Facebook Live Q&A about NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship Application

Facebook Live Q&A about NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship Application

Hello Facebook! Welcome to New York Foundation for the Arts, this is our very first Facebook Live Session My name is Jacque Donaldson, I am the Program Officer for the Awards and Grants department. Today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about the NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship Award, the application has just opened and so I’m going to give you a little rundown on how the application works and then we’ll give you an opportunity for you to ask questions directly, you can just leave any questions you have in the the comment section and at the end of my run-through I’ll get to the comment section. So first, what is the NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship Award? the artists that are living and working in your seat or nation work hard and 15 this 45 reviews each year this year we’re going to be drawing sculpture digital electronic arts non fiction literature & poetry next year to change interdisciplinary arts painting and then two years 18 and we actually just wanted categories architecture and structure music sound photography so those are all we offer the ocean and I’m gonna get your five artists fellowships are not intended by the division display process continued work that will show a work sample your application in 2016 92 Gramps too many worries with collaborations fully 6 these things are unrestricted use you can use that to get childcare house right or why he was trying to get some inspiration that is completely up to you don’t have to tell me how important they use it to help you can find to be eligible for your Apple following environment you have to be 18 years or over you must be read two years prior to appt so this year are all 17 have to work space and you also cannot be kind so we’re exploring our graduation unfortunately not eligible to another cannot pass you last year’s so if you are rewarded in time between 2016 so they have all applications support materials must be uploaded into our best the URL is work /a minutes and then it does not accept any copies in two categories / application so if you’re drawing right right applying it your canvas decided to reward those categories we notified asked to choose which one you’d like to see any more and publicly or so you only need officially ordered can also apply operation collaborations are accepted and except people working together on how was your for all are available to be a review panel process works Katy and technical exercise around and visual arts are digital images are uploaded and their projected while and also individual tops throughout the process for your audio and video submissions excellent review your submission access memory categories strips can teach us to us prior to the time that you have an application that i am it’s extremely application headed to work samples taking a little bit of time to attach the application there’s always potential technical difficulties so strong that nothing prevents you from me I always work for any application for some more questions and now yes we have some great questions and from our audience on facebook and the first one comes from even list junior on who asks where would cartooning and graphic novels fit in the existing categories that’s a great question so the question is continuing its graphic novels so for that you are certainly five boys fiction nonfiction disciple not offered and then you can also apply to we thank you and then we also have a question from Satan who asked my not fiction genre and compasses cultural and art history and biography photographic illustrations are essential to my narrative i see on the application that the work sample limit is determined by the number of pages is there an alternative available perhaps the word count as an alternative yes strips this is due to do have a high of each year and our panelists to go without saying that time person with any more interaction / cultural excerpt cultural state hopefully kind of organic analyst your strips but I also addition to just met ages and how is great and then we also have a question from deanna me saying that her question concerns the flexibility of the category of printmaking drawing and book arts I she makes site-specific installations that are composed of large sometimes collage drawings with this work be appropriate for the category or does the category only encompass works that are smaller in scale drawing medium body work and certainly this year we are accepting composite images and symbols so something with insulation very large very large details capture we want you can create high-end to shove different views were details of actual installation option for you show callous it’s great and so Beth is asking you do you think that jurors are looking for breath of work or more focused projects she’s a sculptor herself something’s going to remember when you’re submitting the work that you have each eight works it’s really going to be actually want to focus on or if you want to show more transition retire but just keep in mind we usually recommend focus down to the bottom to that get in-depth idea of what your work but it’s completely up to that want to just think about images to get the idea across great and then Timothy is actually asking what is your definition of drawing how old does the work have to be in order to be submitted a request so we recommend work past five years for this reason the waterworks your current my title arts take so if you know showing something that you working on your career you show that transition idea but also make sure you do address back to work wire and then we have another question for the literary categories Pamela asked whether the space to put in resume and bio if that is the place to include a list of all prior publications such as journals and books and if this info information is the one by the jurors certainly that sort of information as may I OS one page document don’t work much information page for literary calories do not is not prior to publication so it it hurt and it won’t help you and then Timothy and also continues to ask that if if he’s a painter who uses water coloring wash on paper does he he considers it as drawings with that will be applicable again really ask category ii work and you can check out what we have definitions friend works painting techniques for painting our exclusive there I Katie great and then I’m another question about exactly that topic is by claudia who asked whether we can confirm that drawing also includes charcoal drawing yes okay and then we have another question from christine thin and she says I’m not living in New York but I can i apply if I’m moving to New York to make a work unfortunately the ocean worked prior to that so you have to be living in a making works as general eligible great and then we have a question from Sarah who says how do you define the digital electronic arts category she says she’s an artist who makes installations and interactive performances using sound does this fake also how do you recommend representing work that is a femoral I’m Jake said sound files as well as images and video for digital electronics looking for work where are absolutely adults work building installation will base for review have a digital components but it’s more apps your rules typically our hearts category doesn’t make a case for technologies strong pieces and so you don’t have it was do except sound files as well as images and video ok for digital electronics we allow up to eat English up to four video so i would submit to tune excerpts and full-length video and it could create two just met file i recommend you know turning into the video and make sure it’s then we have another question from Pamela who asked if you’re planning a collection that has a central idea object or concern should you submit literary samples that all have to do with that or should you give a range of examples and if there’s a central idea or object or concern that i’m hannah is working on should she submit literary samples that are only concerning that or should she submit a further breadth of work samples it really isn’t categories work samples for the visual arts Matt there’s a literary component in those images you could amass place that work is kind of cross-disciplinary or could utilize the work statement to include that tax she actually just and clarified but if the category of literature & poetry oh so she’s wondering whether all her work samples if they all concern one specific topic or object whether that’s ok or whether she should submit a variety of different poaching ok so we literally singles you are convenient to you an excerpt from multiple bodies work if you do access we have an excellent explanation and ride you can get a little information different stories against the panelists into that or we could submit by 20 pages straight through work again up to you and then we have a great question from the Linda hunt who says can we applying two categories if we have work in more than one John room yes absolutely yes so if you want a sculpture and also asked me if you’re rewarded in one of the categories but and then I have a great question for Louise who’s asked whether should we also fund podcasts yeah I suppose you could do I don’t think that’s it but again it’s not going to work it’s free and speaking of panelists insurers and Laura Coleman actually asked how many jurors served to review each category and then how many views of works in each round and how many rounds are there so in anything there are five in each round first time progressed through the four so he said first time I spend a little bit it’s been a lot of anything and then a lot of work for the jurors and there was there was also a question again for me but he just wanted to clarify for himself that and he’s the one who works on our cartoons and so he was wondering if that can also be included in the drawing category yeah great and then i’m also asked where us again whether she can whether you can further explain what you mean by it’s not a project grand but to recognize your vision as an artist start that we want working some 25 for you say because I vision to create the future that’s not what is so we’re recording past five years and get careless or charge at looking at the artist potential and the artists vision x demonstrate rose work samples and really warning work great and then Laura who asked the question about the panelists also wonders whether when they review whether the jurors review all 8 images and each round that the applicant has progressed in yes yes they do review are all examples and around the exception of video audio no review our smaller segments with the first image information out the images are so I’m Timothy also ask one more question the technical statement equals the relationship between the work samples to the work those are our words at nine foot and he wonders what does that mean exactly sure so really you submit my head of an alternative process so what they’re submitting actual physical piece fits into the picture of peace with culture installation work the technical help can experience what you’re looking at so if it is a sculpture that moves or maybe it has its displayed a very technical way the technical sweetness going to your place to explain how we interact with that kind of spirit situations are so just giving context that energy is great and then we have a question from ritika who asked whether art managers can apply yeah there’s no if you meet the eligibility requirements work like always you’re absolutely welcome to buy word is that is emerging career or not even access panels are charged work samples and great so Claudia also wonders to clarify did you say that knife is awarding work that has already been done not a project of the artist’s wishes to work on in the future based on the time you can see in the images in the application dress right so the word is it’s a work great and then another question that I know is often asked is if someone has one fellowship in 1995 can they submit again yeah absolutely we have me why multiple times your rap career you just your 25 years this actually were final 15 16 and you want to buy this year but were fellow you’ll have to lock your five-year great and then another question that people always ask us here at knife is Howard kinda was selected so maybe you want to let them know yeah we always ask our committee first recommendation you have any recommendations of worship and I prefer we really just search our network of clothes and a NASCAR and all our nation’s waters so we can really vary at first you know there’s still level what type of work and create as well as location let’s make sure must be interesting that’s great and then Aaron asks whether the award is considered taxable income by the IRS I need you have to you have any action great and then we have another question for me Bon who has a work sample question he says how recent do the work samples have to be can you mix work that is indicative of an entire career or must they all give me some work yeah so we do black bags that work samples past but there are some cases where I so if you’re working on something for many many years want to show that structure your transition casting at work past five years that I definitely you know explaining initiative in your work statement everything captioning information why or over capacity and then I know people often wonder what format the images should be in that you submit yes that’s a very good question so each application supports up to 2 gigabytes of space as long as your images August HW exceed 1024 pixels and epi to your images should ever have any questions about however images look application also going to access your application and just make sure your and we have time for one last question and and this might be an interesting one so Rico asks what is the thought process around awarding artists that have completed their work it would seem that they don’t need funding being that the work has been completed I am working on a project that is in progress and needs more funding to be completed well that’s a good question there’s really need are not that again really want to support the work hours all you need to do something free are you pursue the work that they have yeah so if if someone is currently working on a project that is ongoing they can still apply with that type of work is that right sure yeah you’re creating something that you’re going to be working for many years and it first you’re definitely recommend spiritual there is in fact been awarded the project but you certainly are working that’s great time Jackie will thank you guys so much if you have any questions you can always at work or personal much thank you

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