ESOcast 192 Light: GRAVITY Resolves a Gravitationally Microlensed Star

ESOcast 192 Light: GRAVITY Resolves a Gravitationally Microlensed Star

GRAVITY Resolves a Gravitationally Microlensed Star The GRAVITY instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) has seen what seems an impossible sight… …intricate details of one star gravitationally microlensed by another passing in front of it. When an amateur astronomer noticed an unremarkable star in the Milky Way increasing in brightness… …ESO’s astronomers were awarded a special opportunity to hurriedly observe it with the VLTI. They spotted the double, magnified images of the gravitationally microlensed background star… …a sight that Albert Einstein predicted to be almost impossible to observe. Thanks to decades of developing advanced instruments… …it is now possible to observe the minuscule effects of stellar microlensing. With this method, ESO’s VLTI may uncover hidden and dark objects lurking in our galaxy – like rogue exoplanets and black holes. Transcribed by ESO; Translated by —

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  1. That moment, when you discover something amazing, then they call you amateur 😂
    Thanks to decades of machine development
    Thanks for the galaxy
    Special thanks to the lences he used to look at the brightened star
    But he's amateur 🤣

  2. Dá um jeito de legendar para o português ESO, o brasil pode não contribuir muito ou nada mas existe futuros astrônomos no brasil também

  3. I have questions about cosmic rays
    the question is

    Will cosmic rays help us understand the origin of the universe?
    second question
    Are there traces of cosmic rays from the birth of the universe?
    Are these cosmic rays the effects of dark energy at the beginning of the universe?

    Please send my three questions to physicists


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