F8 2019 keynote in 12 minutes

F8 2019 keynote in 12 minutes

(audience cheering) – Hey everyone, welcome to F8. Today we’re going to talk about building a
privacy-focused social platform. Privacy gives us the
freedom to be ourselves. So it’s no surprise that the fastest ways that
we’re all communicating online are private messaging, in small groups, and in stories. This is the next chapter for our services. I get that a lot of people aren’t sure that we’re serious about this. (audience lightly laughing) I know that we don’t exactly have the strongest reputation
on privacy right now, to put it lightly. But I’m committed to doing this well. And this vision is
based on six principles. First, we’re committed to working openly. Now second, we’re taking
a more proactive role in making sure (audience whooping) we’re taking a more proactive role in making sure that all of our
partners and our developers use our services for good. We’re also building out a lot of deep technical infrastructure, and re plumbing the whole infrastructure that we built for this company to support this privacy vision. It’s not gonna happen overnight, so let’s start with our messaging apps. – Over the next year, we plan to make Messenger the fastest private communication app on the entire planet. With Lightspeed we’ll use less battery, less storage, and it will be more reliable than ever before. So early tests showed that we’re going from over 127 megabytes down to under 30, with a 1.3 second cold
start time with Lightspeed. The future is private. So, we have begun the journey to make Messenger end-to-end
encrypted by default. For the first time, we are building the ability (audience cheering) for Messenger users to be able to call and message not just
their friends on Facebook, but their close friends and family on Instagram, and on WhatsApp. Messenger’s going to be
building a social network for your closest friends and family. Specifically, we will turn the second
tab inside of Messenger into a dedicated place completely organized around the people you care about most in your life. Here you’ll be able to do
things like share status, view stories, and even reminisce about your
favorite memories together. We’re also going to be
announcing a new experience for people to watch videos together directly inside of Messenger. And finally, something I am
personally very excited about, we’re going to allow all of this on every service, in every country, with the introduction of our brand new Messenger desktop app. – All right, so let’s move over and talk about WhatsApp. So WhatsApp already has incredibly strong privacy and performance, so here we’re more
focused on the next step, which is building out all of the ways that you would want to interact in the digital living room. – WhatsApp will always have its roots in private messaging. It’s the heart of what we do. Like Mark said, what we’re seeing is that the future is private. So there’ a lot we can layer on top of private messaging. Here’s where we’re starting. If you live somewhere WhatsApp is popular, you know people are constantly
messaging businesses on WhatsApp. So we’re making that easier. We now have more powerful tools, so people and businesses can communicate. And we’re excited to announce that soon, we’re rolling out a
business product catalog to this business app. We’re learning a lot
from our tests in India, where a million people
have been able to send and receive money. And we’re planning to bring payments to other countries soon. – And we believe that there is a community for everyone. So we’ve been working on a major evolution to redesign the Facebook app to make communities as central as friends. – It all starts with a fresh new design that is simpler, faster, more immersive, and puts your communities at the center. We call it FB5. It’s gonna be coming to your mobile app in the
U.S. and Canada today, and globally later this half. And the new desktop site is coming in the next few months. Like the ability to save
your spot in News Feed, so you can pick up where you left off. Or introducing Dark Mode on web to give your eyes a break
while watching videos. We’ll also start rolling
out a similar design to our Enterprise Product Workplace today. We’ve completely
redesigned the Groups tab, and made Groups Discovery
better than ever. With more suggestions and a new tool to quickly match you to groups you might be interested in. If you already have some
groups that you love, the new tab will give you
direct access to those, and show you a personalized view of everything that’s
happening across them. We’re also bringing
groups to the Composer, so you can share to groups
the same way you share with friends and family. Everywhere there are friends, there should also be groups. Now, Health Support Groups,
will let members ask admins to post anonymously on their behalf, to protect their privacy
around sensitive topics. Shop groups will get a new template to help employers post openings and to let job-seekers apply
directly through Facebook, and message the employer. Gaming groups will get a new chat feature, so members will be able
to create sub-threads for every topic that they have in mind. Today, we’re introducing
native support for shipping, so sellers can list items
for sale across the U.S. Buyers will be able to check
out directly on Facebook, and when they get the items, the payment will be deposited
in the seller’s bank account. Super simple and secure. You’ll come to Facebook not just to connect with
people you already know, but also to find people
you might wanna know. Maybe even the one. With Facebook Dating, you can find matches based on things you have in common, like your shared groups and events. Your dating profile is separate
from your main profile, and your activity there is only visible to other people who have opted in. And I’m excited to announce that today, we’re expanding dating
to 14 more countries with the U.S. coming up later this year. We’re also introducing something called Secret Crush. Secret Crush lets you
create a private list of friends that you
might be interested in. And if your friend also
puts you on their list, you match. (audience cheering) If not, no problem. (speaks
in foreign language) No one will know who’s on your list or even that you’ve opted
into Facebook dating. So to help more people
find more connections to the people around them, we’ve created Meet New Friends. You can find people
within shared communities like your school, your
workplace, or your city. Like with Facebook Dating, privacy and safety are built in. Meet New Friends is opt-in and your activity there is only visible to other people who have opted in. – We’re also updating the Facebook icon, refreshing it for the first
time since I can remember to make it a bit more lively and modern so there we go. And I’m excited to get this
app in all of your hands. We’re shipping this today. (audience cheering) Let’s move on to Instagram. – And so today we’re announcing a complete redesign of
the Instagram camera. Which is simpler and easier to use and has a space that
we’re calling Create Mode. Because sometimes you don’t
have a photo or a video, but you actually want to share something. So in Create Mode, you can share quizzes, stickers, countdowns, a lot of the other cool features that we’ve built over the years. In the new design of the profile, which we’re currently testing, we have made follower
counts much less prominent. A bigger idea is something we’re starting
to experiment later this week called Private Like Counts. What Private Like Counts mean is that as you scroll through feed, there are no like counts. You can see who liked a photo or video, you can tap through it, and if you have the time you
can add them all up yourself. The owner can see how many
people liked their photo, but only if they asked. Another key part of making
Instagram feel like a place where you’re safe and supported is safety. And so what we aspire to do, and this will take
years, I wanna be clear. Is to lead the fight
against online bullying. And we’ve got a couple early
ideas that I’m gonna share. One is common filters, and, essentially, nudges. So if you say something aggressive, maybe we give you a light
nudge to rethink that. Safety tools is another idea, something we’re tentatively
calling Away Mode, which is a way to opt out of Instagram when you’re in a sensitive moment. Maybe you switched high schools. Maybe you just went through a break up. Another idea still, is giving people ways of limiting those who are being aggressive
towards them on Instagram. Now some of these are already testing, some of these will test soon, some of these might never
see the light of day. But given how much we
care about this issue, we wanted to share
proactively with you today. – We’re also very focused
on building technology to shape the next generation of computing. So today we’re announcing that we’re bringing the Spark AR Studio we’re supporting both Windows and Mac, (audience cheering) and we’re also going to open
our AR Beta for Instagram, so everyone is gonna be
able to build for it. So building on this, I’m excited to announce that we are going to launch
portal internationally. We’re starting in Canada in June, and we’re gonna be rolling it out across a number of countries in Europe coming later this fall. Of course, it’s really important that we bring WhatsApp to portal. So we’re doing that. So now you’re going to be
able to make video calls on both WhatsApp and Messenger on portal. And you know what that means. That means that we’re
bringing end-to-end encryption to all video calls on portal. (audience cheering) All right now the last area
that I want to talk about today is virtual reality. Because we are shipping two new products. Oculus Rift S, (audience cheering)
which improves on the original rift, a higher-resolution display, better optics, inside-out tracking, and of course we’re
launching Oculus Quest, the all-in-one headset that
we’ve all been waiting for with no cables,
(audience cheering) and full freedom of movement. – This is our VR product portfolio today, the all-in-one form factor of Oculus Quest lets you easily pack it up,
take it to a friends place. Second, just like Oculus Go, we are bringing casting to Oculus Quest. With a few taps, you can
cast your VR experience to your phone, or to your living room TV, and friends can join right alongside. Quest is an all-in-one headset with no cables, and full
freedom of movement. No more external sensors, no more PC to set up. It’s all on the headset. And this is made possible
by Oculus Insight. Insight is our inside-out tracking system that uses on-board sensors to automatically build a map of your physical play space. The map is just used for tracking, and only stored locally on the device. The sensors use machine learning to filter the environment and create a dynamic point cloud. And your headset remembers
multiple play spaces. Also true for Rift S. Which means you can take the headset off, hand it to your friend in another room, and they can jump right in. – So I’m excited to announce that we are opening preorders for both of them today they are each gonna be $399, they’re gonna start
shipping within a month, on May 21. (audience applauding) So that’s how we’re starting to build out this privacy-focused vision across everything we do. It’s still early, but if we get this right, then using all of these services is gonna be a fundamentally
different experience a few years from now. So thank you all, I’m looking forward to doing this together and have a great F8. (audience cheering)

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