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– [Interviewer] We are taking the deposition of Tobey Maguire. Will the court reporter
please swear in the witness? The camera shows the witness being sworn in by the court reporter. – [Court Reporter] Do you
solemnly swear the testimony you’re giving is the
truth, the whole truth and nothing but the
truth, so help you God? – Yes, I do. – [Court Reporter] Thank you. – [Interviewer] Thank you,
we are ready to begin. (rhythmic music) – [Narrator] In 1996,
a feature-length movie called Don’s Plum was made. – Yeah, fucker did! (group laughs) – [Narrator] It starred
the so-called Pussy Posse, a circle of celebrity friends, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey
Maguire, and Kevin Connolly. Considering the star power, Don’s Plum seemed destined for success. But shortly after its completion, multiple lawsuits were filed, and DiCaprio and Maguire
successfully banned the film’s release in America and Canada. For years, the full story of
Don’s Plum has gone untold. How it destroyed friendships. – I feel so betrayed. – [Narrator] Ruined Hollywood careers. – That is the most ridiculous thing that I’ve ever heard in my life. – [Narrator] Instigated divorces. And even caused a producer
to contemplate suicide. Now the New York Post brings you the truth behind this salacious story. (dramatic music) – My dad committed suicide, bro. He shot himself right in the fucking head. All ’cause of my mom. – Already there was this
idea that we’re gonna make millions of dollars from this film. And everybody is gonna be big. And all the careers are
gonna open up for us. As opposed to getting
our foot in the door, they were like, this is
our path to kick it down. – We remembered much of what we shot. And we knew there was a lot
of what we would term, gold. There was just tons of gold. We shot 30 hours probably of actual film. – And then we took that footage and edited the core of the story to see what those main scenes shaped up like. And so we were then able to structure an outline for the second shoot. – So it was in March or April of ’96 that we were able to
assemble most of the cast, sans DiCaprio, but I think
everybody else came back to shoot new scenes that helped
support the previous improv. – [Juliet] How you doin’, Ian? – I am just great. I am just having a blast. – [Interviewer] Tobey is involved
in the re-shoots, correct? – Tobey is the star of
the re-shoots, for sure. ♪ A lonesome cowboy ♪ ♪ Just waitin’ ♪ ♪ For his girl ♪ – [Interviewer] You participated in the second shoot of
Don’s Plum, correct? – Correct. – [Interviewer] And prior
to the time that you showed up to shoot the
second shoot of Don’s Plum, did you ever discuss the
fact that you were appearing in the second shoot with Mr. DiCaprio? – I don’t think so. – I had no idea that there
were additional scenes that were already shot,
because when I heard about it, they were already shot. – The second shoot we
started to add the subplots. And then we added footage
from the second shoot and came up with a more
developed rough cut. – We were very verbal
about this on the set. We started talking about
how we might actually have a feature-length cut
based on what we shot. – Maybe they said we have enough to cut something over 70 minutes or, I don’t remember what it, 80 minutes, or I don’t remember. – There was a conversation that we had all this additional footage. We have enough to make a feature. – [Interviewer] Did you
voice any type of objection to Don’s Plum being
anything more than a short? – I don’t recall. – [Interviewer] Did you hear
anybody else object to that? – I don’t recall. – I really wanted no part in trying to make this a feature film. It was always going to be a
short film between friends. I mean, I can remember both
Dave and R.D. being like, but Tawd, this is a million-dollar film. Don’t you wanna have a million dollars? As if it would be a million
dollars for each of us. – That got back to Leo, and Leo did not expect to hear that at all. – I remember specifically
Ethan Suplee telling me, do you know that R.D. and Dale are trying to edit this as a feature film, while I was in Mexico City
shooting Romeo and Juliet. I also remember talking
with Kevin over the phone, hearing that and being shocked by that. – Leo became immediately apprehensive. And there was good reason for it. He believed we were
probably making a bad film. I mean, we were first time film makers, we were doing 100%
improv, we were shooting on black and white 16 millimeter. And Leonardo DiCaprio
called both R.D. and I and we had a conversation. And Leo was like, guys, I don’t want this to be a feature film, I can’t afford a bad feature film to go out right now, that’s just not gonna work for my career. – There’s no way that that
can be a feature film. It’s always intended to be a short. – But we said, look, we
still have to cut together what we shot, and we
think that what we shot is gonna cut into a feature-length film. But here’s the deal, if the
film is not good enough, if the film is an embarrassment, if the film is something that could harm you in any way,
the film won’t go out. And that was our promise to Leo, and Leo agreed to those terms, because they’re pretty logical terms. – We had made this agreement that we are going to make a short film. To my knowledge, there was
actually no cut of a short film. – [Interviewer] Is it your
testimony, Mr. DiCaprio, that you never discussed
with Tobey Maguire that he was going to be doing re-shoots in connection with Don’s Plum, prior to the time that
the re-shoots took place? – I don’t remember that conversation. – Tobey Maguire’s ambition was ferocious. And one of his goals,
from his mouth to my ears, was to overtake DiCaprio, which to me, was as ridiculous as it came. – Tobey told me that, Leonardo DiCaprio is my closest friend
and my arch-competitor. I will run circles around
him and I will beat Leo. That was his thing. – Maguire saw himself as a real actor, whereas DiCaprio was there
for the fame and the money. – You have to understand
that this is Tobey Maguire before any of the big art house films that he did with Ang Lee and Woody Allen. And certainly before he rose
to stardom with Spider-man. To give you an idea of where these guys were at this point in
time in their careers, in 1994, Leonardo DiCaprio was in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (Leonardo cries) – I killed him, Gilbert, I killed him. – And for that performance,
he was nominated for an Oscar. Also in 1994, Tobey Maguire was
in Revenge of the Red Baron. – Hey, Baron! Here I come! (laughing maniacally) Come on, you don’t even know how to fly! – [Dale] For which he was
not nominated for an Oscar. – And your flight’s been canceled. – Tobey Maguire was just an actor on auditions like everybody else. (Tobey vocalizing) – You girls masturbate at all?
– Ew, that’s so gross. – You know, I’m trying to
get to know you a little bit. – In the original cut, there’s a scene where everyone’s talking
about masturbation. – I haven’t beat off in two months. – Really?
– Why? – I don’t know, I just
can’t psyche myself into it. Every time I start, I feel ridiculous. – And Tobey’s character, Ian, confesses that while he masturbates, he
sticks his pinky up his ass. – You know what? I beat off and I stick
in my pinky. (laughs) – In your ass? – Not in my ass, but– – Around it. (Leonardo laughs) – I mean, I do it, and you know what? It makes it way better. – And I remember on one
occasion, when Tobey, during the post-production
period of Don’s Plum, was probing, that’s not a pun. Probing me for feedback on the way, how the film was progressing through post. Then he asked about his
own performance and I said, you give one of the most
beautiful, honest moments in the film, and I think
it’s just really special. He’s like, tell me about it. I was like, I don’t wanna spoil it. He’s like, ah, tell me about it. And I’m like, all right,
I’ll tell ya about it. And I proceeded to tell
him about his confession of his anal preferences while
masturbating, his character’s. And he just started to
freak out, was like, I don’t do that man, I don’t do that. I was like, okay, it’s
cool, nobody actually cares. But he was extremely
uncomfortable that he, I guess, had said that on film. Tobey was like, you can’t do this to me. You gotta let me see it. And he kinda begged us. – I believe Tobey and his
manager wanted to view the movie to make sure that Tobey’s
performance was up to par. That it supported that
he’s a really good actor. I think they had maybe some concerns that he came across a
little bit weak on film. – Sound so sad, have you
been rejected tonight? (laughs) – I wouldn’t exactly go there. – Really, wouldn’t you? – Where I would go is into my car to meet my friends with you. – We screened it for Tobey
Maguire and we screened it for Eric Kranzler, his
manager, 72 minute cut. – My coffee is not even lukewarm. (girls laugh) It’s not even lukewarm,
my food was fucked. This guy is just. – Don’s Plum is not an
easy movie to watch. It’s sometimes not a very
easy movie to experience. It’s a very raw, gritty movie. – I mean, I believe I’m here
for some kind of purpose, or some shit, but the
more I think about it, the more fucked up I get, so why bother? – His manager had created the
Pleasantville Tobey Maguire. Don’s Plum for him was
too wild, too crazy. – It’s just rain, it’s okay. Come on, come on out. See? (thunder crashes) Look. Fuck you for being a
cock tonight in general. Fuck you for fucking with this girl. – He thought it would ruin his career. He had his career all
planned out for himself. And he thought releasing this
movie would hinder his career. – Ooh! – Okay, looks like we’re
playing a new game, huh? – Just by the characters
they were playing, the nature of the film,
he didn’t like it at all. – I could definitely see
Maguire as I knew him feeling that Leo had out-shined him and that possibly being
part of the motivating factor for wanting to kill this film. Because obviously
DiCaprio shines brighter, takes the spotlight most of the time. – I definitely think that was part of it, that his manager was
like, it won’t be good for you to be seen in this movie and compared to Leonardo, who’s brilliant. And Tobey wasn’t that brilliant. He just isn’t the talent that
DiCaprio is, that’s for sure. – Yeah, but you’re being an asshole.
– When I first met you, you were an asshole just like me. And all of a sudden you’re the
fucking vegetarian spiritual master of the universe.
– So maybe, maybe I’ve grown. – It’s nothing to do with growing, bro. I think you’re fucking being fake. – I think we ended up
at a final cut somewhere in June of 1996. And John Schindler introduces
us to Jerry Meadors, who was like our lord and savior. Here is a guy who’s worked on dozens and dozens of films,
worked with the biggest and best stars in the world as executive vice president of marketing
at Paramount Pictures. Jerry was the real deal. And that the film could attract
a talent of his caliber, and an executive of his caliber
was a really positive sign. His mind is thinking about the
whole future of Don’s Plum. He’s thinking about press, he’s thinking about how this movie will
ultimately get released. How is he gonna sell
Don’s Plum to the town? And at one point he had decided that it would be best that we announce that Don’s Plum is completed. – I put out a press release. I was announcing the
feature to the industry. – Jerry’s reason for
that is because he wanted all the distributors in
town to know about it so that we could potentially
stir up a lot of interest and then hopefully end up
in a bidding situation. So Jerry does the press release. Leo had not yet seen the film. Leo had not yet signed off on the film. That’s when we aggressively set up the late June screening at MGM Grand, specifically for Leonardo DiCaprio, and for the cast and crew. – But also there was movie
executives and others, some other high level industry
people in for the screening. – The day of the screening,
Leo calls us and says he’s not gonna make it
because he’s gotta go to Juliette Lewis’
birthday party in Vegas. This is fucking terrible. This is potentially tragic for us because we need Leonardo DiCaprio to sign off on this film
before we can move forward. If he doesn’t see the film, when the fuck is he gonna see the movie? It became a problem, a
big, big, big problem. Not long after that phone call and message from Leonardo DiCaprio, the
Daily Variety hit the stand. And in there was an
announcement about Don’s Plum, the completion of Don’s Plum, and that Leonardo DiCaprio,
along with his buddy, Tobey Maguire starred in it. Well, fucking Leo freaked out. He phoned us up and he was screaming mad. And he canceled his trip to Vegas. He’s now gonna come to the screening. So we were caught up in a
world of fear and anxiety. We’re like, oh my God,
Leo is so mad right now. I thought we were doomed, man. We are trembling afraid. And Jerry was really nervous. He goes, well, at least Leo will know we have a voice in the press. You said that. “At least Leo will know we
have a voice in the press.” – It doesn’t sound like something I’d say. I already knew I had the press. Yeah, the press has always written about everything I’ve done. I’m not saying I didn’t say it, but I am saying I don’t
remember saying it. – I think Jerry just had
a knee-jerk reaction. It wasn’t a smart thing
to say, but in the end I believed it was nothing
but a harmless reaction to what was a very intense moment. – We had rented this space at MGM. And we got there and
everyone was in a good mood. Everyone was friendly. – Leading up to that screening
was just a mess of nerves. And Leo shows up, sick to my stomach. The dude looks at me like I betrayed him. It was like the stand off scene
in The Quick and the Dead. (dramatic music) – And then we went in and watched it. – The lights went down, my fear boiled up. And the opening credits began,
and I just sat and wondered with the sweatiest palms
I have ever created. And. (audience laughs) A couple of laughs. (audience laughs louder) A couple of roars. – Everyone was laughing and Leo was literally rolling
on the floor laughing. – All of a sudden Leo’s
jumping out of his chair, he’s smacking the ground, he’s high fiving all of our friends, Ferguson,
Connolly, all of us. He’s high fiving us, can’t
believe what’s happening, back in his seat, howling. – He loved it, he jumped up and down, he turned spins in the air. And on the way out, he congratulated R.D. And he said, well, you said you were gonna make a feature, I never
believed you could, but you did it, and it’s pretty good. It was that simple. – Everything. Everything was better, man. Everything we promised was on the screen. In many ways, Don’s Plum was
a love letter to our friends. I just remember the buzzing afterwards. And just everyone in a
state of elated shock. (sighs) What a relief, God. We pulled it off, we finally got there. – It sucked. It was a pathetic shell
of what it should’ve been. It had good points, the
actors were really good. The actors were totally on it. And of course, I’m comparing it to what I felt it should’ve been, and other people can only
see it for what it is. What’s out there is really embarrassing. I’m embarrassed to have
even been involved in it. The screening went extremely well in the sense that everybody
seemed to really like the movie. Leo seemed to really liked the movie. The actors seemed to
really like the movie. I was maybe the only one that
didn’t really like the movie. – Leo had done a complete 180. It was like, holy fuck. He’s like, I loved it, it was great. I want you guys to take
it to see my agent. I’m booming with confidence at this point. I have no fear whatsoever. We arrange a screening
at CAA headquarters. And we screen the movie
for them and they flipped. – The screening went great. Everyone in the room seemed thrilled. They wanted to sign us, they wanted to work up a deal with us. – They signed R.D. Robb on the spot, man. They were like, we’re very
interested in repping you, I imagine you’re interested
in us repping you. And he’s like, yes, absolutely. R.D. Robb got representation at CAA, the biggest agency in Hollywood. In that room at that time,
every one of them said, we’re on board, move forward. Every one of them, every
fucking one of them. We were already getting
offers from companies in Hollywood to distribute Don’s Plum. And we set up a screening
specifically for Miramax. Once they saw the movie, they told us they were gonna make us an offer. Miramax is gonna make an offer
on my movie, dude, Miramax. This was before Harvey Weinstein was outed as the monster he is. So at that point, all we
ever did was admire this man. This is the guy who discovered Tarantino. – Well, I got very emotional with the feelings of betrayal and anger. I felt… really hurt and I felt really angry. – Tobey Maguire believed Don’s Plum was gonna just be a pile of crap, we weren’t gonna succeed,
Leo’s gonna say no, and we’re gonna be gone. But that’s not what
happened, Leo proceeded. And CAA got engaged. And the movie is now coming out. And now he has to make it stop. There’s no way to make it stop now unless he creates a villain. And I got the big
fucking M on my forehead. I am the mark for that, I’m
the perfect mark for that. And we get a call, I think, from Tobey. And he tells us that he has some concerns that he wants to talk about with us. And that he wanted to come
over and make us dinner. And so we’re like, yeah,
sure, come on over, bro. And he came over. And he brought with him a
box of macaroni and cheese and a package of tofu wieners. He began cooking and starting
to talk about Don’s Plum. He started suggesting that
there was shitty business about Don’s Plum and that
he had a problem with that. And he felt like we were
withholding from him and from the others information
that they should know about. And we haven’t been on the
up and up from the beginning. And R.D. was kinda having none of it. R.D. was like, what the
fuck do you really want? Tobey, why are you here,
why are you really here? And the thing started boiling up probably as the macaroni was boiling up. And finally Tobey loses it
and comes completely undone. And he starts screaming,
I want Don’s Plum to burn! And he’s screaming and his veins
are coming out on his neck. And it was just rage, pure unadulterated rage. I couldn’t figure it out, man. And it scared me, it scared me bad. I was in a desperate
state of panic immediately when he started screaming in our faces that he wanted Don’s Plum to burn. I kept saying, what is wrong with you? Why are you so hell bent on, why do you want Don’s Plum to burn? And then he started
insisting that the worst thing that happened,
that’s how he phrased it. He was like, I want you to tell me the worst thing that happened. And I was like, what
are you talking about? I don’t even know what you want, man. Nothing horrible happened. He goes, that’s bullshit, Dale. Bad shit happens all the time, I know bad shit happened with Don’s Plum. I want to know what
the fucking worst thing is that happened with Don’s Plum. Oh, Tobey was fishing that night. Tobey needed fuel for his fire. Be honest, be a man, he would say. Be a man and tell the fucking truth, Dale. And so I’m like, all right, fine. I’ll tell you the worst fucking thing. I heard fucking Jerry Meadors say, after Leo got so pissed off
about the Variety article, I heard Jerry Meadors
say that at least Leo will know we have a voice in the press. And holy shit, he exploded. Tobey fucking lost his mind. You’re gonna pit the press against Leo! What, no, what are you
fucking talking about? I never said anything like that. You’re gonna pit the
press against fucking Leo? You would do that to your own friend? You’re a fucking disgrace. Screaming and screaming. And I fucking went into a crazy panic. I can’t imagine how fast
my heart was beating. No, Tobey, fucking nobody, never. That would never happen,
what are you talking about? I told you that’s what Jerry said. Jerry didn’t even fucking mean it. What are you doing, why are
you tearing apart this movie? I’m going to Leo, I’m
going to fucking the guys, we are putting this out. Don’t do it, please, don’t. But that was it, man. I gave Tobey everything he needed. God. We got a call probably from Tobey, and the call was that we were meeting at Kevin Connolly’s later that night. We showed up at Kevin Connolly’s and we participated in a
meeting that we now refer back to as the verbal
bludgeoning or the bashing. Present at the meeting
was Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Ethan
Suplee, Kevin Connolly, Scott Bloom, and R.D. Robb
and myself, of course. Tobey led saying that I had
told him, confessed to him, that we were planning on pitting the press against Leonardo DiCaprio,
that the Variety article was a warning from us to Leo, to warn him that we had
a voice in the press and that we’re prepared
to use that voice in press if he were to object in
any way to Don’s Plum. Which was so crazy because he had already consented to Don’s Plum. So Leo was just sitting there
getting angrier and angrier. And then finally he just jumped up and he just started screaming. You want to fuck with me,
you’re gonna fuck with me? I’m Braveheart, mother
fucker, I chop heads. Called me a liar, a
cheater, a fucking betrayer, a Canadian piece of shit,
insult after insult. Tobey went fucking crazy on R.D. He’s like, admit it, admit
it, you’re a star fucker, R.D. He’s like, screaming
within inches of his face. You take advantage of people,
you step on your friends. And R.D. got just mentally broke down. And then at one point, he just
fucking bursts out screaming. Fine, I did it, okay? I’m a star fucker, I took
advantage of all of you. That’s what I am, I’m a fucking loser. Everything just kinda went silent. The room just kinda died. Leo was making a very big decision. Because the editor’s work is at stake, the DP’s work is at stake,
dozens of actors’ work is at stake, other
writers’ work is at stake. You don’t beat that guy up
because you got a beef with me. You got beef with me, take it up with me. If Leo decided to
interfere with Don’s Plum, he decided to interfere with
Kevin Connolly’s career, and he knew that. (wind blows) How’s the weather, babe? – [Woman] Gnarly. – Like, gnarly, gnarly? – [Woman] Gnarly thunderstorm coming. (thunder crashes) – In a way, life was
starting to imitate art. Leo was becoming more and more like Derek. The way he acted, the things that he said. He knew that we had been
already invited to Sundance. He goes, this movie isn’t
gonna be in Sundance. My fucking agents run this town and they run Sundance, and believe me, that movie’s not gonna be in Sundance. Your movie’s not gonna be anywhere. My agents run this town. (thunder crashes) At one point he goes, I can’t even fucking look at your
fucking faces anymore. I can’t look at your face
anymore, and he points to me. You Canadian tree-hugging piece of shit. Get the fuck out of here. – Get the fuck out of here now! (thunder crashes) All of our dreams, all of the
work, it all died that day. In that moment it was done. And I knew it, and I fucking knew it. (thunder crashes) Tobey was so successful at creating such a division of these friendships. R.D. Robb was friends with Kevin Connolly for 12 years at that point. R.D. Robb had been friends with Leo for six years at that point. R.D. Robb has been
friends with Scott Bloom for 12 years at that point. Ethan Suplee and I were the newcomers, and we were all friends for
three years at that point. These were deeply,
deeply rooted friendships and in one day, in one day, all of those relationships were destroyed. And by one day, I mean one fucking day. I went from being in
the most popular circles in Hollywood, and being
beloved in the group, and then I go from that
to fuck off and die. All of my relationships
are completely gone. I’ve got a dead film,
I can’t get anywhere. I cannot move, I am blacklisted. (record scratches) – Well what the fuck did you think was gonna happen going up against them? You were obviously gonna be blacklisted. That’s what happens in
this industry all the time. It is an industry of favoritism, nepotism, and the biggest dick wins. (dramatic music)

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