Everything About Olympics In 2 Minutes

Everything About Olympics In 2 Minutes

The Olympic Games. Beginning in Ancient Greece, they are now
the world’s largest sporting event. Held in Olympia, Greece from the 8th century
BCE to the 4th century CE, they were held every four years. They were grand and holy events for which
entire wars were put on hold. The ancient Olympics came to an end around
400 CE when the Romans gained power over the Greeks. The modern Olympics began in 1894, when Baron
Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee. In 1896 the first modern Olympic Games were
hosted in Athens, Greece. The 20th and 21st centuries have brought major
change to the games. With the addition of Winter Olympic Games,
Paralympic Games, Youth Olympic Games, the Deaflympics, and the Special Olympics being
added (you don’t need to read all those btw, just do as many as you think is necessary). Today, the Olympics are hosted every two years,
alternating between Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Many rule changes have occurred since the
Olympics were founded, and the games now include around 200 different countries. The Modern Olympic Games began as an amateur
sporting competition, but was forced to move on to being a competition for professional
athletes when the USSR abused those rules. There are some problems with the games, however. A significant example of this is the economic
impact on host cities. The high cost of hosting the Olympic Games
does not have an actual return for the city. In addition to this, a study done by the Centre
on Housing Rights and Evictions reports that over two million people were displaced as
a result of the Olympics. There have been too many controversies to
count in the Olympic Games. From doping to the promotion of a political
agenda. In addition to these controversies with numerous
different people and places, there has also been sexism, colonialism, war and terrorism,
and boycotts of certain games by certain countries. (just imagine this is indented) The Modern
Olympic Games are a grand and famous tradition. Despite there being many controversies surrounding
them they have (almost) always been something everyone can enjoy. The Olympics are celebrated around the world
as something most countries today can participate in. No matter where they’re hosted or how many
people participate, they’re usually a fair and even competition, especially with today’s

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