Evolutionary AI Is The Fuel For Business Intelligence | Olivier Francon | Cognizant

Evolutionary AI Is The Fuel For Business Intelligence | Olivier Francon | Cognizant

I’m the chief architect for the Evolutionary
AI business optimization. The goal of this solution is really is to
make better decisions. Most of the time the machine learning we hear
about actually trying to make predictions and that’s mostly based on not what happened
in the past but in a lot of cases when we have to make decisions we just have no clue
what we should do because it’s something we’ve never seen before, t’s a new situation and
that never happened in the past. Can’t train on previous data… just doesn’t
exist and that’s why we are using evolutionary algorithms in order to get creative models
and creative solutions. We’re just going to try out things and select
those that work best. Actually, game-playing and reinforcement planning
are very similar to business decisions. In every game you get a context and you have
to take actions typically with a controller in order to impact the games world and you
want to maximize an outcome…could be the number of points you are going to get at the
end of the game on just you want to play along as you can. That’s a good play ground for us because we
can actually train decision makers to play this kind of games and we can consider that
any business decision is actually a kind of a game where depending on the actions you
chose, we know you lose. Humans that are making the decision sometimes
don’t know why they’re making this decision. It’s just intuition, but now we can actually
collect the data and analyze it and find ways to optimize this decision making, And it applied
to almost any company in the world. There are a lot of interesting applications.

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