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  1. We have his phone, does anyone really think that burned 1990's phone was carried by a so-called charismatic General. lol We have the witches red slippers.

  2. Live by the sword you die by the hellfire! It amazes and disgusts me the msm/left are heartbroken over this. Vote red so you have a country!

  3. This dude tells us that Suleimani died the same way the americans he killed!
    Did you mean: Take pictures of the Americans you claim to have killed and show us their severed limbs! You bastard lier!

  4. 🔥 Obama & Biden sent 150 Billion in Cash to these Evil – Scumbags that destroyed many of America’s fallen Military guys & gals !!! 🔥🎭✨

  5. There is a perfect symmetry to Solemani getting his body blown into pieces and then burning like a heap of rubbish along the road. A perfect ending to a wasted life.

  6. 🤣🇺🇸2020 U.S.A meaning =Unlimited Strange Attacks 🛰️📡 around the Globe World Wide 🤣❓👀🙏🙋💯🛰️📡

  7. I love to see all the pictures, I was just watching the pictures of 1000s of people this regime executed after Carter let them come to power.

  8. Word to the dems that hate America, some president did something to your terrorists buddy in Iran. 😄🇺🇲

  9. So much for CIA propaganda. There you go Democrats told you that Iranians were Liars but you keep protecting your buddies. Hell, give them another hundred and fifty billion dollars. Every middle-class home owner could have paid off their mortgage with that money. Thanks thanks for the help Democrats. You will pay dearly in November.

  10. Yes Canadians Need Americans Assistance.!!.. We Are There Beside You.!!. Always & Forever.!!. 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇨🇦🇺🇸

  11. You republicans supporters. are being lie to by your president and party, they most be doing it because they think that you are stupid and gullible idiots. The trump and his administration , was at mar-a-lago when trump received a briefing on intelligence on the killing of the contractor " and he ordered his people to take out the one that did it. So they killed 25 Iranian. As revenge for that. He was at mar-a-lago with Mike pompayo, Mike pence, Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz and other republicans senators. And they are the ones that pushed him to take out the General. In the intelligence that trump had. Because trump needed the support of them in his upcoming trial trump did it to keep them on his side in the impeachment trial. That is what basically happened. It was nothing to do with a imminent threats. That is why they can't prove that General Qasem soleimani was planning anything to the embassies. Or the troops. Trump is guilty of war crimes. And it's his fault that the plane was missiles in Iran. Trump is to blame.

  12. You reap what you sow. He killed a lot of innocent people and soldiers(IEDs). May he enjoy his 72 virgins!

  13. Yes but ultimately Obama, Clinton, Kerry and the rest of the Democrats are responsible for paying the Iran regime in our cash to conduct terrorists attacks on Americans.
    They MUST be charged for treason.

  14. Our special oops on the ground there,has that good to go statues.Things may slow down a bit, hopefully.Iran wants Iraq's oil. I belive Iran has Iraq under diress,could explaine there actions.Iraq is there now.Fighting

  15. The UK plane went down from mechanical problems.

    Immediately after the impact of the missle the plane had mechanical problems and went down ….

  16. Trump already said Iran has shot down that air plane, but leftists including Ilhan Omar were barking at Trump… Trump 2020 🇺🇲

  17. Liberals put this guy on par with MLK and Princess Diana, but by next weeks news cycle they'll be holler'n about impeachment proceedings.

  18. Dude drilled knees of a 10 yr old boy…erased a village of the map…and hes a friend of Rachel maddow and Clinton…ok….I heard he lived gays.

  19. Yeaaa..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍✌✌✌✌💖💖💖

  20. Trump, what every sane person thought you would probably do when in power has happened: you started a war. Again, because apparently each ‘Republican’ needs to start a war to be respected as a president. Trump: you and your whole clique of Fox News, Alex Jones and the less intelligent part of America are some sorry bunch!!

  21. Put the Congressional Communists Democratic Members, about 98% of MSM on a plane , fly it over IRAN and when they land inform the Traders they are not welcomed back in America!!! They obviously hate our country & our President!

  22. Hi My mind and brain are controlled by the government of India not only my mind and brain but also all the body function s you can see me Mumbai dadar w rande road svs market…….

  23. He went to the wrong Hood. The Democrats were angry they didn't know ahead of time because they wanted to drop pallets of cash for him.

  24. The judge overseeing the lawsuit against Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education is sick and tired of waiting for DeVos’s department to comply, and even though she’s already held DeVos in contempt, the judge now believes that this isn’t enough. So the judge is reaching out to the victims – the students who are being illegally forced to repay student loans that should have been forgiven – to tell her how she should punish DeVos further.



  27. Sooooo let me just review this. You're saying the Commander in Chief led an operation against our sworn enemies that succeeded? Where's Tokyo Rose McGowan's comments on this and the Ukranian passenger plane downed by these miscreants?

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