.eu*ID : A Local European Business

.eu*ID : A Local European Business

My name is Ewald Pichler. I’m general manager of DMC Vienna, which is one of the offices
of DMC Group. DMC is the abbreviation for
design, media and Communication. The company is mainly focused
on corporate design and design development. And because the internet
becomes more and more important for all our different clients, it’s the
source we’re living from, basically. We were not the only one
aiming at the DMC dot-EU. There were roughly 30 or 40 companies
that tried to get it, and we were the lucky one
to get it. Dot-AT is just too local, and would just represent
one of our offices here in Austria. So we need to have a top-level domain
which represents the whole company, and so the .eu domain is our
top top-level domain. Here, right at the top of this building
we have our offices here in Vienna, which are two floors
and roughly 25 people. And this is Naschmarkt
in the middle of Vienna, it’s an excellent place to have its office. We enjoy ourselves very much here,
and it’s a good place. Real place, real people,
a lot of tourists, a lot of creative people, so it’s nice here.
We like it here. This is typically Viennese, it’s not even .at, it would be
dot-VE, I would call it. For the whole DMC Group
Vienna is just one out of four. Because Vienna is headquarters
of DMC Group, but we have more staff sitting in Germany
than we have here. We have been doing television
for 20 years now, and we are dealing with the internet
for more than 10. And we had a lot of projects where we brought these two media
and two technologies together. TV is getting interactive,
it’s not going to take that long anymore. There will be surfing on television. For me personally, dot-COM
and all the other top-level domains are quite old-fashioned, and the last really desirable top-level domain
which was added, was the dot-EU domain. The brand, .eu,
is definitely a very modern one. And a very innovative one. The proper German pronunciation is
punkt-eu, so you have every letter
pronounced singularily. But there are probably some people
who say .eu, or .eu.

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