Exclusive: Ivanka Trump and IBM CEO discuss the future of business

Exclusive: Ivanka Trump and IBM CEO discuss the future of business

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  1. Ability to move where jobs are created.
    Accessible to affordable childcare. Hillary Clinton took a great Kick Off slained bad fruits on stage seated.
    IBM growing cloud with hybrid cloud in hands of administration.
    Cloud servicers doesn't require education qualifications. That's a very societal support to the illiterate and under privileged can use their humanus skills to earn their labor with sweat and labor. They get their skills sharpen too?

    Maria Bartiromo will be a good coach for skills sharpening?

    Europe Council President woman looked very workable with such under privileged labor works. That's the sales force and it recorded 40,000,000 labor across world. Optimystics.

    Sounds very electronic millennaires begun their playschool trophys again with digital virtual technology.

  2. The numbers don't add up. If women got 75% of new jobs and that was 1.5 million than there were less than 2 million jobs added.

  3. Похож на швейцарского паренька (утерянного принца швейцарии) этот джинни ромети, но это точно не он, скопированна внешность, потому что швейцарец царских кровей мертв.

  4. Fox should have asked them about IBM getting huge into blockchain and their own bitcoin in Asian banks.. literally they have cryptocoin servers running banks. That is a big future and everyone is talking crypto now for banking as its cheaper than paper for society to use safely…

  5. I love the fact that they are bringing back technical schools and training. College degree doesn't always guarantee wealth.

  6. He cheats on his wives. He cheats his contractors and lenders. I assume he cheats on his taxes, or he would let us see them. And he cheats at golf! Why would anyone believe that he would not cheat to win an election?

  7. We need to concentrate on TAKING CARE OF OUR MEN!! The ones that were born here and have been here for GENERATIONS!
    I love Trump but there's something about Ivanka that just doesn't sit right with me. Could be just because of her husband, I can't quite put a finger on it.

  8. I like how this two ladies show so much joy at the work they are doing. Very interesting maybe I need to check it out.

  9. First of all, paid family leave is a horrible idea.
    But most importantly, Ginni Rometty is there discussing business and the other blonde lady is there along for the ride wondering which shoes go best with the ketchup she had this morning.

  10. Sounds like women are getting a much higher percentage of new jobs than their percentage in the population. Where is the Equity for men?? I demand action!

  11. And once again a fine example of how the trump administration is thriving towards creating jobs and opportunities for the American people

  12. Ivanka a beautiful intelligent woman. A real shame what the Trump family has gone through for 3 years! Ivanka stay Strong!😊

  13. These women are very impressive. I sure hope you and your brother take your turns at the presidency when your father Finishes his NEXT Term of office. I’ll leave it to a long and Don Junior to decide who goes first. TRUMP 20 MORE YEARS!!!

  14. How could any American not support our president and his family. There setting a standard of patriotism that is unmatched by our elected officials. They walk the talk ! KAG2020

  15. We need to pay more mothers who choose to stay home and not put their kids in disgusting daycare centers where some liberal but job ruins kids

  16. I just want to say hi to the 1at woman President of the United States of America… You have my vote already, I want to be the 1st.

  17. Ask Ginni why every company they buy goes to IBM only to die forever. Remember Domino Development? Remember FoxPro? And others?

  18. Its pretty pathetic how liberal news ignores all the things trump has done for this country . Liberals are truly pro self and anti American

  19. We love our women and may prefer to work for them rather than them working for us but we appreciate what you are doing and what opportunities you have created . Obama and Baden’s where ready out of torch and you are doing just what need to be done .

  20. I banks has the skills to be the first woman president if she keeps going and get the backing of the husband and father ..

    It would really be great to have Pence 2024 and 2028 and Ivanka after that then America would be big enough and Dems May have taken time to purge their party and be serious in serving the people and the world . Most keep America Great

  21. I don't want to live in country where ignorant, down grading individuals, who have affections for Globalism, Socialism, Marxism, and Political Correctness and who want to "take from the rich" to give everyone's wealth to everyone else, would be political leaders and/or educators. Is it God against the Devil? Is it Light against Darkness? Is it good against evil? You better believe it's true for us all. TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  22. As soon as his father was announced president all let their legal business overseas. As soon as Biden was announced vice president, all the family begin their illegal business overseas.

  23. 73% of all new jobs went to women. You need to stop and think about the young men of today too. What are you doing about their future? Women have a stake in it as well. They don’t really want to marry unemployed men. If you want strong families it’s important that young men have a path forward.

  24. Very interesting. Ginni Rometti and her management team has axed thousand upon thousands of employee over the last several years.
    Many thousand of these managers and employees were highly rated and performed their jobs and exceeded their objectives. They were laid of, not really laid off, but resourced out of the business because of their age and not their performance. There are lawsuits in process against IBM over age discrimination. IBM jobs were sent overseas and the employees were asked to train their replacements or they would not receive any termination benefits, which I understand to be 30 days salary, regardless of years of service. I understand that IBM has exceeded their quarterly
    objectives this last quarter. IBM has missed their objectives for quarter over quarter for years under Rometti’s leadership. IBM employees that
    miss their objectives for a quarter or two are fired, but not executive management. Talk to any IBM retiree or employee. I am hopeful that IBM does the things they are talking about. Seems like the CEO is talking out of both sides of her mouth.

  25. It's not fair I want a human Barbie doll like IVANKA… The only way LIFES going to be fair is we have to clone her . And all of us get a least one.

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