Express365 Accounting Software Demo

Express365 Accounting Software Demo

So now I will show you our accounting software Express365
To use it, it is very easy Just to make sure that you’re connected to
the internet You can use any of the web browser like for
example, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari In this case, I am using Google Chrome
To start Just key in the URL address and the address
will be After you key in the address press enter and
you will brought to the login page In the login page, just key in your username
and password and click login This is the main page – Dashboard
In this system, we do have quite a few modules available. We have Dashboard, Sales, Purchases, Banking,
Stock, General Ledger, Tax and Settings Before that, let’s look at the top left icon,
you can see the “What’s new”icon here, just click on this, you can actually find the new
release from our developer So are actually doing the update from time
to time, all the new releases and updates can found here
This is your company name, if you have a few companies under an account, you can click
on it and switch your company If you would like to change your password,
just click on your username The last one will be the LOGOUT button, click
on it to logout Now let’s go to dashboard, under the dashboard,
you can see tables and piecharts For this dashboard, I find it very useful
because it’s the summary of the system For example, if you would like to have a look
at your recent transactions, you can check it in this table. You can show whether all transactions or my
transaction only If you would like to view 10 or 25 transactions
you can select it from here. This pie chart represents your TOP 5 debtors,
at a glance and you will be knowing who are your biggest debtors
Here are the draft recurring invoices if you have any
This piechart will be your TOP5 expenditures, this is actually the expenses for the month
of November As you can see SST is actually having the
highest ratio among all your expenditures in November. I find this very useful as well
For the upcoming collections for example your customer’s invoice due date will be showing up here. Outstanding DO will be shown here
This is the dashboard part So now lets go to the Sales Module
Under the sales module, you can see CASH SALES, SALES QUOTATION, SALES ORDER, DO, DELIVERY
all the reports like Customer Aging, Statement, Customer Report
These are all the reports available for the SALES module
Now let me show you how our QUOTATION look like Let’s go to Sales QUOTATION Under Sales QUOTATION, you can actually see
a list of your previously done transactions and ofcourse you can filter it by date. Let’s say I want to see all my quotation available
from 1st of Jan till 30th of Nov I click retrieve and it will be showing all
out here. Say If I only want to see the quotation for
this month, I can also click “Current Month” it will show directly here
Click “Retrieve” and it will be shown You can see there are quite a few columns
here, and the last one will be the status. So the status will be either Fully Transferred
or Confirm or Partially Transferred. These are all the status for your quotation. To create it, just click new QUOTATION
This is actually the page where you can create your new quotation
Now the first thing is to choose your customer Say if you already have customers keyed in
inside your system, you can just choose from it or otherwise you can click add new to quickly
add your customer from here In this case, I will be using AA Company,
once you have chosen it, all the necessary information will be showing out here. You can change the date, change the payment
term, or change the location of your stock If you would like to have this quotation set
under certain PROJECT you can use TAG Let’s say I want to tag this to Project B,
I just choose Project B We can also choose the salesperson
If you have more remarks to be keyed in, you can key it in the remarks and it will be shown
later at the footer of the quotation Key in your stock item
For my case, for example, I am going to sell Software
I will choose Software Services If you have more information, you can key
it in here If you have any pictures assigned to this
item, it will be shown But in this case, we don’t have, so it will
be blank You can key in the quantity
Key in the UOM UOM is the Unit of Measurement
If you do not have or if you dont want it to have
You can click none or you can click ADD NEW to add it in
The price can be preset in your stock If you want to change it, you can change it
from here. If you’re an SST registrant, you can choose
your service tax code or sales tax code. For my case, I will choose service tax code
After choosing the service tax code I can choose whether this tax is inclusive
or exclusive So I will choose exclusive
And click SAVE Because this is a web based system, anything
that you did you have to remember to click SAVE
From here, you can click PRINT A PDF version of the quotation will be generated
from your system This is the standard format
Say if you do not want to print it out Or you do not want to manually save it in
PDF and manually attach to your email and send
You can directly email the quotation from the system
Just go to print / email, click email If you already have the email entered in the
customer’s profile, it will automatically appear here
If you would like to add more or you would like to change it
You can also change it from here This template can also be set in the settings
After you click send, this email together with the quotation will be sent to your customer
So now if you already have the quotation and now they would like to send you the PO to
confirm the quotation, and you would like to issue an invoice
Just go to Sales Invoice From quotation to Sales Invoice, you can just
transfer it This is the Sales Invoice screen
It is the same like the Quotation screen All the previously done invoices will be listed here
You can even sort it To create new, it’s the same like Quotation
Click on New Sales Invoice Under invoice, you can choose whether you
want to enter the invoice by stock or by account For Customer, it’s the same. So I would like to transfer my quotation from
this customer to this invoice Just choose the same customer
Choose where you want to transfer it from Example, Quotation
Click on Transfer Tick it
And all the necessary details will be coming out
So if you have anything would like to add or amend, you can do it here
After that just click Save It has been save
So if you would like to print it You can print it from here or you can email
here Let me show you how it looks
This is the Standard Invoice Template This is actually the Sales Invoice function
As you can see, once you have transferred it
Your quotation will be shown as “Fully Transferred”, instead of “Confirmed”
This is the sales module We do have reports here
Now, the Purchases We have Cash Purchases, PO, Goods Receive
Note, Make Payment and also all the reports It’s the same as the sales module
Under Banking, you can do your Cash Receipts or Cash Payments here
You can even do your Bank Reconciliation So every month end, when you receive your
bank statement You can do your bank recon from here
Under Stock, we do have a lot of features like Stock Issue, Stock Receive, Stock Adjustment,
Stock Transfers, and Stock Take Another good thing will be the serial number
To manage the Stock Item Just go to Stock, Manage, Stock Item
And you will be seeing a list of all your stocks here
If I would like to create a new stock item I just click New
Give it a name For example, I am going to create Apple iPhone
11 Pro Code will
be for example, Apple11 Stock group I will use Handphone
If you do not find any group that you desire, you can add new group here
In my case here, I will use this one If you have a barcode, you can key it in
Then the next time if you would like to issue quotation or invoice, you can directly scan
from your bar code and the item will automatically appear
You can also choose whether if this stock is a stock control item
If it’s a controlled item, then you will have to choose the costing methods
In this case, I will choose Fixed Cost These are all the things that
I need to key in Click Save
So this item is being created Then you can use it in your quotation, invoice
or purchases If you have images of the stock, we do have
this feature for you You can actually upload your image You can also print your barcode
This is your barcode It’s very convenient
We have a lot of reports here, we have Stock Card, Stock Balance, Aging, Profitability
Under General Ledger, we have this module for the accountant to do the journal entry
or to look at the financial report like GL, P&L and Balance Sheet
I will show you our profit and loss report You
can print it in either PDF or Excel This is how it looks
As for Tax, we support SST & GST As for Settings, there are a lot of things
that you can do like, for example, you can view the User Activities
We do have printing preferences Email and templates settings
Document numbers Tag and Tag group
Foreign Currency Unit of Measurement
Chart of Account And most importantly your company profile
Your company name, phone number, address You can update it from here
That’s all

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