Facebook Promoted Posts in News Feed | Facebook for Business

Facebook Promoted Posts in News Feed | Facebook for Business

>>NARRATOR: Every day, people and businesses around the world share their stories, their photographs, and their videos on Facebook. And as more people and businesses connect, more and more stories are created… billions, in fact. Meet Anna. Every day, stories appear in Anna’s news feed based on her friends and her interests – it’s relevant, timely, and personal. Often, so many posts are created, that she might not notice every single one. And with so many stories,

only the most relevant posts from businesses will organically appear. Businesses can increase the likelihood that Anna sees one of their posts by promoting it as an ad or sponsored story, elevating it up in Anna’s news feed. That way, Anna is more likely to notice her friends’ stories, and relevant stories promoted by businesses. News feed is a real-time, personalized newspaper written by the friends and businesses people care about. It’s always up to date, it’s in their pocket everywhere they go and it’s the most engaging place on Facebook.

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