Fall 2017 Graduate Fellows Symposium: Nadra Pencle

Fall 2017 Graduate Fellows Symposium: Nadra Pencle

Well hello everyone, thank you so much for attending today And I’d love to thank grad school for giving me the opportunity to talk a little bit about my research I could go on and on with the thanks, but I only have three minutes. Sorry. Let’s get right to it By quick show of hands how many people know what a benefit corporation is? All right, so they need to do a better job We all need to do a better job of talking about benefit cooperation, but for those of you who didn’t raise your hand That’s okay, because a year or so ago I had absolutely no idea what a benefit corporation is and so all of these listed here are either benefit corporations by incorporation or they have accepted a benefit corporation Certification that is issued through B lab So traditionally when we think about businesses or we think about a corporation we think about a company that is in business Primarily to maximize shareholders profit. However over the past three decades or so what we’ve had is a change in the tides and Stakeholders are now requiring that companies not only make profit But that they do minimal harm to the environment and also do some social good, but throughout the United States this form of Incorporating that allowed companies to do good and make a profit Was not available so what a company called B Lab did then there are not-for-profit out of California They traveled across the nation and lobbied States to have this form of Incorporation available on their books. Today, they’ve been fairly successful because we have 33 states that now have a benefit incorporation option as a statute an Additional six states are working on it so as an accounting researcher I was interested in how its success measured at these companies that have a pluralistic set of investors stakeholders in general and then Specific to my accounting interests is what role does accounting play in facilitating this success To answer these research questions what I did is that I? conducted a set of interviews with Benefit cop execs across the nation and so what I found is primarily benefit corporations consider success by the number and variety of certifications that they’re available to them and that they qualify for and earn and in terms of the role that accounting plays accounting forms the backbone of the information that benefit corporations provide to these certifying bodies to earn these certifications, I’m Truly excited about this topic and my time is up, but I’ll be right over there for any questions later on. Thank you

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