Experiencing the Board Fellows program at Olin 2017-18

Experiencing the Board Fellows program at Olin 2017-18

I’m working with the Asthma and Allergy
Foundation. Senior Services Plus Matthews Dickey Boys & Girls Club The St. Clair County Child Advocacy Center the American Diabetes Association The Lessi Bates Davis Neighborhood House Sherwood Forest CASA of Southwestern Illinois And I am working with Webster child care center so today we’re in boot camp which is the
official orientation for the Board Fellows program. – I think when I first
came in I knew a couple of the other board fellows and they were a little
nervous but I think that’s kind of turned into excitement. – I am excited I’m
trying to keep in mind that there’s just a lot to learn. – Today we’re here learning
about the basic inner workings of a non profit of a charitable
organization. – Really getting us up to speed with what we should expect and how
we should be viewing our portion of the service on the board. – We’re doing
different projects for our organizations so I’m excited to speak with my
classmates and learn more about how they’re going to kind of tackle their
project in the next year. – I’ll be working with them to help understand what’s the
appropriate capital structure for a senior services center they plan on
opening it’s a big capital expansion project and I’m very excited. – Right now
they don’t have the technological capability to be able to accept things
like credit card payments and so I will be helping them to bring their current
front office processes forward. – I applied to the United Way Board Fellows Program
because it offered a unique opportunity to get not only hands on experience but
hands on experience that has a social impact. I feel like it’s a great extension
of the classroom and a good way to continue my education hopefully beyond
the time I graduate. – You know this was a great way to gain some practical
real-world experience and apply some of the things I was learning at Olin to an
agency here in the area that is really making a difference. the experience has been great I was
welcomed on the board right away I’ve been able to sit on all the committees
at least once and have played an active role the experience has been phenomenal
I’ve had the opportunity compensation decisions it was really like coming into
a family with open arms and being accepted they were excited to have some
fresh perspective they were excited to have a fresh network to be able to plug
into I think that the board was glad to have that person that could say no you
might want to think about this and she did that they’ve brought some energy
into the room of a preset group of people who kind of do business as usual
I would recommend this experience to any agency I think that given the right
match of a fellow with an organization the experiences is wonderful for both
board fellows as a full year commitment and I think that that opportunity of
repeat exposure to the really high level really innovative people in the
community that is for me where the learning have happened absolutely it’s
been worthwhile they’ve actually invited me to stay on the board once the board
fellow program terminates I’ve used the experience in many interviews and it’s
turned around the interviews it’s a great opportunity not only for your
current career but even for your future definitely one of the best experiences
I’ve had at Olin

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