Excel 2013 Statistical Analysis #00: Excel Workbooks For This Class

Excel 2013 Statistical Analysis #00: Excel Workbooks For This Class

Welcome to Excel 2013
statistics video numbers 0. Now actually, I’m
making this video after I made video number 1
and the reason why is here’s the workbook you
have to download. And you can get this workbook
by clicking on the link below the video. But this workbook is
for video number 1, which is like two hours long. But I added some new
features to the workbooks. So I’m adding this video here. Hey, on the topic sheets,
here’s all the basic topics. And guess what? I added hyperlinks. So if you’re in the data
analysis sort section, and you’re like, I want
to jump there quickly. I can click on this,
and it instantly jumps to the data analysis sort. So back on topics now, I also
added a detailed topic list. Now this list is
below the video when you’re watching at YouTube. If you click the
Show More button, there’s a list of all the
topics and the minute mark. Now if you’re
watching the video, you just click the
Show More button, click on one of the
time hyperlinks, and it jumps to that part in the
video when you’re at YouTube. But I put this sheet
here just so you have a list in the workbook of
all of the important topics. Now that first videos
like two hours long. So here’s the 116 topics
that are important for you to understand. I also added a third sheet
with all of the keyboards from the video. And I will actually in each
successive video and workbook add to this list. Now the cool thing
about this list is if you’re looking
for a keyboard, you can come and sort. So if I want to sort a
to z here, or I like, want to come over to category,
I could click a to z, and instantly, all of the
categories for keyboards are back together. If I come over to
the primary key and sort smallest to largest,
I get the original order as you saw them in the videos. All right. So keyboards, detailed
topic list, and a topic hyperlinks to jump
to the sheets. We’ll see you next
number 1 video.

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  1. Mike..you are my hero! To echo hamy72…this is the BEST channel on Youtube. I come here constantly to refresh my Excel skills and learn new stuff. Thank you.

  2. Just started this series , i remember when i studied statistics at university, now i have opportunity to revise it but with two things
    1 with excel(didn't have opportunity before)
    2 with fun 🙂

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