EWB Fellows: Catalysts for change

EWB Fellows: Catalysts for change

Every morning I wake up around 8:00 – 8:30
I make my morning coffee scroll through my phone check Instagram then once I’m
ready to go to work instead of taking the TTC, here I just hop on a Boda Boda.
my name is Ransi Mannapperuma and I’m based in Kampala Uganda where I work as
a business analyst at a software development company called Laboremus.
My name is Madeleine Smith and I’m an EWB Fellow working as a communications and fundraising specialist at Imuka Ventures My name is Carla Aziz I’m an EWB
Fellow. I do UX/UI design for Numida Technologies in Kampala Uganda. I’m Jakub
I’m an EWB fellow with Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology in
Accra. Ghana. My name is Amelia Achieng, I’m a 2017 Kumvana Fellow working at
LishaBora. The Fellowship presented itself as an opportunity for me to do
something different. Before, I was in the agency world. We’re
looking for young Canadians who are interested in international development.
This becomes an opportunity where they get hands-on experience. I feel very
satisfied with my work and I feel very satisfied with my environment. I was
looking for a program that would help me discover my leadership potential. The
Kumvana program attracts young Africans who ear looking for opportunities in which
they can enhance their leadership journey. The best part about the program
for me was that I definitely feel that I’ve developed as a leader. You are allowed to discover yourself through reflective exercises. Coming into an EWB Fellowship,
where you are both left to fly but given warmth, support and encouragement, has
been such a like pivotal moment for me, in terms of my own progression. It was just a
very great move professionally and personally, on my part.
We have two fellows in our venture right now who have created programs that
completely didn’t exist before, around data and communications. We wouldn’t have
been able to build what we’ve been able to build without the fellows that we
have had. For us is really great to have EWB Fellows. The opportunity to learn
from them, to get the best practices from a country like Canada, helps us
tremendously. It’s a new adventure and a new way for me to apply my skillset.
Working with companies that you can be confident in on delivering real social
impact – that’s fantastic. Seeing the incredible work that is happening and
being able to recognize that and amplify – it’s been a good journey

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