Everything We Know About King Rama X Of Thailand

Everything We Know About King Rama X Of Thailand

Unlike the British royal family, not much is known about
Thailand’s monarchs, thanks to strict laws
restricting reporting on the Thai royals. However, King Rama X
isn’t a complete mystery. From marrying his bodyguard to flying his own plane and throwing a four-day
funeral for his pet poodle, here’s everything we know about
Thailand’s eccentric ruler. King Rama X was born on July 28, 1952. His full name means “adorned
with jewels or thunderbolts.” He was educated first at a
palace school in Bangkok, then prep and boarding
schools in the United Kingdom, before completing his overseas education at the Royal Military College at Duntroon in Canberra, Australia. After graduating, the
prince joined the Thai army. He underwent advanced military training not only in Thailand, but also the UK, US, and Australia, becoming an officer and qualified pilot for both civilian and military aircrafts. According to the BBC, the king still flies his own Boeing 737 when
he travels overseas. Despite his military
training, there were questions of whether the prince was fit to rule. Rumors of gambling, womanizing, and associating with illegal
businesses reportedly plagued the prince’s reputation. In 1977, he married his first cousin, but then got involved with a young actress with whom he had five children before the two married in 1994. But just two years later,
he publicly denounced her and disowned his four sons. In 2001, he married his third wife, a lady-in-waiting, but took away her royal title in 2014 and arrested nine of her
relatives, including her parents, on charges that they’d abused
their connection to him. After his father passed
away in October 2016, the prince ascended Thailand’s throne and became King Rama X, the 10th monarch of his royal house. In order to allow time for
Thailand to mourn his father, he waited three years for his coronation. And three days before
the highly anticipated and lavish affair in May 2019, the king married his fourth wife. The palace had never acknowledged the king’s longtime romantic relationship with the woman who helped
command his bodyguards before. But now, she was his queen. The queen joined the king for
his coronation festivities. The procession, which
involved 1,300 people and elephants, took six and a half hours and reportedly cost the
government $31 million. The South China Morning Post reported that the king wore a 15-pound crown and was carried on a
palanquin by 16 people, who changed every 500 meters. Just two months later, he made his rumored longtime girlfriend, a major general, his royal noble consort. The televised ceremony took place on the king’s 67th birthday, with the queen at his side. When the Thai royal palace
later published a photo of the king’s consort wearing a crop top and piloting a plane, its
official website crashed. According to The Times, King Rama X is Thailand’s first modern monarch to openly have more than one partner. However, in October
2019, the king stripped his royal noble consort of
her title, citing disloyalty. According to the royal
palace’s official statement, she was “ambitious,” her
behavior was “disrespectful,” and she tried to “elevate herself to the same state as the queen.” The statement also said
that the king’s consort had attempted to prevent
the queen’s coronation. The king stripped his former consort of all royal titles and decorations, as well as status in the royal guard and military ranks. Although Thailand is a
constitutional monarchy, the king wields much power. He commands an estimated 5,000 troops in the royal guard and has much influence over the wealthy Crown Property Bureau,
which provides the palace with an annual income
of about $300 million. Not to mention, as
king, he can pretty much do whatever he wants. Including naming his pet poodle Foo Foo an air chief marshal. When Foo Foo died, the king gave him a four-day-long Buddhist funeral. Despite his responsibilities in Thailand, he reportedly spends a
large amount of his time at his home in the
German state of Bavaria. An avid cyclist, the king has led a number of biking events in Bangkok, but if you see him out, think twice before snapping a picture. When a photo of the king
was posted on Facebook showing him wearing a crop top, he threatened to sue Facebook, saying the images were insulting. Thailand’s lèse-majesté
law subjects anyone who “defames, insults
or threatens the king the queen, the
heir-apparent or the regent” to a jail term of three to 15 years. The same law allowed the king to imprison his third wife’s parents
for two and a half years on charges of “royal defamation” and also imprison a Thai
man for 35 years in 2017 for insulting the monarchy on Facebook. At least two people arrested
on royal defamation charges have been found dead under
mysterious circumstances. The United Nations’ rights body has issued a warning that Thailand’s
use of lèse-majesté might “constitute crimes
against humanity.” The legislation has been
in effect since Thailand’s first criminal code was created in 1908. And the military-backed government says the law is needed
to protect the monarchy.

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  1. This king is a sick bastard! He treats his woman like shit and abuses them and forces them to do other sick shit.. Even treats other people to bow so low toward like he is a creator…he treats his dogs like gold. He is more suitable to be a father to animals than be a human being. He even did his dogs for real.

  2. Man Nazi is not evil for germain people, and Japanese army isn't evil for their people. BUT This is real fascist, hated by his people, and totalitarian disorder

  3. I’m not friends with all of my Exes. But I’d never systematically ruin their lives over it. I’m not a psychopath.

  4. I can understand blind and those whom are mentally disable.What i dont understand its morons and idiotic assholes whom love monarchy now days.

  5. I'm not Thai, I'm Filipino but there's one thing we both can agree on, UN is bullsh*t, always intervenes on our sovereign rights

  6. REVOLUTION FOR THAILAND! hang vajilangkorn in front of grand palace! cut his body into small pieces, so it can be eaten by stray dogs! ☝?

  7. So, you are telling people that the new Thai King is not a perfect King? I think everyone who knows Thailand knows that. But, you could have also given some examples of some Kings/Royal Families that are perfect or good enough by your standard; for the sake of other viewers who might be affected by one-sided journalism.

  8. Just a man, and a bunch of people that thinks otherwise ? when the hell is the world gonna wake up and stop all this king and queen bullshit….

  9. The term Constitutional Monarchy is a oxymoron. What good is a constitution when one man truly wields all the power.

  10. It maybe a constitutional monarchy, but this guy behaves like an tyrannical absolutist. The need to work fast to remove him before it's too late. And soon.

  11. How the hell is his father so great but his own son is a piece of shit?? I mean they are royalty and might not interact much with their son but come on! Your son turned out to be a major dick! i'm not Thai myself but ever since the news came out where he sexually and physically abused his ex girlfriend and sexually humiliated his wife, i've been wondering how the hell can the people of thailand stand to not burn his ass down. The former king should've had a second and third son. Now his great legacy will only live through his shit stain of an only son ?

  12. Thailand monarchy is no different from North Korea Kim Jong il family they rule and run everything .
    In the world war 2 his great uncle king Rama 7 joined the Nazi Germany and Japan then declare war on the US and Britain.

  13. He is the ugliest monarch in the world as of the moment. This is a record he is holding as per the Guiness Book ?

  14. Hope He can repent of His Past Actions and become a very good King. Hope He can see the Light before it is too late to remedy His Deeds. Hope His Body will be intact as One Full Body or We will see 5 different parts of His Body flying to the Sky. We Love U, My King. What U See and Heard is not What U wants to See and Hear. May Om Phra Pom guide the King to the righteous ways.

  15. I went to Bangkok for a week last 2017 and it was during the time when the entire country was in mourning because of the death of the king. Everyone really loved him, every tour guide we had would somehow find a way to point out some facts or location relevant to him. It was just so obvious how loved he was. I was surprised to find out that the son inherited pretty much none of that love lmao.

  16. The worst royal government of all.
    A criminal king, this joke needs to rest with his father.
    Prolly why thailand is so poor

  17. I enjoy Thailand but Thai can be very rude. After my last trip in 2013, I decided my money are better spent elsewhere… no more Thai whores jk

  18. Thai is known for good kings with good government that's why they never been colonized and the rest of the SEA fall in european colonization. This must be their dark age

  19. The root of happiness is Dharma (ethics, righteousness), the root of Dharma is Artha (economy, polity), the root of Artha is right governance, the root of right governance is victorious inner-restraint, the root of victorious inner-restraint is humility, the root of humility is serving the aged.

    According to the Shastras, he is nothing, but a mere employee to the people of the nation.


  20. Even if he is hated… I respect him for being honest of his activities and women… unlike the former king of spain… and other double faced monarchs…

  21. destroy the royal system. replace with the republican system, the president of the country is directly elected by the people.


  22. Interesting I had no idea the king couldn’t be talked about negatively. When I was in Bangkok my taxi driver was telling me everything about the King and his father. He said many bad things about the king…

  23. Did the Kings father not see his son as a bad person and try to change him or the succession? From what I hear he was a very good person.

  24. Why do people cry over their rulers death? Like seriously are they paying people to fake cry or something or are people that weak and desperate for leadership

  25. Imagine being the king of world's biggest brothel. Allah must love this man I pray to God makes me rich so I can go to Thailand and buy sexy womans

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