European Consortium for Political Research 2018 Conference

European Consortium for Political Research 2018 Conference

[Music] as we say in Europe it’s better to speak with one voice here the idea scholars is to have as many voices as possible from people working for in different disciplines on different topics but specifically on the in German and the European integration process this conference takes place every two years the last time it met in Toronto in Italy just before the breaks its referendum can we imagine all the elections that have taken place in Europe in the last winners can you imagine all the changes that have been taking place so there is a sentiment of course that maybe the European project is very fragile after two years of a wave of anti-eu and populist elections it’s time to take stock and see if the if the project is still viable and what are the options basically I guess it has three main messages that your skepticism is a very multifaceted it comes in very many different shapes and sizes so it’s not the same in every country or in every region secondly I think your skepticism is here to stay so it’s something that is now an intrinsic part of the institutional architecture of the U and that also thirdly means that the U needs to find ways to deal with it and the argument that I will make is that some more flexibility and differentiation to try to deal with very many different demands of your sceptics within the Union is going to be crucial for the survival of the I think that the idea of of Europe is still popular but what they seem to be not so happy about is that what kind of Europe is being put forward so I do think he needs to do and struggle with the question of what sort of the EU it wants to be [Music]

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