Eva Ybarra Honored at the 2017 NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert

Eva Ybarra  Honored at the 2017 NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert

And, now, I’d like to introduce you to 2017
National Heritage Fellow Eva Ybarra of San Antonio, Texas, with her Conjunto group Siempre! [Music] Eva Ybrra! Eva, you’re amazing. You think so? [Aience laughter] Of course! You’re amazing. Tell us, please, where did you learn this
musical tradition? Well, my brother, my oldest brother, he inspired
me. He played the turro accordion and I played
it too. I followed him because I liked the sound of
it. Beautiful. And how are you passing this legacy along? Well, I’m teaching and I love to teach. I have a lot of passion – all my heart. I like to teach my students. I can see myself with them. I know that you teach at Guadalupe but you
have also taught at other places. Where have you been teaching? Seattle, Washington, and Palo Alto. Palo Alto and Trinity. Trinity, yeah. I forget. No, you’re doing awesome. Tell us about your band members. Starting here with
lead guitar – Rick Perres [Applause] On bass – Joe “Dynamite” Perres. [Applause] Drums – Pete Lopez. [Applause] And the one and only, the big girl from Florida
– Sandy Rodriguez! Que bien. And that last polka you played is called what? “Sandy Jess Polka” So will you show us a little bit about how
this works? If you’ll hold this. OK, the traditional sound, the played – I
can play it but I don’t like it! It’s a traditional sound. [Accordian notes in old style then her style] Woo! [Applause] We love your style and we’re glad you’re here
and we want to hear more from you. Querimos otra! This is one of my songs and it’s called “Ven
regressa mi” Si tu supieras vida mia/Lo que he sufrido/Por
tu cariño/Cuando estabas tu conmigo /Todo brillaba para mi Como quisiera/Estar contigo/Para llenarte
de besitos/Estrecharte entre mis brazos /Y darte todo mi amor Yo no puedo soportar ya mas tu ausencia/Y
sin ti no podre vivir jamas Tu me haces falta/Que voy ha hacer/Donde estas
amorcito de mi vida /Ven regresa a mi Yo no se donde estara mi amorcito/Mas no se
porque me abandon/Aunque no vuelva/Lo he de esperar/En donde quiera que estes mi amorcito/Ven
regresa a mi

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