FACE Consortium

FACE Consortium

Hundreds of industry
experts, along with government and military
leaders gathered for two days on Solomons Island for
the annual Open Architecture Industry Day and the
FACE Consortium, sponsored by NAVAIR’s PMA-209.
Day One of the two-part event kicked off with remarks from
Executive Director Leslie Taylor. She says the
program’s participation is critical in raising awareness –
to show how open architecture can bring more
speed to the fleet: Events like this allow a lot of
practitioners in the open architecture field to come
together and network and learn from each other and
we’ll see a great deal of exhibitions that show the art of
the possible in terms of open architecture. Open architecture is relatively
new to NAVAIR but it’s been ongoing in industry for
quite a long time… We’re just trying to show what
people have to offer – introduce them to the team to PMA-209
they can help them actually implement open architecture,
and show all the good products that are being developed by
industry as well. Attendees got the chance to
check out various technologies that promise to bring
improvements to the tools of the warfighter. Companies
like Boeing set up demonstrations to give folks a
hands-on look at the future. Captain Chris McDowell, Program
Manager for PMA-209 says the showcase is a win-win
for the Navy and for the event’s participants: The benefits to NAWC-AD are
multi-faceted. The shared understanding of where the
technology is to meet our open architecture approaches and
solutions is of great benefit. Participants broke off into
smaller working groups to discuss solutions for the fleet.
From the broader scope of industry, to a more focused
approach to open architecture, Day Two opened up
with words from Air 6.6 Director Candy Chesser.
She shared her hopes for the FACE Consortium: It’s very encouraging to see
the level of participation has increased each year and so I
think the more membership we have it brings more value to the
validity to being able to adopt the standard that the group is
participating and creating and that standard way of
operating as well as the level of understanding
what industry expects, what the government expects.

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