Evernote Business – Making your team smarter

Evernote Business – Making your team smarter

You know a lot about you job and your co-workers know a lot about theirs. The most important thing is to combine that knowledge… …so you can work together effortlessly to do great things. Evernote Business was built to let you do that. Evernote Business is really people-focused. What makes it really magical is that even when you’re working on you own tasks… …it’ll automatically show you related content. You’ll which of your co-workers may be experts at the subject matter at hand. It will let you easily collaborate and communicate with them… …so you can work smarter together. Evernote Business is used by thousands of companies all around the world. What do these companies have in common? They represent the ultimate modern knowledge-worker. Someone who want to be productive at any time of the day,… …at any place,… …on any type of device, whether it’s a PC, or a smartphone, or a tablet. With Evernote Business you can always stay connected,… …stay productive, work smarter. We use it here at Evernote — it makes us a smarter company. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do.

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