Facebook Marketing for Business 2019 (Tips, tricks, strategies and hacks)

Facebook Marketing for Business 2019 (Tips, tricks, strategies and hacks)

Hi, this is Jacob Jacob LE video production. com We are moving on to Facebook tips. I will have a playlist down below in the description
number 62 is that users watch facebook live videos three times longer than non-live videos
63 on your Facebook event if people say they’re interested, you can later remarket to them
and show them new post with ads. Number 64. Mark Zuckerberg has said that meaningful engagements
are the future of Facebook. So like we said before, you want to be asking
questions and encouraging engagement. Number 65. Facebook has said that they’re transitioning
to a platform that’s primarily video 66 is on Facebook page insights, you can tell which
sections of your page people are responding best to 67 native links have 10 times higher
views than External links. So if you’re linking to a YouTube video, you’ll
get one 10th the reach number 68 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound on so you
definitely need to be doing subtitles. Number 69 is about Facebook ads, and you want
to avoid using additional targeting on top of a lookalike audience. So if you’re not familiar, you could have
a facebook pixel and look at people who have visited your website, and then be able to
create a look alike audience of people similar to those who viewed your website. So you don’t want to add on additional things
because that will mess things up. So if you’re doing a look alike audience,
leave it as that number 70. If you’re retargeting people on Facebook with
an ad, try to use specific and creative specific content for every audience. Number 71 is you can use Facebook groups that
include your ideal customer and client to validate business ideas, work to pitch business
ideas, once you’ve been contributing, and have built a relationship with people, number
72. In these groups contribute, ask questions
and become a part of the community before pitching these ideas. So get to know people and provide a lot of
value. Number 73. Recognize that Facebook groups have a higher
reach and a higher level of engagement versus a Facebook page 74 you can link to your Facebook
group in your email signature. So if you’re building one, you can actually
include that in your email signature 75 you can give someone a seven day group pass to
your paid Facebook group so they can really try before they buy if you have a paid mastermind
or group number 76. If your ads are naturally performing better
than your competitors ads, then they’ll be shown to more people. And you’ll actually pay less to get in front
of people Facebook really prioritises the ads that are doing well and that people are
connecting with number 77 is that your ads could actually stop running altogether if
they’re performing really terribly 78 you can actually put people who’ve left really
negative comments on your Facebook ads on a block list. Please subscribe and click the belt to be
notified when I come out with new content. I’ll have a lot more videos like this about
social media marketing. Thank you so much. I will see you in the next video.

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