Facebook LIVE Streaming Tutorial — 8 Facebook Live Tips

– So one of the best ways
to grow your brand online right now is Facebook Live. And in this video I’ve got eight proven best practices to help
you blast your broadcast as well as avoid the biggest
Facebook Live mistakes comin’ up. (rhythmic music) Hey what’s up guys, Sean here with THiNK Media TV, helping you go further faster in media. And on this channel we
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building your brand online in today’s world, you
cannot ignore Facebook. Recent stats have the
amount of users on Facebook at over 1.8 billion people. That’s incredible. And when it comes to video, Facebook has been favoring
video in the newsfeed, but even more than video is livestreaming. Facebook Live videos are watched three times longer than
even normal videos. And one of the coolest
things about Facebook Live is the barrier to entry
to creating content there is very low. All you really need is your phone, and you can sit down
and immediately be live with your content. So Facebook Live is an incredible way to grow your brand, reach more people, reach your target audience, reach your ideal customer. Even if YouTube is the
main place that you want to grow your brand, you should still be paying
attention to Facebook and specifically live video. So I’ve been using Facebook
Live for almost a year, and I’ve learned a lot of lessons, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. And we’ll get to those in just a second, but first let’s talk about the basics. All you need to do to
go live with Facebook is just have your Facebook App, and it makes it easy to do
it from your personal page. But what I recommend is
that every smart influencer should actually have a business page. Let’s just settle it. Do everything on a Facebook business page, a fan page, because that’s where your analytics are, you can do ads there, that’s where some of
you bonus features are. And so for that I used the Pages App. So either way just make
sure you download the app, make sure you’re logged in, and then you’re ready to go live. Next, make sure you go widescreen. A lot of people are
still doing up and down when it comes to Facebook Live, but all you have to do now, and it’s pretty much
available to everybody, is tilt your phone sideways, and now you’re set to go widescreen. Additionally, I recommend
having some gear. And this video’s not really about gear. We’ll link up a playlist
of some of our best videos that talk about tripods like this, but I recommend having
kind of a desk tripod for our phone, some kind of a phone mount like this. And so by the time you have your tripod, your mount, you put your phone in there, use a wide angle lens helps make the shot a little bit wider, and then a really cheap microphone. This microphone’s like $12. You can hook that on your shirt, and whatever you need to do, and you’re ready to do Facebook Lives with stable video. This is exactly where I do it. I sit right in front of
this window right here during the daytime, I
let that light come in. I just hit go right on my phone. So going live on Facebook is not something that you need to be intimidated by, and even if you didn’t
have any of this gear, you could still do it, but I do recommend a few accessories. And like I said, we’ll link
everything in the description as far as resources on
the details of gear. Okay so here we go. Let’s talk about these eight tips for crushing it with your
Facebook Live streams. Number one is a compelling
and interest grabbing title. So before you go live, you’re gonna type
something into the Facebook where the text goes,
into the box right there. And that title is should be a description of what your live broadcast is about. That title itself might make or break whether people are interested or not. So you really want to put a lot of thought into that title so that
it grabs attention. Here’s a couple examples
from different niches that you could do. You could put a title
like three ways to double your savings with coupons, and if you had a couponing channel. You could do five biggest mistakes new homeschool parents make. You could do how to cut
your meal prep time in half. You could do three huge
real estate opportunities in Arizona right now. There’s a lot of different
ways that you could do this, but the key is you want to make that title a description about your broadcast that targets your ideal
audience and creates interest so people are gonna wanna watch it. Secondly, once you start the broadcast, you’re gonna wanna do a
hook just like you would do here on YouTube. And that means that in the
first ten seconds of your video you really want to grab
your viewer’s attention. Now this is where everybody makes a huge huge
mistake on Facebook Live. What they do is they click Go Live, and then they go is this on? Is this, is this, is there anybody there? I can’t, is it working, I
can’t tell if it’s working? When you do that, you’re wasting time, and you’re hurting especially
your rebroadcast audience, and we’ll talk about that in a second. So you don’t want to waste anybody’s time, and here’s their thing, don’t worry if nobody is online. When you create your Facebook Live, do it with the rebroadcast in mind. And so do it whether
anyone’s watching or not. So then what you want
to do is turn that title into a verbal hook that pulls the attention, thinking that the rebroadcast audience, because for a lot of you watching, probably the majority of
views you’re gonna get is actually not when the video’s live but during the replay. And so imagine the
experience of that user. From the very get go of the video, if you you know click
Live and then you say, hey in this video I’m
gonna be talking about three ways to double
your savings with coupons in just a second. But hey if we’ve never met before, and then you go on with your spiel, realizing those first few moments, just like on YouTube
are incredibly precious, so don’t waste ’em. Tip number three is
establish your authority. You just want to give a brief statement about why anybody watching
should listen to you. And so don’t overthink this, and don’t take that long. You don’t need your whole life story, but I might say something like, hey in this video I’m gonna talk about the five biggest mistakes
that I see people make as new YouTubers. And I’m gonna be getting
into that in just a second, but hey, if we’ve never met before, my name is Sean Cannell, and I’m a full time YouTuber
as well as I help people build their influence, income, and impact with online video. So just some sort of an intro statement that lets people know who
you are and what you do. You might say and I own a business that helps moms get through whatever they’re going through. And I am the founder of a YouTube channel that is all about tips
and tricks for gaming. Like whatever it is, but just a quick sentence that
establishes your authority that comes right after that hook. Tip number four is encourage engagement. So this is where you want
to talk to people watching and tell them to like the post,
to click the heart button. I like to say click the wow face. And so if you’ve never
seen Facebook Live before, these are different ways
that people can engage in your video, and just like other
livestreaming platforms, they can tap the screen. And so one of the things, and this is why you’re good
you’re watching this video, it’s always good to learn
about the best practices of a platform so you can speak
the language of the platform. So you might say, you know hey tag somebody in the comments if they should watch this broadcast. You might say hey hit that like button, hit that heart button, and you know my favorite is the wow face. Can you hit the wow face if
you can hear me loud and clear? Facebook increases the reach of your videos and of your livestreams based on engagement. And so if you encourage
engagement in the videos, and you get those likes
and you get those hearts and you get those engagement signals, then Facebook begins to
expand how many people actually see your broadcast. So giving that verbal call to action, doing it in a really
relaxed and chill way, but in an intentional
way is very important for having your broadcast
reach even more people. Tip number five is kind of like it. This is the C2C, the call to comment. This is where you want to invite people to leave comments on the video. So right at the beginning
one of my favorite things to do is to say hey, I do my hook, I do my
quick authority line, and then I say hey, give me a second to share this broadcast, and then what I do is I
actually share it from my fan page to my
personal page personally. I just sit there and I
just take a second to do it on my computer. I’m shooting living here, I just do it on the
screen right over there. And I kinda share it out, and then I say and hey, let me know where you’re watching from. And again, that’s an easy way
for someone to leave a comment and every comment is boosting your reach. Facebook wants to see that engagement. So when it comes to that C2C, giving those call to actions
for people to comment, you want to make sure
that they’re easy to do. You know like if you threw
out that complex question, people don’t know really
how to quickly answer it, they might not answer it. So do a C2C, and if you have about
a 20 minute broadcast, I would try to give about five to seven calls to comment. Yes, because comments are that powerful. So maybe you get done
with a certain point, and you say can you relate to that? Or have you had an experience like that? Or maybe give people a
question between a and b. Which do you prefer, do you like to do it this way or that way? Let me know in the comments. Those continuous calls to comment are gonna help your video get more reach, and keep this in mind, that you’re always speaking as we said to the rebroadcast audience as well. And so the language I
like to use is I say, hey if you’re watching live or even if you’re on the rebroadcast, let me know where you’re
watching from in the comments. I jump on here even after
the live broadcast is done and engage with people, so definitely make sure
to leave a comment. Tip number six is the content itself. So we’ve gone through all these steps, these are best practices, and these are gonna help
blast your broadcast, but now you get into the content. The biggest thing here is what I like to do is do all my kind of greetings and interruptions, you know on Facebook
Live it’s powerful to say you know hey Lisa, hey
Sam, thanks for being here. But I like to do that at
the beginning and the end, but once it comes to the content and I get into that content, I want to just deliver that
content all the way through. And so whatever it is, maybe you have three points,
maybe you have five points, maybe it’s a tutorial and you’re actually just using your Facebook Live, and you’re showing somebody
how to do something. Get into the content and keep in mind just the basic principles
of successful content. Make sure it adds value. You know make sure that it’s concise. Make sure it’s strong, it’s actionable. Just deliver good value around that title which
is basically your promise of what people can expect
in the live broadcast. I also read a stat recently that said the ideal
length for a Facebook Live is right around 18 minutes. And so that kinda gives you a benchmark of targeting how long
should your broadcast be. There should be plenty of time in there to do all the intro stuff, do a little bit of engagement with people that are there live, deliver all your content, and then even have some
time at the end as well. Tip number seven is your call to action. At the end of every single Facebook Live, you should know ahead of time what is it that you
want the viewers to do. And so this could be
something as simple as hey join me next week because I’m gonna be doing these Facebook
Lives same day, same time, meet me here. And really letting people know about that. It could be hey and if you
want to learn more about this, I have a free download, you can join our
newsletter, our email list, to get our meal prep guides for free. It could be something like that. You could do something like check out our YouTube channel. You know on Facebook Live
we’re doing more interactive Q&A content like this, but we’re also posting
weekly videos to YouTube, so definitely check that out. It could be something
like just a question. So hey thanks so much for
watching this broadcast, and if you will, let me know what kind of topics
would you want me to cover in future broadcasts? Post those in the comments below. But whatever you do, make sure to give a call to action. Don’t waste that
opportunity to always really strategically think about
what do you want your audience to do next that is most relevant for building your brand online overall. And tip number eight is Q&A. Now this is an optional tip, and it’s kinda of a bonus thing. You could just end your broadcast, and depending on if you’re
really starting from scratch, and you might literally
have nobody on the broadcast the entire time. That’s okay because there’s
some other things you can do. Remember, it’s not just live, it’s the rebroadcast that
it can be really powerful. But you could just skip Q&A because if nobody’s on there, it’s gonna be hard to answer questions. Or it’s something that you
could take some time to do. So this is totally optional, but it’s a tip that you could include after everything is done. But hang on just a
second, don’t go anywhere, because once your Facebook
Live stream is over, there’s still a few power tips that you can do. The first is you can
actually change the thumbnail of your Facebook Live. A lot of people don’t know this. And so you can select through
10 different thumbnail options or you can upload a thumbnail. So you can imagine just like YouTube, a custom thumbnail could be very powerful. Now one thing I recommend is the same principles don’t really apply to making it too fancy
and too graphically busy. I would recommend maybe just taking a photo on your phone that looks similar to the Facebook Live, but it’s maybe a better, slightly tweaked, maybe a little graphics,
just don’t overdo it. Because you want to stay native to how the platform looks. Number two you can also change the title and the copy afterwards. So sometimes when you’re
filling out the title you could write live now, and then deliver on you
know five biggest tips on insert your niche or whatever it is. Afterwards you could actually delete that, you could change the copy around, you can include a link in the copy of your Facebook you
know where the text goes. There’s a lot of tweaks you can do, so definitely go in
afterwards and you can change some of those things to optimize
your video for rebroadcast. And then the third thing you can do here is you can boost your
broadcast with Facebook Ads. And so one of the greatest opportunities for getting greater reach
with your brand right now is Facebook Ads in general. Incredibly powerful, and a lot of times you can get video views for less than one cent per view. So if you’re starting from scratch, here’s an idea. Start a weekly Facebook Live show. Every week show up with value, show up with content, go through these tips, deliver value to your audience. And then even if you only
have five bucks or 10 bucks, that’s a great way to start boosting your reach to
targeting your ideal audience, and that’s a conversation
for a whole nother video as far as how to do Facebook Ads. But there’s tons of information online, you could just Google it. And you could start boosting your reach and growth hacking your
way into meeting new people and getting exposure to what you’re doing. Even for just five or 10 bucks a week, and week after week not only
are you gonna build momentum as your audience realizes you’re there, but you also can be reaching new people through targeting people
with Facebook Ads. Incredibly powerful strategy
that you could stack and build momentum with. Also you can share your broadcast anywhere after it’s done. And so you can actually get the link off of your Facebook Live stream. Now it’s not live anymore, now it’s just a video
that’s archived on Facebook, and you could send that out in a Tweet. You can put it in your Instagram bio and do a picture that
illustrates the topic. You could send it out on an
email to your email list. That content, and this is kinda why you
want to reverse engineer it for the rebroadcast, if it has so much live
things where you talk so much to your live audience
and it goes on and on and it’s only intended
for the live viewer, then the rebroadcast experience
might not be very good. But if you really are strategic
with these principles, and you deliver value and you’re concise and you’re brief and
you deliver that value, then it becomes a great piece of content that you could reference for
weeks and even months to come, repromoting it sharing
it elsewhere on social. And also one of the things you can do when your live broadcast is done is you can add captions to your broadcast. Now here’s a crazy stat. 85% of Facebook video is
watched without sound. Yes, it’s crazy, but it makes sense right? And just consider your own behavior. You’re you know in a meeting at work or you’re on break or something, so you can’t turn the sound on. You’re just watching the visual content. And so adding captions
to your video in general is just a great practice
and a great principle. That’s again something
you might need to look up. Obviously it’s gonna take some time. There are some hacks. We can cover that in future videos. But if possible as far
as best practices go, that is a great way to boost your broadcast even further and realize that people, the way they’re consuming content is sometimes without sound. So when they see those first few seconds, they will be able to
read what you’re saying. So if that intro hook is
incredibly compelling, in this video I’m sharing my
five biggest secrets on x, you know they’re like oh man, I want to bookmark that, I
want to watch that later. And even without hearing it, maybe it’s too loud to hear it. Maybe they’re at the mall,
maybe they’re out somewhere. They can see it and read it, and then have their interest grabbed and then maybe decide
to turn the audio on. And so captions if you can
do it is incredibly powerful. Question of the day, have you done a Facebook
Live broadcast yet? And if so, what lessons
and tips did you learn? Post those in the comments below. And remember that some of
the best tips and feedback come from you, the THiNK
Media TV community, so definitely connect with everybody in the comments section. So thanks so much for
checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for
more videos just like this. Hit the like button if
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Facebook Live broadcasts, a lot of times with online
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to all of this gear, we do have a Smartphone Gear Guide. You can get that at PhoneGearGuide.com for entirely free. I break down some of the
most recommended tripods, lenses, microphones, and
things just like this so you can get setup to
do not just livestreaming on Facebook, but anywhere, Instagram, Snapchat Live, Periscope, all these different live platforms. So definitely check that out as well. Until next time, THiNK
Media TV is helping you go further faster in media. Keep crushing it, we will talk soon. (beep) Man I’m sweating like a like a whoah my gosh look at that. (beep) Uh not really, that’s kinda cool, it’s like what? (beep) Hey you’re like should bling the hair, should be good. (beep)

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