Fall 2018 Graduate Fellows Symposium: Olivia Newton

Fall 2018 Graduate Fellows Symposium: Olivia Newton

[Music] hello, so so much of modern work takes place in virtual spaces. One such space is github a social coding platform that enables both software development and social networking among developers and end-users. This collaborative platform is currently used by millions of developers across the world. On github open source software development is characterized by collaborative work between a team of paid developers in a group of volunteer contributors. So software is produced and improved upon through a blend of traditional teaming and online crowdsourcing. The crowd in this context is made up of users who choose to contribute to the project for personal social or occupational reasons. Ultimately this means that these users choose the types of contributions they would like to make rather than relying on project leadership to delegate work. So researchers need to understand how the knowledge skills and abilities of these users influence collaboration outcomes in or on github. So my co-authors and I are taking a cognitive engineering approach to the study of collaborative coding on github. Specifically we suggest that a team cognitive task analysis can be used to analyze the interaction between cognitive processes associated with this new form of work and the structure and features of github and other platforms. So a cognitive task analysis can be broken down into three broad methods knowledge elicitation data analysis and knowledge representation. This can help reveal forms of communication that critically support collaboration outcomes. Furthermore from this researchers can provide theoretically and empirically grounded guidelines for the design of technology that supports coordination in the team. so with our research we’ve identified a set of collaboration concepts and research questions that can guide future research. This includes research questions that Center on the analysis of differences in task work and teamwork and understanding variations in inter dependency interdependencies and coordination mechanisms. So this research is helping shape our understanding of these new forms of socio technical systems and software is increasingly integrated in every aspect of life and paradigms of production continue to shift a sound understanding of the systems that enable and constrain collaboration and innovation in our world is of utmost importance and that’s all. Thank you [Applause] [Music]

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