popped in 2000 Alan Greenspan lowered interest rates to try and get the stock markets back up again, and he accidentally created a real estate bubble That’s now devastating the world Beck during World War 1 they inflated the currency supply tremendously The Federal Reserve was born just at the beginning of World War one we added to the currency supply by adding bonds to our back our currency along with gold then there was this big It’s called the Depression of 1921. It’s the single greatest Deflation that the US has ever seen it’s bigger than the Great Depression the contraction of the currency Supply was huge. The reason nobody knows about the depression of 1921 they’re they only know of the stock market crash of 29 and the Great Depression is Because the government did not rush in to save us the Federal Reserve didn’t try to suddenly lower interest rates down to zero They didn’t manipulate the free markets. They let the free markets work. It was horrible for a year. There were bankruptcies and foreclosures People lost homes and things like that but the bankruptcies and the businesses that that folded there were new businesses that were more efficient that grew up to take their place and when a home gets foreclosed on it gets resold to somebody else and yes, it was horrible, but the people that were leveraged out are the people that weren’t in full control of their finances or the Inefficient businesses that were just hanging on by a thread anyway, yeah, they went under but because the government didn’t rush in to save us and the Federal Reserve didn’t try and manipulate the economy the free markets healed at All and in 18 months was a memory In fact, 10 years later. Nobody could even remember the memory it was gone Mark Twain is often quoted as saying history doesn’t repeat But it sure does rhyme and as you’ve seen from this episode that sure rings true the wage and price controls we will probably end up trying this in the United States sometime in the future and you know They tried it during Diocletian. It didn’t work. It destroys the economy and eventually they have to repeal the Act They tried it during the French Revolution. It didn’t work It ruins the economy and they have to repeal it Nixon tried it it didn’t work It ruined the economy and they had to repeal it. It’s not gonna work the next time they try it This stuff just keeps on happening Over and over and over again and part of it is caused by the four-year election cycle all of the Politicians are worried about what’s going to happen on their watch and they push all the problems forward to them to the next administration They really don’t care what’s going to happen out in the future. They care what’s happening. You know how they’re remembered So I’m expecting this to happen in the United States sometime right now I’m expecting a deflation, but when we get to big inflation or hyperinflation You can pretty much count on the fact that they’re going to make the same stupid mistakes Because politicians do not read monetary history This is just the beginning of the similarities between ancient Rome and the USA in the next episode we’re going to focus on some more amazing events that are echoing throughout history to today and We’ll see what the future holds for the United States if we continue down the same path so many societies have gone before You

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  34. If you're a Muslim, watch this man's videos along with those of Sheikh Imran Hosein and you will get an amazing view of the world. When Imran Hosein says paper money is Haram (impermissible) a lot of Muslims don't understand what he means or how he came to his conclusions. Watch Mike Maloney to understand Sheikh Imran better. I wish you could meet and have a talk with Imran Hosein. Keep up the good work Sir.

  35. "Late Stage" Capitalist horseshit. The only thing that SAVED the Australian economy after the GFC was the then Labour Government's Multi BILLION AUD$ "Stimulus Package" that put around AU$1000 into every man woman and child in the country's pocket to go out and spend and stimulate the economy – and it WORKED.

    On the other hand, absolutely the "free market" should be allowed to reign and in a situation like the GFC, the banks in the US absolutely should have collapsed and disappeared for their criminal and predatory practices. The problem however, in that case, with just "allowing the market to decide" is twofold. 1) "The Market" was severely distorted by the fact that said private banks and businesses have been so in bed with Government for so long that they'd been deregulated to the point that the actual Government is in the pocket of the banks – and allow them to run roughshod over the public purse. And 2) If they had been "allowed" to simply COLLAPSE, as would have happened in an unregulated system? It would have plunged the entire global economy into a depression that might have lasted 30 years / created multiple world wars.

    It's oh so easy to plead that "Government intervention = BAD" and "Free markets = GOOD", but if you seriously argue that with a straight face, you are being disingenuous and completely bypassing the required rational and logical reasoning required to fully understand these kind of systems.

  36. Countries that use gold and silver as money are easily overthrown. That's why gold and silver do not work as money.

  37. Isn t it a shame that the finL dick tater of our country is a dumbass. Jackass fool like trump. Of a people at least the devil could have given us a convincing liar and conan instead of a blatant croof demenred sociopatjic to view in our final dsys. Please haveercy on us lord. Give us a break.

  38. Anyone else ever think to yourself, "What else can this mean?" Or is it just me?
    For example:
    > The video says the system we have today has a cycle that happens over and over again. Then it continues to use Rome as an example, but….then….no other system after and then after and again after….until America. Just Rome. So did it happen many times or just once? So if it happened once, does that mean "absolutely" that it will happen again the exact same way?
    Another Example of "What else can this mean?":

    > I know the basic history of Gold and silver as money, I get it. But consider thinking about it this way… What purpose or usefulness did/does Gold have? What can it be "actually" used for? What VALUE does Gold have other than being beautiful for pretty things, and being rare and therefore expensive? There is very little practical necessary usefulness or "BENEFIT" for Gold. Maybe a little in modern electronics etc. So NOW THINK…What was/is it about GOLD that made it useful as a means for money if it has no real serious use or benefit? The answer is that people and society have decided that it is worth using for "Trade" because it is pretty and rare, therefore an oz is worth "XYZ". In other words, people have FAITH that their Gold will always be worth something. The "Trade" value (monetary value) may jump very high (and some people can get rich as a result) but it can also fall very low (and make some people poor or less wealthy all the sudden).

    > So how is "Fiat" money all that different? Yes, I know, "Fiat" money can and has become worthless and Gold, so far, has never become totally worthless (well, that is not entirely accurate, I'll get to that in a minute). I get it. HOWEVER: If a "Fiat" currency TODAY (lets say the US dollar) goes worthless, then you are totally broke and poor UNLESS you have spent a lot of you money during your life (before it went belly up) on gold and you happen to have a pile of Gold when the crash happens which most people do not do this (mostly only the rich). And you have to protect that gold that no one takes it from you.

    Now imagine this. The US dollar (a fiat currency) is useful for a certain trade value "because" people have decided on it value for trade. The paper has no real practical useful benefit which is very similar to gold. But as long as people have decided it has worth for trading, it is "money". It would be impossible to ask you boss to pay you only in Gold or silver and then pay all your bills using that same physical gold or silver. It seems to me that people are making too much of a big deal out of this "Fiat" currency creating a doom and gloom state of mind causing fear/anxiety. Yes, I know, there is a difference in Gold and paper currency, I am simply questioning the claim that it is ALL THAT different.

    Now imagine this: IDK, I'm no expert and I could be totally wrong but it seems to me that the US dollar is now connected to oil and as long as the world is trading US dollars for oil, this guarantees that the dollar will never fall completely worthless, it will ALWAYS have a decent value … just like gold. Where this small difference from the dollar and gold may become the giant starvation issue is if the world suddenly stopped using the dollar for oil trade, AND the USA became a nobody to the world. Multiple things would have to happen for the dollar to become worthless….like REALLY REALLY bad things! Like happened in Germany when war nearly destroyed the country, in which case money was not the only major problem at the time. At that time money (or should I say gold?) could buy you food, "in theory", but even the food was limited and since you had no house and just rubble, there really was nothing to trade with. And if there is NO financial system functioning at that time who would want your gold? You would not be able to sell your gold for "currency" since the "currency" was worthless anyway, and would there even be an official place to trade your gold for "currency" (that is worthless). So what could I actually do to save my family? Maybe I have a lot of cigarettes and booze and toilet paper and OMG, feminine products! YIKES!..and you have lots of batteries and water and I want to trade you for some batteries and water. Would you want Gold (which some day in the future you can sell it…if you can keep it that is) or something you can actually use right then and there?
    In a real life situation like this, your gold is likely going to be worth nothing. This situation would probably not last forever and your gold may be worth something again in 2 years or 5 years, BUT that is certainly long enough for you to starve to death. Imagine 5 years before the collapse happened you were piling up gold thinking it may save your life someday…but it didn't if you starved to death before it became worth something again.

    Okay, I'm getting tired of typing so imma start stopping hehe. This was just something I made up as I was typing. I like to think "What Else Can This Mean" almost on a daily basis on almost any topic or ordeal. It is fun for me and has led me to some pretty cool solutions/ideas from time to time.

    I guess my main lesson to learn from this particular mental exercise is that maybe we do not have to be so anxious about it after all. I'm not suggesting being stupid and blind, but just not so tore up worrying as we will have time to see it coming if a major crash ever comes. Also remember that there have been MANY times these guys were warning of a sudden unforeseen crash, and none of them happened. The 2008 "Crash" to me was more of a fairly strong recession and some people did suffer a great loss I'm sure, but it caused no one in USA to die of starvation or exposure that I am aware of and we pulled through it and are fine today.

    A Word Of Encouragement:
    I have spent more money this past year and a half than I have in a long time. Bought two cars for my family (this past May and June) and spent quite a lot on leisure and entertainment. I have also noticed over 20 – 30 years that MANY people like to talk about how "America is going broke" … "Our economy is in the tank" etc etc when it simply is not true. And I'm talking again almost continuously every year for the past 25 years. But in fact, only a few times was it true. The rest of the time was just people who seem to like to cry "the sky is falling" or else they have no drive in life. Also, remember, America is now is a wash with oil which has never available until recently (past few years) so I'm sure this will be a buffer if not a boost for the US economy if things get nasty in the future.

    Sudden Crash! (oops, I mean sudden stop!) heheh


  39. The idea that money should be backed by the value of gold or silver doesn't work either. The historical attempts to do that, come with their own challenges and eventually failed because of them. The most important of those being: The inabilty to adjust the amount of money to go around. If money has to be backed by gold and/or silver, the amount of money that can circulate in the economy is determined by the amount of gold and silver present in the economy and how fast they circulate. Now if the sum of goods and services produced grows faster than the amount of money that's a situation called "deflation". Deflation can stifle an economy, because the value of money increases over time. Which means: you get more for your buck the later you spend it; which gives people an incentive to hoard their money instead of spending it, which reduces the velocity of the money and excerbates deflation, and when just sitting on your money is more profitable than investing it in economic activity, the economy as a whole essentially grinds to halt. That happened in Germany in the early 1930s. After the "black thursday" US investors withdrew credits from Germany, which drew enormous amounts of money out of the German economy, and because the Germany was just recovering from hyper-inflation and had its currency tied to gold the central bank was unable to counter-act that. Millions of people lost their jobs, fell into destitution and voted for political radicals like Hitler and Thälmann who promised radical changes to the economic and political system. And we know where destitute people putting Hitler into power ended. So in a way the rigidity of monetary politics that come with gold (or other goods) backed currency brought us WW2; which was all in all a bad thing. Let's not do that again and make sure governments have to option to avoid deflation by increasing the amount of money that's going around.

  40. We'll see with the upcoming recession, how cryptocurrencies will perform. Financial giants like JP Morgan are already advising their clients to move into hedges. They won't say it, but Bitcoin is one of those hedges.

  41. Are bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a form of rebellion by certain people? For those who doesn't know, bitcoin is created in a way so that no government can ever control.

  42. 300 years all come around and around, first Europe was start war in US, civil war, because UK and France monarchy money than US BANKERS REVANGE in Europe, start WW1 and bought Europe, to the WW2 thay seen way to rule the world, not whit weapon but whit dollars, now who ruled whit dollars????

  43. Wow this was very cool video. This explains why my country Latvia is total disaster. Taxes and more debts from EU bank xD probably I need to buy some gold while it is affordable.

  44. "We The People" need to remove the ruling class and take back our country! Death to the federal reserve!

  45. Thank You!….for making such a wonderful series….and illuminating us from ignorance to knowing in the financial world.

  46. My opinion is that we need to change our currency, with out government intervention, how? Probably something like hashgraph, once it is used enough to be valued in gold, goodnight bankers…

  47. I like mikes end statement, politicians are doomed to repeat history, and we can be sure, they dont even research monetary history…

  48. an interesting read…

  49. There is no other way to put it. Lying thieves Bankers Government's. Remember Gold is not a lie and nor is Silver that's why they HATE it

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