Fall 2018 Graduate Fellows Symposium: Behrad Toghi

Fall 2018 Graduate Fellows Symposium: Behrad Toghi

[Music] Afternoon everyone. Let me start with my motivation for doing this ph.d program. 1.3 million people die every day every year in road crashes and that means unfortunately during this three minutes elevator talk six more people will die and probably that’s one reason why we are reading and hearing a lot about these autonomous vehicles, self-driving cars and such technologies in the news. My project my research project is a collaboration with the NSL Network Systems lab at UCF and Ford Motor Company to develop a new technology which enables not only self-driving and other automated vehicles but also human driven vehicles to share their perception. Which means that in the simplest case if – if a vehicle is following another vehicle and the leader vehicle wants to break or stop it will propagate the message telling everyone that I’m braking so everyone can take actions accordingly. There’s a consideration about mandating this technology for all vehicles in the US, which will probably happen next year so I think if this happen or even if it doesn’t happen our work will be a huge contribution to the to the to the society and we are really looking forward to it and guess that’s it. If you have any more if you like to know any more detail about my work my posture is right here. I’ll be glad to give you more details. Thank you [Applause] [Music]

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