Expenses Made Easy with Hnry

Expenses Made Easy with Hnry

My name’s Alan Sharpe, I work for Get Sharpe. I use Hnry’s expenses feature to do all
my home office and business expenses. It’s really easy – I just need to take a
photograph of my expenses or download an invoice from the computer and it’s
straight into Hnry and it’s approved by Hnry, and Hnry calculate all
differences as to whether it’s a percentage off your home office and that
kind of stuff. I was doing my expenses and up popped James on the intercom and I
asked him about a couple of things to do with expenses – what I could claim and
what I couldn’t claim – and he was brilliant. All I need to make sure is
that I’m invoicing my clients correctly and I’m putting my expenses into Hnry. Everything else is taken care of, so for me it’s a godsend. I’m no longer getting
into trouble with the IRD!

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