Exclusive: Former Canadian PM talks USMCA, divided government

Exclusive: Former Canadian PM talks USMCA, divided government

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. I miss Stephen Harper. I miss our country having a real prime minister.Trudeau is a posturing , pandering simpleton who isn't fit to shine Harper's shoes. We need him back at the wheel.

  2. Harper, you are a filthy pig! You sold Canada down the tubes when you shut down all the relevant scientists studying climate change. You are a traitor! You sold us out to pour that filthy oil and bitumen across the country to sell to China. You are untrustworthy and a fast-talking snake! Get lost you swine you are an embarrassment to Canada. Liar, liar, LIAR!

  3. Hearing all this talk of the Russian interfering with the presidency along with any other country trying to interfere with are choice to pick for are president is a big deal cause now more than ever it will show we don't care what they have to say are believe. The most important thing is what the (Dem are the republic ) say during the debates are they going to keep what is going on going now. Stoping the leaks being honest and working together wen this is over . I no this my opinion still is who I am and will not allow what so ever change who I believe is best suited to run are country

  4. Look it's ezzy ask all them the same question. Hearing this guys talk about what they need to do is real talk . Are safety are lives are in these people hands .

  5. I will not let another country government stop me from what political party I chose. So I urge you the people to do the same . Don't allow any of this stop you from in who you believe is suited to run this great country.

  6. What joy when someone says, "Trudeau, YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!" And with his father being a communist, that day cannot come too soon.

  7. My message to Russia and any other government are people trying to bring us down won't fall for it and we as Americans and those who are here and adopted the American will show why we are a great country. Cause instead of fighting each other we are going to help one another. Till things do get better .

  8. This is why I said let's fix are house and stop all this leaking of info . And I will not allow them are any other change my opinion my belief what I see no hear and fill as a proud American

  9. Im not worrying about there interference I'm more worried about who are those leaking info and causing all this talk . Now do we see the importance of why we no who is really for use and what they are going to do to keep us growing in the right direction. I know there are still good people out there in are government but you and we know the fight is that much harder wen it job is on the line . So I never changed as you can see . And I hop nothing changes who you believe in are chose .

  10. See USA, we do have intelligent ppl that have lead and run our great country, CANADA. Like the great President Trump our former leader was run out because of our swamp. Now we have a village idiot that is not qualified to run a group of snowboarders. When our right party realizes it needs to unite and work for the people, Canada and the USA could be untouchable.

  11. Canada needs the very honourable Mr Harper to come back and clean out the completely rotten swamp algae that's overcoming the enviroment here and killing a once good country that is being torn apart by an idiotic clique and a horde of bureaucrats.

  12. Of the English speaking countries only CANADA had deaths by SARS in 2003

    USA 0 UK 0 Australia 0 NZ BUT Canada 43 deaths by SARS

    Canada in 2003 was ruled by Godless/leftists.

    In 2019, Canada again ruled by Godless/leftists when Covid-19 happens

  13. Harper another globalist/socialist POS traitor to us REAL CANADIANS but great for the invading hordes being allowed to attempt to steal our country.

  14. what is a normal company? how can you know any companies true motives, you can't! you can only prevent their intrusions through your security! that is just common sense!

  15. 9 hours ago 'GoodBad' asked : 'Canada where is your military' 
    So far no one but myself has replied. What a pity. It's a good question, so I offered a rely and an apology as follows. It's only a personal general opinion and I repeat it here only because of the effort involved and the fear no one else, not even GoodBad' will ever read it . . . but it should be said by someone.
    Long, long gone sir !
    At the end of WWII we had the 3rd largest airforce in the world and 25% of the RAF Forces were Canadians and were had a very large navy together with the infrastructure to support it. All the good that came post-war was because the government respected the huge numbers of veterans who organized and kept gov't good.

    All (brain & industrial power) was surrendered to the US when the Arrow project was shut down and we were disarmed and became peace keepers. We surrendered a World Wide Commonwealth for Trudeau's multiculturalism where a once proud nation with a spectacular tradition has been reduced to petty identity politics and we are very quickly becoming the Balkans of North America.

    As a boomer, I saw it all happen in the Royal Canadian Legions as I was growing up as a child In my early 20's (the 70's). They became my best friends and their social work was good. Had the privilege of attending every airforce reunion I could. In the early 80's they talked till 3 am and were the very, very best of pub company. By the end of that decade they went to bed by 9pm. By the end of the 90's they had mosty all gone west. 

    The 'peacetime' Canadian soldiers took over the Legions, (the ones who were to Europe with their families and now sport special privilege licience places' (my parnet's genertation never enjoyed) in the mid 80's. The now not very Royal Legion became nothing more that a place where beer was cheap and anyone & everyon could get in and nothing had anthing to do with anything but entertainment.

    We have many good and even brave vets from that time but their numbers are so few they cannot influence Canadian life the way the WWII generaton did.

    We lost all pride in merit and for the most part lost pride in what Canadian heritage once was.
    God was good to me. Got to see the best most of my life.

  16. The USMCA is a fraudulent nightmare that destroys American Sovereignty.
    This is the continuation of the Bush North American Union.
    Stupid people answer me a question why are you crying over illegals when the USMCA unites 3 nations into one.
    By default there will be no such things as illegals from Mexico or Canada.
    Why bother building the wall?
    You know the big glorious wall….
    Perhaps Trump should have built the wall across the southern Mexican border.
    It would have made far more sense.
    You people swallow all of the BS never realizing you have been had.

  17. The Canadian government should protect the country and its People from that Hwi tech. If they let them advertize and sell their products in Canada, how is that protecting the citizens??

  18. It is such a pity, S. Harper is out of the politics. He was the absolutely the best PM Canada ever had thanks to his down to earth wit and simple common sense. What a contrast to the baby idiot Trudeau who is at helm today.

  19. I wish prime minister Harper was still our man. A straight talking and intelligent leader who could work with USA and all other world leaders

  20. Harper like bush was a globalists. That's when this all went off the rails.our conservative party is now corrupted. Maxine Bernier (ppc)is Canada's Trump.

  21. Love Canada people you need vote Harper. Trudeau much leave policy to Harper is the one for Canada. Canada is a beautiful country. I'm from USA and been there several times.

  22. Stephen Harper, Canada misses you greatly. Unfortunately the majority of Canadians have bumped their heads and elected bobble head Trudope. not once, but twice. Canadians need someone to save Canada the way Trump saved the USA.

  23. Nuclear weapons yes are very dangerous. My opinion is biological weapons are much more a concern than nuclear. Biological weapons such as this coronavirus. Are a huge threat to mankind

  24. I used to hate Harper because I was a liberal atheist. The media's and hollywood's attacks on Trump opened my eyes and I am voting conservative for the rest of my life.

  25. trump has nothing but lies, fabrications, conspiracy theories to explain trump's aberrant behaviour, insults and more insults. trump has never said" I'm and honest man" because he is not. costing taxpayers millions and stealing billions (7.2) from military funds for a wall that fell into mexico, even the mexican people are laughing at you.

  26. The great thimg about President Trump is that he is himself, not assuming a posture of being so elite and great as President Obama did. President Trump has the common touch.

  27. I don't think either of you actually understand but Congress doesn't make foreign policy the president and the state department make foreign policy. So I'm not sure why Congress should beconsidering policies in regards to foreign countries they don't have any say in it whatsoever the only time they get a boat on anything is when the president wants money

  28. I like this guy I mean forgive me I'm an American I don't pay attention to politics of Canada hardly at all so I don't really know what this guy was about previously but I like what he's saying hear the fact that he understands clearly and can stated in the most simplest of terms that socialism has never worked in any country it's been tried in. I mean the Soviet Union was I am an experiment of socialism with a communist form of government and even though the people in power controlled everything it's still failed miserably horribly for those people I mean it was it was a tragedy for the Russian people. And there's not an example anywhere in the world of a true socialist economic system in which the people are free and happy. I mean seriously even the Chinese who would be considered a socialist system but it's not really it's government-run capitalism. read the government owns all forms of production but then they hand out the permission to profit from them to oligarch like businessman

  29. lets face it the problem with NAFTA was that Mexico was stealing jobs from the USA and Canada with their peanut wages.
    That's over now

  30. OMG! Canadian (former) prime minister that actually understand questions and is able to intelligently answer them without reading a pre-prepared statement…what a difference comparing to current mister dressup.

  31. All past and present public service elected peoples must disclose the bank account on and off shore before, during and after service.
    All corruption will be exsposed, Q

  32. I miss when Harper was my Prime Minisister – Such a Clear, Intelligent and Pragmatic PM … that is the real Canada not this crappy J-Trud he's easily the worst PM in our history, his complete incompetance has caused Canadians untold economic and political damage

  33. Great prim minister of Canada! God bless him and his family. Canada was respected and known as a big country during his time as PM.

  34. Kudos to former Canadian PM Stephen Harper. He's an expert Economist, a great God-fearing leader who managed the country very well during the 2008 recession.

  35. Why was China allowed to dominate such national security issues? They supply all tech, all medication originates there. As well as basic hospital supplies.
    As an outside observer… You all fouled up big time. How about bringing these industries back?

  36. Rumors have been floated that Stephen Harper might take back the Conservative party. He would win in a landslide, although the Party is deeply corrupt and cowardly. At least Harper is tough.

  37. A man who says ALLAH in the context of strategic threat. Bring back harper, oh dear God Canadians, wake up. We need a leader with open eyes.

  38. Please Stephen, start a a vote of none confidence and take back the Prime Ministers office. trudo is a threat to our safety and we need you more now than ever. please do all you can to save Canada from the liberal mess.

  39. Wow this Harper guy is Very Eloquent very Coherent and Well Spoken amd Absolutey Correct. I am Highly Impressed 👍👍

  40. Trudeau gives the red carpet to Iran and China and others regime..!!
    Trudeau is coward, born with no spine…!!
    A total FK UP…

  41. The Palestinians are irrelevant in the middle east and they should move to Jordan and
    Form a single government there and unite with the monarchy there. Iran, should be turned int9 a pile of rubble and pacifies.

  42. Either way, both sides of the boarder, Politics gets in the way BY THE EXTREME LEFT! This is the problem as they dont want is living they want to own us all! Look at Sanctuary Cities, 2nd Amendment and what Virginia is doing as the Virginia State AG just told police do as ur told or you will not only be fired but police officers will also lose their pensions! Sounds like the DEM encampment for re-education!
    I am sooo sick of LEFT and their Communist antics on ANYTHING!

  43. Bernie has what bit he does because of brainwash dumb kids who don't know jack about history or anything outside of "free stuff".

  44. I miss him. Our prime minister now is a joke.
    He was brilliant. But the French kills us cause they have so many seats in parliament it is impossible for us to win when we vote. We actual had more votes for conservative candidate than liberal. But liberal still one based on more seats.

  45. All the communist Democrats have left is hate and conspiracy theories. They display hate and disinformation at their debates and rallies and with their puppet media.
    They espouse the doctrines used by Moa, Stalin and Lenin to control the masses. Their candidate as it look right now will Be comrade Bernie Sanders an avowed Communist hiding in a Democrat party disguise. Don’t believe a word of comrade Sanders grandpa like persona. He will tax social security, redistribute your bank savings, and take your 401k and retirement, To redistribute you’re wealth. Vote Trump 2020 to simply save our way of life.

  46. God Bless Harper! He is the best Prime Minister we have ever had in Canada. If it was not for Obama and the DNC interfering with our election in 2015, Harper would still be in office. Sadly Obama interfered again in our elections in 2019 and once again we were stuck with a scum bag Lib'tard for a Prime Minister. WE WANT HARPER BACK!!

  47. ..how did Canada trade this brilliant man for feminist beta boy Trudeau who's wife wears the pants in Canada.. Trudeau's wifey has bigger balls than he does.. wasn't Canada the land built by lumberjacks..?

  48. Interesting that Stephen Harper goes on Fox…..I think he realizes, quite correctly I would add, the media in Canada is so left wing and frankly not very bright, that there is not point in talking to them. Keep doing it Stephen. Canada is sinking under Trudeau……we have become Venezuela North. Trudeau operates off talking points, policy and legislation provided to him by George Soros or Soros proxies and there are lots of them.

  49. I am born, raised, raised my kids and am seeing my young grandkids being raised here in Alberta Canada. Prime Minister Harper was a true leader. These are sad days in Canada. Trudeau hates the west, period, uses for his own ends, all but one other province, and thinks Quebec is the centre of the universe! I can not abide the man or his politics nor his followers. We had some of the brainless welfare fools in masks, not from Alberta, try to block the railway on Wednesday, west of Edmonton. A bunch of good old hardworking Alberta men got a trailer, cleaned the garbage that the human pieces of garbage had piled all over the road & tracks. Put up with typical leftist bullying and an assault from the standing sewage piles yapping off and trying to get a rile out of them because there was media there. Didn't work though. The guys just kept throwing everything out. RCMP were there. They did NOTHING. They too, now are owned by the left. Sad, sad situation all around. My father, who was in the RCMP, when they were still the 'good guys' everyone knew and could count on, must be in Valhalla calling them all a bunch of dunderheads that lost their lightning. I am in my early '60s and this is the first time I've ever been embarrassed to be Canadian and I never thought I'd ever wish my province could leave Canada, but I do.

  50. The biggest threat in the world are the globalist. The Democrats and rhinos are no more than puppets for the globalist. They are just told what to do and now that globalist has control over almost every company. Boeing will not allow ice to use their planes to deport illegals nor will greyhound allow ice to check for illegals on their buses. They are controlling everything

  51. 5:50. Hmmm, America is the ONLY country in history that built nuclear weapons and USED them. So why not sanction the country that already proved it's warmongering intention and genocidal ambitions, rather than projecting onto a country that has done none of the above! This is why Harper will never be Prime Minister again. Canada made the right choice in Trudeau.

  52. You know, Canadians, you don't have to vote for corrupted leftists who are bought and paid for by China and Russia just to avoid the neo-nazis. There is 10 million miles between the two where you can find candidates somewhere in between. So you don't want far-right nationalists, okay but you don't have to put people in power who are basically the prostitutes for China and Russia. Those guys are trying to take down the entire West. We protect Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea and we protect Europe. They need us weak. And of course this message is also for Americans since the Democratic party and 30% of the Republican Party basically bend over for Russia and China and apparently Ukraine also now. You know it's bad when Ukraine can corrupt your politicians. Next you know we will find out Democrats are paid off by Lichtenstein.

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