“Faith News” – Royal Oak Salvation Army Singing Company, May 12, 2019

“Faith News” – Royal Oak Salvation Army Singing Company, May 12, 2019

Where are you? five carry flowers showers we cover
about the engine live from the Pearly Gate Plaza, It’s your
hosts Cameron Flowers and Summer Showers good morning, all ye heavenly hosts. It’s a beautiful day here at the Pearly Gates. We’re so glad you joined us for Faith News today. As you know we shine a big, golden spotlight on God’s people. Those who trust Him and His promises. It’s always an honor to sit next to my co-host summer showers
and may I say you look really fun in your hairdo today thank you C-Flow. I have to admit I peeked at the show we have for
today and it is halotastic! With that lets go to our roving angel
reporters on the ground Seraphim and Cherubim heavenly morning internet summer
we are here in Israel where everyone is both better they attend fantastic news
feature this morning but the people are saying here is that Noah has been
building a very large boat for decades and if you know the dry weather around here, that’s pretty weird. Let’s get it straight from his wife Mrs
Noah. Hello. Just speak into the golden stick here. Yes the gold stick.
So can you tell us a little bit about what’s going with your husband Noah?
Well, if you’re gonna make fun too we’re interested in the construction project
Oh in that case years and years ago Noah told me that God told him to build a
big boat called an ark. Anyways I told him let’s go to be expensive you have no idea this equip two of every
animal on the book that’s a lot of areas clean up oil I mean for the past here
story our bones just gonna wait right no no this is no I don’t mean it in your
mouth but do you think we can get your husband to come over
sure I gotta go feed the camels definitely I can obey he’s never given
you everything today we’ve got that and when God said centering it well everything Z it did rain no losers
are in for a big surprise and this brings us to our weather
forecast with our own summer showers think you see Felton yes
as you just saw in currently raining and no it neighborhood meanwhile it’s
falling from the sky that’s why God is providing for his hungry people but
actually making soups all from this guy I am excited to you about this next up
works in together it’s hahaha now you got right there
while summer is making their way back to this let’s go commercial what anime
cannot especially this guy anything that can ever arrange it sure
was you know I didn’t think things that you
were certain that what God sent us we see you guys let’s go come back to the
camera this era reporting in Susa Thank You Seetoh we’re
here on the grand American capitalism stop talking with Queen Esther was quite
a story to tell I’ll say she goes quick you give our
viewers a little background on your story yours never mind
okay well they can get some such a drama queen say I got a bunch myself past but
they painful it’s a spot you might songs I made a video just kind of Jarvis I
should say so and then can you believe I’m Otto salsa gaming to be its Queen that’s quite not but I understand that
you’re facing what could be a life-or-death situation before American that’s tough anything that’s Hebrew but
now there’s a whole movement in payment working for the king one skill all the
Jewish people we’re believable can you talk to the
king about it we have a specific class here even a suite and now it’s good to
see the king of less inviting anyone who goes in to see the king without
limitation in the piquillos mercy of investing in panco honestly it’s a
pretty scary system yes I just assumed that speaking at greatest
experts you comes in and it looks like he has a move came into power because
the the Partridge people will be saying it off and trusted that God believers
for this moment and that’s face the bank the fakeness
you know summer homeless people dangerous games with interesting there
might see the type of man named Saul was given punishments everyone heard them he
was scared super scary I remember that I think this
is the perfect moment for what man people like to call he’s fantastic a thing some are nice to
each other acting out stories of heroes of faith
every time the bell chimes with which places you person Satan devoting like
sucking your mates as we go along ready let me hear those wings is today’s
antastic a thing though remember the Australia and nicely installed let’s get
sir Saul has been on the road to Damascus
when you hear when he heard of was Jesus talking to him but then he was like this
chill dude in a dress is my name is no businessman God tells them to go find
scary back links all offensive hair drunken to forgiveness site right game
site some of the mind oh I see Tristan do the manual but our goddess they made bigger Ananias
is part of God’s grander plan assaults on that run – Beth and Jesus spoke to me
he’s a man named Ananias find him and hope it started sir midnight had to
justify had to do know you need us right even if it would be say 20 man a big
fake salt so you turn and he changes into Paul figure out myself the New
Testament done fantastic one faith and faith is
trusting the gods in control and he is faithful I think that’s a word but it
should be let’s jump this works as you know the Halos and the black bears are
competing today in the final tournament of the season lovely but it’s a leap of
faith all these both of these myths today watch Bishan celebration yes I know it’s gonna take a little bit
didn’t it was a while to clean up to speed from village to enormous builders
have fallen black and all access to the main room if you find out a few sections
with me looks like the Red Sea just empty so you’ll have a smooth travel we
met and that’s traffic with traffic with wing stand back to you see now we take
you back to Jared’s aware you may be doing this right
yes they’re walking our peeps they’re not flying but we walking Larson it’s a
larger growing city in terror okay okay he took yeah
and the Lord you have seven three spirits in front of it
excuse me maybe talk to you if you can walk around inside named Bob sure my
star system that you and your people have been watching for our dairy cooks
for the past six days who talks like an angel or mean told me to keep off my
sandals I was getting all right that was my friend Mike we just need to march on
the city six times so six days that’s what we’ve been doing but on the seventh
a personal supposed to march on the seat seven time freeze blowing trumpets loudly ground
yes that’s what themes of – how did you know citing but notice the beautiful author I
respect their elaborating the 15 it sir how does that make you feel sometimes
falling guys and sometimes through a little silly it’s not women but yes to
do seems impossible but each takes effort Wow I sure did and I’m watching cheesy
sake Joe how about the fate of Joshua it took place to believe that he’s walking
around a circle to make the walls an entire city crumble
you know summer some kind of space looks like full-dress but it’s what these guys I’m here with the man named Moses was
quite the story each other it has action drummer even sure it does that’s okay
start from the beginning I understand that you became one pound my shoes when
I stopped watch our players but the words that was
no exception it called my name in doing this god yes do you remember we said forget take off
your sandals for the you please you’re standing totally drunk
coolie ground that must’ve been exciting I was terrified he said I should go to
the Egyptian terminal and I bet you sell the easier life
not at first like I said I’m not the strongest speaker but he service that I
am by antboy I am the lord the god of your father’s has sent me to you that
I’m off to tell Ferrum to like that Oh suggestions apostasy and I in our lovely
likes going to see underground effort of our leadership when they go announcer I
will be glorified they will know that i am the lord the teachers to put after that I am
representing as an analyst nomination of gold let’s go the chair we’re seeing here in Israel with Abraham
in church you might know them as the parents of this wheel there now Abraham
Sarah I understand that you’re leaving your country people to go to me and make
me and all the people will be blessed through you
yes it’s a pretty big promise well like I always say people think may
not know where they’re going but they know who called them and who leads them
that’s what faith is Abraham agreed to go without knowing where he was going
know about the earth because they believed God not from the Egyptians
Joshua believed the Jericho would be delivered into their hands face of any
size some security the promises of God you know it’s safe investment forgive us our sins
and purify us from all unrighteousness for me you know the user is yeah sure yeah

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