Ex-Workers Reveal The One Item You Should Never Order At McDonald’s

Ex-Workers Reveal The One Item You Should Never Order At McDonald’s

There are a lot of foods at McDonald’s that
get a bad rap — it is fast food, after all. The chicken nuggets have long been under fire
for their questionable ingredients, and they’ve somehow managed to squeeze 19 ingredients
into something as simple as French fries. But every restaurant has to have at least
a few safe menu options, right? One item that has long been touted as a smart
choice is the Filet-O-Fish, but some Reddit posters claiming to be ex-McDonald’s workers
are doing their best to blow that option out of the water. An insanely popular Reddit post asking fast
food workers what customers should never order has garnered nearly 16,000 responses, and
a large chunk of those responses have been dedicated to the beloved fish option from
the Golden Arches. But the problem with the Filet-O-Fish isn’t
what you might think. It’s not that the always-perfectly-square
patty isn’t actual fish — it is. McDonald’s uses wild-caught Alaska Pollock
from certified sustainable fisheries. Sounds great, right? So what’s the problem? “Give me back that fillet-o-fish! Give me that fish!” Turns out, that wild-caught fish still might
not be fresh — at all. In fact, it could have been sitting around
for hours before you take that first bite. One user said: “No one orders Filet-O-Fish, so at my store
they sat in the cabinet forever.” Another person called it, “the fast food equivalent of playing Russian
roulette.” Of course, you can always request to have
yours made fresh, as many posters recommended, but even that isn’t always a sure solution. Many posters claim a “fresh” patty is just
one that’s fresh out of the microwave — after having sat for a long time in the warmer. And even if you really are getting a fresh-cooked
patty, that Filet-O-Fish may still be completely questionable, as one Reddit poster who claimed
to be an 8-year veteran of McDonald’s unveiled even more dirt on this seafood favorite. “The patties had a tendency to hang around
well past their use-by timer […] Similarly the tartar sauce could go through several
days sitting out in basically room temperature conditions.” Eww. Not enough to turn you off? No worries, he kept going, claiming the fryer
oil for the fish filets was rarely cleaned. He finished up with “Don’t get steamed buns, no one ever cleans
the steamer.” Despite all this, some loyal Filet-O-Fish
fans won’t be swayed. “As somebody who regularly orders it […] I
have to disagree. It’s by far the best fish sandwich that any
fast food place has.” According to McDonald’s, the sandwich is still
a popular seller, both in the US and other countries around the world. Something tells us that won’t change anytime
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  1. How many videos can you make from a Reddit post?! Do you ever cross reference your other videos that mention the same food items?! Idk, like BK, and their fish fillet. When are you going to do stories based on YouTube commenters, ewe and how bout 4chan? Sounds like there is tons of places to source material.

  2. I worked at Mcdonalds and I don’t know all this… these employees would have to be from the farming or labratory part of the business.

  3. The Fillet o Fish is delicious. This must be some shit workers in some random places. Not high turnover cities. Bullshit video l.

  4. idk about other countries but if you order the filet-o-fish in Australia you will simply be bullied until you neck yourself

  5. Hey my son likes that sandwich every time he goes to McDonald’s get what he’s ordered the fillet O fishHe said like super delicious it’s like one of his favourite burger in the whole world

  6. always say 'made fresh' everywhere. Some line cooks favour one shelf. Someone else goes in; all the burger meat above is fucked. So much dark shit happens in fast food
    fuck. i wont get any fast food then. I am craving Arbys but don't want to wait HOURS AFTER THEY OPEN to not overpay for leftovers. And I cook. "Processed" meat is good; it's not like most of the processed shit people eat. I HAVE AN IDEA

  7. its the same in any state, if you go to the fast food on the good side of town or the poor side of town. order where the rich folks live the places are much cleaner the food fresher the staff kinder

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