Faces of Small Business – Kristy Dickinson from Haus of Dizzy

Faces of Small Business – Kristy Dickinson from Haus of Dizzy

My name is Kristy and I’m the creator
of Haus of Dizzy and I’m the Queen of Bling. I’m a proud Wiradjuri woman so I
love to base my jewellery on indigenous and women’s empowerment and I love to
think of my earrings as conversation starters. Growing up I had a lot of tough
experiences. I actually went to university and studied visual
communication. I wanted to be a photographer but then I actually had to
leave because my mum committed suicide so I had to look after my younger
brother and sister. I would never ever think that I would ever my own business growing up. I feel like Haus of Dizzy is a representation of me so it’s like me spewed up in jewellry form. I built this business all off my own back and like just
make it up as I go along. Recently Lauryn Hill just performed in
Australia and she wore my earrings and I actually got to meet her which was the best experience ever. I get most of my accounts from Instagram like my account with Melbourne Museum, and now like I’m one of their biggest
sellers in her museum store. Top five tips for someone trying to grow
a small business: You really need a strong logo to really get your name out
there and be branded. I think you really need a good product mix. You need to have something for everybody. You really need to put yourself in the
shoes of the customer. You got to make everything look
fantastic. Social media is really important. Just get yourself out there, just go for it. Always just let yourself shine and let your product shine with you. I sell in over 50 stores throughout Australia now which is really exciting. And I’ve still got customers that you know were my first customers and still buy with me today. I love to be a role model and show young kids, like especially indigenous kids, that you can have your own business and you can succeed.

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