Facilities Workers Safeguard University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Facilities Workers Safeguard University of Tennessee, Knoxville

[Music] We are here at Hodges Library at UT
campus. Everyone is saying, you know, wash your hands,
don’t touch your face don’t, you know–but we have so many students coming through the
library that we really want to make sure that we clean, disinfect and just double-disinfect
again to make sure that when they come back and they touch something there are no germs
there. I think Facility Services is doing a great
job of coordinating and we’re getting so many things clean. I mean, we’re doing carpets, floors, windows,
any touch-point we make sure that we clean that with an HDQ cleaner and then we’re using
a Clorox wipe to wipe it and then we follow it up with the newer 360 Clorox spray machine. But that’s what we’re here for; to clean everything,
disinfect everything so that when fall begins and the students are back, full force, we’re
ready for them. [Music]

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