Fairphone 3 Accessibility Settings and features

welcome everyone on Ricky fan Tech Talk
and today we’re taking a look at the fairphone 3 from fairphone and today I
want to go through the accessibility settings and options that we’re going to
find on this device and see how easy they are to use
so let’s guide you through and sit back and enjoy the video by all means if you
have any questions or queries please drop a comment down below I’ll be more
than happy to help so fairphone want to design a phone
that’s fair for you the consumer so with a low cost and still including key to
all of aspects that we need to enjoy our device from the cameras the display the
power performance is all there so make sure to check out my full review coming
up very soon I’ve really enjoyed my time with the fair phone so the fair phone
three offers a large display which is a five point six five inch full HD plus
display means it’s bright it’s vibrant and I can enjoy all of my content and
hopefully so can you and if you have other abilities there’s other options to
change and adjust to make this device easier for you and try and change and
manipulate the device – you don’t ever change yourself to a device so that’s
enough said let’s jump into the accessibility options we find on the
fairphone 3 so first of all I just want to talk about ease of use coming down
the left-hand side is where your volume controls at the top and they are slits
there making it easier to identify which one is which they’re on a grade-two
black background so a great bus into a black background which is quite helpful
and easier to see then underneath that you have your power button and this is
texturally different so has some ridges on it so you can tell which button is
which I think that’s a really good thing to see being visually impaired that’s
really helpful to me and also just a general user might even find that
helpful so that’s one aspect I did like about it
the device is rugged is works quite strong and rugged which means it is a
little bit more durable compared to some of the devices that are made up of glass
always just try and be careful and also use they’re free through the bumper that
comes with it you just slide this over the top again when you see the buttons
here there’s slightly different wear it has the rocker button on the side there
so I do recommend using it without that bumper there moving on to my second
point I want to talk about ease of access that’s when you set it up your
device so when you first get your device and you go through the setup process so
as I showed you in my setup process there’s an accessibility section where
you can go and change settings and adjust them to yourself I think that’s
really helpful thirdly there’s another option that we can use before we
actually go into accessibility settings and that’s the
volume key shortcuts so down that left hand side press and hold both of them
volume keys together so this messages popped up and this is saying about use
the accessibility shortcuts we actually want to use the shortcuts you can turn
it off if you want to so now we’ve accepted to use this shortcuts you need
to press and hold again it allows interaction with the device using spoken
feedback talkback tutorials now we’re on our home screen but we’re actually
getting dictation back from talkback which is a service that’s from Google
and it’s really great to use being vision impaired myself I’ve used this
and I know I’ve loads of friends and my colleagues that also use it and it’s
very helpful to actually use so at the top there is actually a green box is
highlighted the day and the dates but obviously you can use that then to go to
different applications double tap to activate double tap and hold to long
press so it gives me options there when you want suggestion move your way
through your device use two fingers okay so we can go the other way you can hear
it makes a sign so now when we’re back on the home screen you can also use this
up at the top here to find out information about your notifications and
also key aspects so we can select up here battery 79% so will let me know
everything I need to know my key aspects of my key details about my device
talkback is a great feature and I highly recommend having a go if you have a
visual impairment or if you want to just navigate your way through your device
using spoken feedback a really great option to have here
I’m really pleased to see it on this device so present holding the volume
keys together again will actually turn off talkback so talkback is now off so
great features are there now highly recommend so let’s go into settings now
so we’re going to swipe up here we’re going to choose the gear icon which is
our Settings icon you can search for accessibility up here at the top which
is a really handy option I’m really pleased to see that as well the
scrolling down I just want to show you where it is
so it’s in the middle of the section from the bottom it’s one two three four
five from bottom it’s purple in color and it has a diagram of a statue
standing out with its arms and legs of France so it’s called accessibility and
inside here we’re going to find all the settings that we can change and
modifying so at the top we’ve got the volume key shortcut option – inside here
you can change in just which option you actually want to happen so as you know
we had talked back that you have color correction you have color inversion you
have accessibility menu select to speak and switch access so a couple of options
to choose there and again you have settings that you can go through and
change also you can use that on the lock screen coming up underneath is the other
spoken feedback which is select to speed so then turn it on and you’ve got an
agreement here so once it turned on you’ve got four or five hundos you got
your competitive touch button so you’ve got your back you’ve got your home and
you’ve got your menu option and now you’ve got that accessibility factor
there again so if I tap this accessibility statue down here then
press play select to speak use service on settings when select to speak is on
you can tap specific items on your screen to hear them aloud so it read all
the way down for me there’s other options as well so if I tap to dismiss
this here if I stop and dismiss if I tap again and then actually tap where I want
the text to start to say up here at the top that means that then it starts where
I want it to start so it can be great for text messages and for when you’re
going through the internet and reading different documents also reading new
stories it can be really helpful in that sense as well press the stop and this
will disappear obviously you can believe that toggled on if you want to but we’re
going to talk about off at the moment because I’m going to toggle on other
services that will have that icon come up again underneath
we then have talkback so obviously I went through the talkback options that
you have also inside here this settings that you can change modify and make it
your own so you can go through each of these individual settings making it
easier for you to use their tweaks and changes the way that you use your device
and uses the talkback option underneath a option we then have text-to-speech
output so this will change the speech rate and its pitch so I can actually
make it go really fast so some of you might not actually understand that ideas
let’s slow it down okay so it makes it a little bit easier change the pitch and
then you can press reset it and it resets for you obviously you can make it
slower or make it deeper by toggling around for them two options it’s really
nice that you can change the options inside here underneath that we’ve got a
couple of my other key options I really do like one being font size it’s already
set to its largest I do believe it could have went a little bit larger but it’s
nice to have that option even here to actually change it and you have a
preview window so if I slide down you’ll see that preview window getting smaller
and the text getting smaller as well to read coming back underneath that we then
have display size so I can actually make this a little bit larger if I want to it
just makes it a little bit easier then to read and again we have a couple of
presets to actually see that and also you could make it smaller if you want to
you don’t have to always go bigger some people prefer it smaller so there are
two great options I really do like another option that’s really helpful is
magnification inside here you have two options you have magnified with triple
tap so let’s go inside here once toggled on three quick taps of the display
neckli anywhere on the spare that could be at the top the bottom no matter where
it is corner-to-corner then use two fingers to manipulate your way around
the display we can go to the top here we’ve Snead Vodafone you’ve got the time
there as well you can also pinch into zoom which i
think is a really nice option as well as it is a large display in the full HD
Plus display the text looks clear and sharp for me to read it just makes it
easier for me to use my device one two three to come back and then you’re back
there is another option where you can quickly jump in so one two three hold on
your third it remembered the level of zoom you actually zoomed in by using one
finger this time we can minute plate our way around our device and then it’s
since I release we go back so that’s one option there as well so you have two
options inside that one so coming back then we have magnify word button so if I
toggle this on it will bring back our accessibility icon down here at the
bottom like I mentioned tap this tap anywhere on the display
it’ll zoom straight in for you again you can use that pinch option to zoom in and
out and then you can use two fingers to manipulate your way around your device
and you can tap that icon again to zoom straight back out really nice options to
see inside here three different ways to magnify and it just makes it easier
reading your device and reading different content underneath that’s we
then have color correction so you can jump inside here we can toggle this on
and also you can custom mode as well and you’ve got three different options to
choose here just depending on your level of different colors you might need to
change that’s a really nice option to see here top off and again this will
slightly change and go back to its normal preset options I think that you
have a large mouse cursor so you can use a mouse cursor with this device to
manipulate your way around the device making it easier if you struggle with
interactions with your hands and your fingers and to think that you have the
options to remove animations so the animations don’t bother you it’s not too
flashy everything just works when you need it to work one other option
underneath here is accessibility menu too unlike this option and then we’ve
got our accessibility icon down here again but this time it’s not going into
one key option we’ve got loads of different options to choose from here
and I think this is a really great option even if you’re on the home screen
we can tap this and then jump straight into an option which I think it finds
hat speak to see and again the accessibility menu offers so many
different services just one tap away instead of going through all the process
of dumping into the menu options I’ve showed you here I mean the fact we then
have switch access so switch access offers the ability to use switches and
interaction devices with your smartphone you can connect them up by a USB switch
or Bluetooth switch you can use switches and devices to interact with your
smartphone making it easier for you to use your smart phone at any point which
i think is really important I’m really pleased to see that the magic ants have
exiting and come back but if you dive into settings it’s unbelievable the
matter settings that Google have provided here for you to change adjust
and tweak to make your own I’m really pleased to see that there’s a really
good option there and I really would like to make a dedicated video on switch
access so underneath switch access we have the world timing and this depends
on your interaction as well so you can change the length of timing I think this
is a really nice option quite a new option that we’ve seen in the
accessibility world and I’m really pleased to see that on here so you can
change how long the action actually takes to actually come true and again
you can link that with other sections of this accessibility menu
I think that’s we then have the power button to end cools she just talked
about on and then the power button which is down the left hand side where that
textured feel will actually end your calls for you so that’s a really helpful
thing to have you’ve got Auto screen rotates at once
toggled on bring it around this way you can then use it this way but obviously
some applications that automatically do this won’t leave this setting on it’ll
just happen so if I toggle this off it goes back round so it’s standard formats
I think that’s we then have touch and hold delay again for interaction and
control with your smart phone you’ve got short medium or long just depending
which options you want to use but I think that’s a really important thing to
see here I think that we have their vibration and you can change and adjust
the vibration for ringing a notification and then touch vibration as well so like
the haptic touch vibration inside really nice option to have as well especially
when I’m using a keyboard I like to feel that we don’t have mono audio she can
change the audio options here and then you have captions you have the ability
to use captions from Google really pleased to see this on here once toggled
on you can change the language have multiple different languages what it
might do is just download this language in the background for you you also have
text size and you have different options of text size just depending which one is
best suited to you and then also you have caption style and you have six
different styles here to choose from so for myself I would go for the yellow
text on a black background too coming back that’s captions there and again
I’ve used this before works really well and it’s really nice to see that on here
now finally the bottom we’ve got experimental and you’ve got five
contrast text so if you top this on here you notice that was green it is now
black so it changes the contrast a little bit for you so that’s all the
settings that we found in the device there’s one setting missing that I
haven’t seen unless I might have missed it I did miss it I do apologize is color
inversion so color inversion is a great setting that will invert the colors for
you but this will do it’s system-wide so when you
home here it will look really different compared to when it’s default option is
on so if I toggle this on and then go back home here you can see the blue
background just sort of shows the difference there it does do apologize I
miss that setting that a new ad missed it as going through my heads but the
color inversion option is inside there and I’m really pleased to see that just
before we end the video they might put some settings in a different section and
this is in display sometimes sometimes they find different things in different
sections so it’s going to advance so we’ve got our brightness level so you
can change the brightness you’ve got nightlight which i think is a great
option here if we turn this on you’ll see the screen start to warm up and get
rid of that harsh blue light now I protect your eyes when using late at
night and again once I saw Worf there you see it returns to default stage
again some options to change and adjust now you can set schedule I think that’s
really helpful you also have adaptive brightness that
will try and adapt to your lighting and your surroundings around you which is
really helpful as well so good wallpaper you’ve got sleep
you’ve got auto screen rotate again font size display size
you’ve got the network name you’ve got screen saver coming down to the bottom
just a couple of other options I want to talk about before we finish one it’s
been an ambient display so when you receive a notification it will wake up
your screen so I’m going to toggle that on and also is the Vice theme as well so
you have a device theme here so at the moment is automatic depending on
wallpaper we have the light option or also they offer the dark theme here so
want to talk word on we go home here if I scroll down you’ll see now this is a
dark section where it was white and again it’s putting some of the settings
on side here for me this white key system white is like some
normally this goes to a dark theme as well but obviously it’s not system-wide
obviously that might happen with Android updates which will be coming as always
it is currently running Android 9 I really hope fairphone adopt Android 10
and push it to the fairphone 3 I believe it should be able to run they will keep
you updated in future videos but that was all the accessibility settings and
options that we found on the fairphone 3 from fairphone a really good amount of
settings there the standard sort of settings that we see throughout majority
of my videos on accessibility no new settings which is a shame I do
like to see a new setting we’ve got little bit lost of thinking that they
might have missed that one setting but that’s okay we found that in display
they also offer a load more settings that we went in and found if you do have
any questions or queries please do let me know thank you always watching this
video and if you’ve enjoyed it please hit subscribe if you haven’t already
if you have thank you very much and make sure you ring that notification about
that baited with all of my latest videos for me Ricky and the fairphone 3 I’ll
see you very soon bye for now

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