Fake News Hurts Small Business

Fake News Hurts Small Business

Hi, Louis Mosca. American Management Services here in Orlando,
Florida. Today’s topic is fake news. So, last week I read an article on Forbes.com
that the NFIB say the top reasons small business owners don’t sleep at night
is regulation, Affordable Care Act, taxes — issues like that. I have to tell you I think that’s kind of
ridiculous. I deal with small businesses everyday. There are approximately 20 some-odd plus million
small businesses in the United States. Most of them do under $1 million a year. And I will tell you, we deal with thousands
and thousands of small businesses everyday. Realistically speaking, here’s what keeps
a small business owner up at night; cash: not enough money in his checking account;
sales: his pipeline — his sales, his volumes — are not where it needs to be;
or people: they need quality people and they can’t find them. So, the concept of that the Affordable Care
Act scares them, or keeps them up at night, is ridiculous since most small businesses
don’t have 50 employees. So, that’s kind of ridiculous. Second thing, the concept that they’re worried
about regulations. Come on, most small businesses do under $1
million a year, so I’m really a little concerned how regulations really
keep small business owners awake at night. And the third thing about paying taxes: well,
guess what? The more money you make the more taxes you’re
supposed to pay. Why would that keep them up at night? Only if they don’t have enough cash, right? Which brings us back to what really does keep
them up at night; cash: what’s in their checkbook; not enough sales in their pipeline, not enough
sales, not enough activity going on; and finding good quality people. Look, I don’t mean to be an antagonist, but
fake news is fake news and whoever wrote that article
and why it got printed the way it did, that was not a legitimate poll. Stay well, folks. Have a great day.

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