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  1. Wanting to amp up your Facebook Business page? In this video, we will go over how to set up your Facebook Business page the right way to create more visitors, engagement, and reach. You will learn how to utilize the Facebook "send message" button, page optimization, and username of your page.

    These steps and tactics will help you reach the customer base your are looking for in no time!

    Here are the 8 basic steps to setting up your Facebook Business Page:

    Sign Up
    Add Pictures
    Page Has Been Created
    Complete About Section
    Create Your First Post
    Start Engaging


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  2. My FB looks completly diffrent. I didnt have Business Settings. I just have Settings. And there my page is already added. But I also dont have Business Manager :/

  3. One little question, where is ma “Add” a page, I have a business page set up and did it the other way I prefer todo it your way. One little question with more to come “LOL”, Thanks in advance

  4. Quick Question: I closed my restaurant and the new owner of my old location says that I have to delete my facebook business page so that he can create his own for the physical location, any guidance? BTW, I want to keep my FB page so that I can continue to cater. TIA

  5. Great video. Do people who interact with your FB Business page have access to your personal page or personal information? I'm constantly trying to figure out how to keep my private and public online presence separate. Thanks.

  6. OMG.. I’ve created a page ..I think I’ve got it in Catagory…..IMPOSSIBLE to delete it ??? I thought you said it wouldn’t be an issue….at Cannot get rid of it …spent Hours and Hours….IM Stuck with it…..What can I do to get Rid of it… this is Rediculous for just trying it out…there must be a way WITHOUT closing my whole FB acccount down…

  7. Hey I’m trying to run ads for a friend but every time we make him a Facebook page it gets unpublished by Facebook within hours of creation, any idea what I could do to fix the problem?

  8. does this page will always show up on my business manager even for people?? My page is not coming up when i put my page name in search bar in my facebook personal page

  9. when we set up a business page we did not know it had to be connected to a personal page. Now we got a letter from facebook telling us this..  Is there a way to connect this page to my personal page… my other option is to take the page down, and set it up again properly. thaks a lot

  10. Jordan- i have already set up a FB page for my business, but I did not use the FB Business Page to build it. It looks like there is different/better functionality with the Biz Page. Can I move to that platform after the fact?? Thank you

  11. When i login to the the business page its not showing the login like yours did. its asking to create account. i did my Facebook login and it didn't work.any suggestions

  12. how do i switch it when i did it the way you told us not to do haha i couldnt find it on the video

  13. Great stuff Jordan. Had to watch this again because I was creating a page for a new client! Please make a video on the ad accounts section of business manager… I'm a bit confused on how to handle new clients and starting their media from scratch/accepting their payment.

  14. I made a page for myself, l write books and decided to make a page of my own. So, l created a new account and made the page but then it got disabled. I tried to retrieve it but nothing happened. Once again I made the account and the page and again it got disabled.
    Please help!

  15. 4 minutes in and I think the content is going to be great (maybe). BUT man you talk too fast and my brain can't keep up. AWAY too much info WAY too fast. I continue, perhaps you'll run out of air lol.

  16. How do I post comments to other pages as my business page? Facebook always defaults back to my personal page when i post or comment on someones post or page. Is there a way to change that?

  17. if someone wants to create a controversial group or page, how is the creators profile protected from being discovered?

  18. if someone wants to create a controversial group or page, how is the creators profile protected from being discovered?

  19. OMG! fantastic content and greatly appreciate your time and sharing to help others. But, please be conscious of how FAST you're talking, extremely difficult to try and keep up. I will definitely have to watch repeatedly.

  20. I have the fan business page should i try and shut it down and open up the business page the way it is described here?

  21. are you in a hurry to complete your video tutorial? feels like you are talking to yourself, no audience will be able to keep up with you! can't finish watching your video, dough i think there is a of great content in your video!

  22. seems like some steps were missed correct me if I'm wrong I'm being asked for a business address etc and more details. This video makes it look way more simplistic. Basically skipped the steps it takes to even get to this page like having a domain lol

  23. Is it possible for business Facebook pages (NOT personal accounts) to like other pages? If so, how is that possible please?

  24. If I set up my page incorrectly and have too many fans to start over, is there a way for me to change it from a normal to business to get verification? I have tried using business.facebook and changing the template but that isn't enough…

  25. the facebook business manager page that I am looking at only says create account not login in what do i do

  26. hi jorden thank you for your support & appreciate your time and my request to u you are talking very fast its difficult to catch. i already open my buisness page again thank u

  27. hello there, thanks for your insightful video but i still am not sure if i should create a business page going to or i should login with my personal profile and then create a business page, my next question is can we manage both pages as separate accounts or is it a must for me to create a page from personal profile, i am pretty new to social media and wanna do it right!
    awaiting your kind suggestion

  28. also i want to know that i am activating my business page in my current country which is not the actual location of my official business and i wanna add the officially registered business location, but, when i wanna edit the address by default it shows the cities of the country where i am in right now, ex; i am creating my business page in Australia but i want to add my official address of London, but by default it picks the locations of Australia and i can't change it to London, any suggestions?

  29. there is no login option. I already have an account with Facebook and logged out of Facebook. Must we create an account on business facebook with different login than facebook?

  30. Hi Jordan, I’ve just setup a business site and need to link my FB business page to it… is there a way I can do the FB without my identity… I’d rather keep business out of it

  31. I have a very important question: Facebook disabeld my account for more than 3 times and it stopped me from running my business and the paid ads in my Facebook business page,I get frustration and you know the feeling of frustration how it is,can you please tell me what to do to avoid account disabling(just what are you doing and facebook didn't disable your account),I can't read its policy,terms,community standards,and its help because they are hundreds and English is not my M. tongue,thank you for the answer

  32. So you're saying we using the same information as our personal Facebook page to login on business. Facebook site?? My login button was missing on that site

  33. Hi Jordan, expectional informative, thankyou, thankyou and thankyou.
    In the end I have to do it all myself because my business partner has disappeared from the face of the earth!
    Just one comment, took me ages to figure out why when I clicked on add a page on facebook business manager it did nothing because as I discovered much later I had Ad block app working on the computer so the colour icons of own shop, institution, brand etc did not pop up. But all solved, again thank you, thank you and thank you. Keep going and one day when ready I shall use your service.

  34. Hi Jordan – loved this video! I want to clarify: Is it true that if I have a personal account, that I cannot open a new fb account using my business email, and then create FB pages etc ? I don't understand why FB would care.. thanks!

  35. USERNAME FIX: You don't have to have 100 page likes or anything like that to add the Facebook Username. This is definitely a bug with Facebook Business Manager because you can simply add another user as an admin and once they have access, they can add the username without a problem. I hope this helps!

  36. We don’t need a private website for our services, it’s not letting me move forward without entering a website. I can I get around that..?

  37. The process seems to be different now, you can't login with your personal details but need to go through creating a business account

  38. Ahh…you go too fast bro…I love the info, but I can't follow it side by side with trying to do it. Thank you for what you're sharing though, just recommending to figure out sloooower presentation =). Aloha!

  39. Hi, what if I have already set up a horrible Facebook page for my graphic design business? Can I just redo it in Business Manager? Btw, great info Jordan!

  40. thanks for the great info. i am trying to verify my account. I selected by phone, i got a code from their voice call but it was rejected and now it says i have tried the phone too many times, but i only did it once

  41. Whenever I try to set up a company page through business manager I get interrupted that my account is being disabled. I have to give them a mobile number and confirm the code they send me then they want a photo of myself. They say it will be reviewed but then they never get back to me and the account remains disabled. Of course there is no customer support that I can actually speak to. Anyone have any suggestions?

  42. Is the ID of your business page and your business ad account supposed to match? I’m trying to figure out if I set it up wrong😫 I clicked new ad account instead of add an ad account

  43. Sorry guys, but I've finally decided to build a business page and tried this. Result? My personal account has been disabled. Tried everything to get back on my account. No use. Facebook seems to think that I violated one of their terms.

  44. Thanks for the video, nice one. I have set up a profile for a DJ management/agency but not as a business page because the "community and public figure" side had the drop down menu for Agency… Can i keep that, or do i need to make into a business page? and how do I now make it into a business page please? TX G

  45. Dear sir! I have just found your video channel! This video is important to me because I have a brand new upcoming Youtube channel and I would like to link with my new facebook page. I want to do my fb pages as you do in this video. Is it possible to link a fb page with a youtube channel?

  46. Hello, I was wondering how did you do that, the desktop screen and the camera pointing at you on the lower right portion of the screen simultaneously? Many thanks.

  47. Thanks for all the great content. Curious – do you tend to post more "as your business page" or your personal profile. I have a business page but it seems like people enjoy engaging with individuals more than engaging with a company page and I don't want to double post. Thx Just not sure of the real benefit of posting "on or as my page" instead of just me.

  48. Is this video still relevant in oct 2019? Is there an updated when or would you still just recommend following this?
    I definitely plan on running Facebook ads and a funnel page/landing page for email marketing.
    Thank you

  49. If I created a facebook business page on my personal account is there a way I switch it to a new business manager account? If so, how?

  50. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial ! Could you please tell me that if i want to create a page for my remote client , what process should i follow thanks

  51. You mentioned early on you were going to show how to change your page if you set it up incorrectly…. maybe you have another video?

  52. i wanted to see how to add the campigns and how to make the ads on the facebook page. that important section has missed.

  53. I apreciate your effort but you lost me after you logged in. I played it over four or five times but you flip flop so much I couldn't make heads or tails of what you were doing. What I'm seeing is way different than what you are showing.

  54. Thank you for making this video. I clicked here, I clicked there, just like you did. So, me thinks, I might be a pro at this just like you! LOL. Reno, NV

  55. Thanks for the info. Very helpful! Not really sure I would want to have FACEBOOK as my "bragging rights!" Pretty sure my LIFE is way more important than having my life VERIFIED by Facebook!

  56. I am setting up a new business page for my business. Under the "Add Your Business Details" it asks for a website URL for your business. I do not have a website for my business. That is why I am setting up a business page on facebook. Is there a way to continue without a website?

  57. Hi Great content. I have a business page that I created a while back and now I don't have the login option, only the Create

  58. Hello, I originally created the page thru my personal fb page. Is there a way I can access thru the business manager and start using it that way? Also an owner for a different business account made me an adm. what should I do in this case? Delete myself? thank you!

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